Klopp: There’s no quick fix — but don’t write us off yet
Klopp spoke ahead of Tuesday's game against Napoli (Getty)

Jurgen Klopp has admitted that there is “no quick fix” to Liverpool’s current troubles but insisted judgement of his squad should be reserved until the end of the season. Klopp’s team suffered a fourth defeat in 12 Premier League games last weekend to continue a campaign plagued with inconsistency.

However, the Liverpool manager dismissed the notion that he has been sapped of energy and said it is premature to claim Liverpool are experiencing the ‘end of an era’.

Speaking ahead of this evening’s Champions League match with Napoli, Klopp said: “We are obviously all out there and do the job in public and I think the judgement for this will be later in the season or maybe at the end of the season where we say ok, ‘obviously now that is it for this group of players or whatever. For this manager if you want.

“The question will be asked then, but in the moment it is not 100 per cent fair to judge the team – that means the squad – because we never had them available. Especially now up front, top quality, which is not helpful. That doesn’t mean the others are not top quality but with the amount of games we had we would usually make changes and we can’t do that.

“It is a very similar situation in midfield for a long time, plenty of players who were out came back and then out. We had it pretty much everywhere. Even if it is unfair, it is fine, it is normal, that’s our life, you are absolutely right to ask these questions but we have to answer that later on.

Liverpool have already qualified for Champions League round of 16 (Getty)

“We are all out there to be judged. It is completely fine – manager, players – that is how life is in professional football. We have to go through this and if you want to get out of something first of all you have to go through it. That is what we are doing. Now we can say it – it was never a quick fix and now it looks not a quick fix.”

'It's a rough moment but I'm not tired'

As to why Liverpool are currently underperforming, Klopp raised the obvious such as his players not reaching the standards of which they are capable and the build-up of injuries which has led to instability in the team. However, he pushed aside the suggestion he had lost his spark after seven years.

People look at me and they will say he looks tired. That is normal. But I am not,” said Klopp. “I am not and I cannot give that excuse. My job is not only being here in the moment when the sun is shining and someone gives us a trophy. My job is also to be here when we are in a really rough period and I will do that, with all I have and if possible even more, 100 per cent. I am ready to play against Napoli but I didn’t play against Leeds physically.

“The whole thing starts with winning the first challenge. That is the first step in the right direction and go from there. I am ready for that. The people gave me the sign after the game that they are ready for it as well because it was obviously not the longest lap of appreciation we ever had but when we went to the stands you could hear the people sing or whatever. Then in that moment you realise, ok it is really special. Let's just use this and go from here.

“It is a rough moment, no doubt about that, and no one is flying here like life is great but there is only one chance to face it: go for it and that is what we will do.”