Jordan Nobbs was visibly delighted to score the winning goal for Aston Villa in their 2-1 win against Tottenham Hotspur in the Women’s Super League.

Nobbs’ goal in the second half stunned Spurs. The ball rolled back to her perfectly on the edge of the box in the 60th minute, allowing her to fire a powerful shot into the top right corner. It was just the 31-year-old’s second WSL goal of the season, but she showed natural quality on this occasion. 

“I think as a midfielder, you always want those balls to roll back to you. Naturally, my instinct is to hit it. I should have had two today, but we got the win in the end,” she stated.

"I like to strike the ball. As soon as I hit it and it went right, I thought: 'might have disguised it a bit then'.

"The main thing is keeping that under the bar. I’m glad that happened. I’m still disappointed at the one I didn’t score after.”

Nobbs, a former Arsenal midfielder, celebrated by doing a celebration inspired by Thierry Henry at the corner flag.

Placing one hand on the corner flag and leaning onto it in front of Arsenal's bitter rivals highlighted Nobbs' former connection to the Gunners. She wants to continue moments like that in her career.

"It was a little bit in the back of my mind. I want to keep celebrating goals always and enjoy moments. That was that," she said.

“We had an overload at times”

Aston Villa dictated the tempo of the match, particularly in the first half. Their midfield trio dominated Spurs’ Kit Graham and Eveliina Summanen, allowing them to create consistent chances. 

It was expected by Aston Villa according to Nobbs, but she was disappointed to concede via a set piece.

“We knew that they play a 4-4-2, so we had an overload at times. I think sometimes we needed to be a bit patient in the final third, but overall we had a lot of the ball, so it was disappointing to concede from a set-piece,” she said.

Victory today saw Aston Villa move to three points behind Spurs, despite their tough start to the season. Nobbs believes they still have the quality in the squad to perform. 

“It’s huge. In our last few games, we’ve had people missing, but we’ve managed to come through. We know as a team and a squad, the start was really tough. We were playing some of the best teams in the league,” the midfielder stated. 

“Naturally, that looked worse than it was.  We’re building as a squad, it’s not always going to be as perfect as last season, but we still know what we have in this squad.”

Nobbs 'really enjoying playing' at Aston Villa 

Nobbs played over 240 times for Arsenal and she has 71 caps for England. However, at the age of 31, she is still performing at an impressive level in the WSL.

It’s been a season of inconsistency for herself and Aston Villa, but Nobbs said she is enjoying the increased playing time recently.

“I think so. With any player, you want a bit of consistency and regular game time. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been able to get that and really enjoy playing and being a part of this team to help them,” she stated. 

“Every time I step onto the pitch, I want to help us win games. The more I’m getting into shooting opportunities and scoring goals, then that always means I’m in a good place.”

Carla Ward's side have come under pressure throughout this season, but Nobbs showed against Tottenham that she can be a key player for Aston Villa in their attempts to finish in the WSL top six.