Lilian Garcia gains heat from mistake
Lilian that isn't a Mic.

Lilian one more thing

Last week during the WWE tour in Europe a lot of things happened outside of the ring that drew controversy away from Undertaker being pulled and Bray Wyatt hurting his calf and a shouting match between Lilian Garcia and someone from up top was one of them. It turns out the reason Garcia got in trouble is because she announced Big Cass as Colin Cassady. Colin Cassady is how he was known as in NXT, but since coming up to the main roster he has been called Big Cass and has dropped the Colin Cassady name which has been done before with other names such as to Neville last year when they dropped the Adrian part of his name. This mistake was nothing like the Eva Marie one however, where she called out the wrong names and forgot one member of 3MB.

Now this isn't rare thing for WWE to do over the past couple of years, with Rusev, Cesaro and Big E but this wasn't a big thing and no one noticed. It's not like she called out John Cena as the prototype or Ziggler as Nicky from the Spirit Squad it was just a minor mistake from the WWE veteran. However apparently it looked really unprofessional from the view of the fans that were in attendance.

Also this was her second mistake in the past couple of weeks as the night after WrestleMainia, Zack Ryder came down to cut a promo but Lilian announced Ryder was coming down for an Intercontinental Championship match which wasn't supposed to be announced and her mic was promptly cut in the middle of her talking and you could see her waving her hands in an argument briefly.

To be really fair to Garcia she really has not made many mistakes in the amount of years she's been with the company, hence the reason she has been around so long. Should people be mad at Lilian Garcia? It was simple mistake that most would have made and again it went mainly unnoticed she is well respected in WWE not much will come of this and over the next week or so it will die down. 

Garcia has been a main stay in WWE for over 10 years. Photo-WWE
Garcia has been a main stay in WWE for over 10 years. Photo-WWE