The current state of tag team wrestling in WWE
The New day with grumpy cat

Today the WWE's talent pool is so deep in every aspect from top to bottom it's hard hitting and enjoyable. Some would say the tag team department is to thank for that and it's hard to argue from the New Day to the #SocialOutcasts, they all are entertaining from promos or something to get them trending worldwide. It was a welcome comeback for the tag team division for people who grew up in the golden age of tag team wrestling with E&C, The Hardy Boyz and the Dudelys Boys from the triangle ladder match.

A Steady Decline

When the dip in the tag team division really happened it was no surprise. Nothing screamed out that it was going to get any better, no time was being invested and most matches were filler to get to the next main event. Then in 08-09 they took a shot at trying to reinvent and put some life into the division with the Colons as they unified the two sets of tag team titles. Almost immediately after that it flat lined once again and for around five years no one really gave a damn about the division and the fact that people would struggle to remember any major tag team moments from that period is a clear statement of the quality.

A five minute opening match between Jamaican Truth and Miz and John Morrison wasn't great and not what fans had grown to expect from tag team wrestling. But starting with the first problem there wasn't any real teams, unlike today. It's like management went to the back and yelled who isn't doing anything at the moment, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov or had you completely forgotten about the lackluster team of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre?  DX came back for a brief period but it was more about the backstage segments and the comedy than matches, little peoples court anybody? But in August of 2012 a team was born that turned heads in a positive way  that made people go bonkers!

Team Hell No. Photo- Tumblr
Team Hell No. Photo- Tumblr

The Return Of Tag Team Wrestling

Team Hell NO took crowds by storm that people after joining as CM Punks protection,going on to face three men that ruled over the WWE as one unit for justice, the Shield and with this the tag team division started to grow once again. They fought all the way through until May when the copper penny titles were changed to the Shield as they gave their justice, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were behind the Shield becoming untouchable.

 But there was still something missing inside the ring, whilst tag team matches were going well and people became interested in it again (hell it made Goldust relevant again). No team wrestled like a tag team no team had more than one move for their finish, no team apart from the Shield made you look and say that's a real tag team. That was found with the teaming of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

These two men brought together was a pairing that no one knew they wanted until it happened, the way they moved together, controlled the ring and carried themselves, it was all perfect. It showed us once again why Cesaro is the most gifted man in the ring and showed us that Tyson Kidd was Bret Hart's finest project (Its a pity he didn't take the best there is the best there was the best there ever will be catchphrase). These two men brought life into the tag team division that bled into NXT and now we have possibly the best tag teams of all times in American Alpha, The Revival, Enzo and Cass, The Vaudevillians' and Lucha Dragons. 

The Future Is Bright

All these tag teams and everyone of them show stealing in fast paced and entertaining matches and are all TAG TEAMS. The team this author is bringing up now are the the highest spoken of team from everyone at the moment and have been the past two years. These men took what they were given after begging for a chance as something new, the positivity spreaders were booed out of the building at first, Kofi Kingston (the ultimate face) was booed too, but they adapted going heel and by grabbing a trumpet and naming it Francesca. This got so over with everybody they were forced to have a face turn by New Day. 

What people are seeing from the New Day in the tag division is New Day get some of the biggest pops in the WWE period. Taking what they had that people refused and turned away and making something that people enjoy, they consistently get the most TV time and have great matches that keep people talking. The state of the tag team division in the WWE is probably stronger than the main event talent with people turning down what the main event is knowing that they get their moneys worth from tag matches. People stand tall for the tag division it was deadbeat and boring for long enough as of now though, DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR CLAP FOR YOUR TWO TIME CHAMPS AND FEEEEEL THE POWER, because its a new day for tag team wrestling... yes it is.