Goals and Highlights: Germany vs Egypt in Men's Handball at Tokyo 2020 Olympics (26-31)
Photo by IHF/International Handball Federation


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That's all for now. Thank you for choosing VAVEL and following along with us as Egypt qualifies for an unprecedented medal in handball. To follow the repercussions of this game, interviews, and more news, visit our website. There you will also find results and information about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Thanks, see you next time!
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Save the date

Thursday 5th: France vs Spain (semi-final)
Thursday 5th: Denmark vs Egypt (semi-final)
Saturday 7th: France/Spain vs Denmark/Egypt (bronze medal match)
Saturday 7th: France/Spain vs Denmark/Egypt (golden medal match)
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Germany 26-31 Egypt:
(First Half: 12-16 - Second Half: 14-15)

Goals/shots - Germany: 26/49, Egypt: 31/40
Efficiency - Germany: 53%, Egypt: 78%
6-metre Shots - Germany: 6/15, Egypt: 12/17
7-metre Shots - Germany: 1/1, Egypt: 3/3
9-metre Shots - Germany: 5/16, Egypt: 3/7
Wing Shots - Germany: 5/7, Egypt: 4/4 
Fast Breaks - Germany: 4/4, Egypt: 3/3 
Breakthroughs - Germany: 5/6, Egypt: 5/5
Yellow Cards: 1-1  
2-Minute Suspensions: 3-1

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Top scorers

Germany (26): Golla, Kühn (6), Schiller (5), Kastening (3), Häfner, Weinhold (2), Drux, Gensheimer
Egypt (31): Ali Mohamed (5), Elmasry, Sanad (4), Ahmed Mohamed, Elamar, Elwakil (3), Mesilhy, Shebib (2)
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Game over! After dominating end-to-end, with about a 4-point lead for most of the half, egyptians win the second half by 14-15 and now face the French in the semifinal. Whoever passes decides the olympic title against Denmark or Spain and the losers play for the bronze medal.
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One goal each during Germany's one man down
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Philipp Webber out

21-27. Another 2-minute suspension for a german, for personal foul penalty on Ali Mohamed.
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Mohamed Eltayar has saved 15 of 36 shots. Germany has used two goalkeepers, Johannes Bitter and Andreas Wolff, and they saved 4 of 32 shots
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Germany 6-6 Egypt. Score: 16-21.
8:48 AM2 months ago

Golla out

Second suspension of the european team, their first in the second half, for a foul on Yahia Omar.
8:46 AM2 months ago


Germany spins the team, making substitutions, decreases the difference to 2 points. Time-out Egypt.
8:39 AM2 months ago


The second half begins evenly, with Germany's Julius Kühn's turnover within the first minute. Yahia Omar scores for the first time in the second half after 1:51. Score 12-17.
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Germany touches the ball for the first time. 
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Top Scorers

Germany: Kühn (3), Golla, Kastening, Weinhold (2), Drux, Schiller, Gensheimer
Egypt: Ahmed Mohamed, Ali Mohamed, Yehia Elderaa (3), Sanad, Shebib (2), Elahmar, Elwakil, Omar  
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Half time

End of period
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Time-out Egypt & stats

Final minute of the first half. Meanwhile, follow some stats from Germany 12-16 Egypt:
Goals/shots - Germany: 12/22, Egypt: 16/23
Efficiency - Germany: 55%, Egypt: 70%
Shots 6m - Germany: 2/7, Egypt: 7/11
Shots 7m - Germany: 1/1, Egypt: 1/1
Shots 9m - Germany: 3/8, Egypt: 2/5
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Kai Häfner out

First penalty 2 minutes for Germany because player fouled Ali Mohamed
8:10 AM2 months ago


Germany squanders numerical advantage, fails to score even when Egypt was left without a goalkeeper during exclusion and trails at the end of the 1st half 
8:05 AM2 months ago


Germany reacts, reduces the lead to 2 points and has one more on court for two minutes due to the suspension of Mohamed Shebib 
8:01 AM2 months ago


4-8 now. Germany: 50%, Egypt: 80%.
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Time out

Yahia Omar converts a 7m shot, Egypt extends its lead to four points and Germany coach Gislason stops the game
7:55 AM2 months ago


Egyptian goalkeeper makes two good saves, africans open a three-goal lead through Ibrahim Elmasry, Yahia Omar and Yehia Elderaa
7:51 AM2 months ago

All equal

1-1. Egypt takes the lead with a 6m throw from Ahmed Mohamed, Germany counter-attacks and draws level with a 9m goal from Steffen Weinhold
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The first half begins
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Egypt lineup

Omar, Mohamed, Elmasry, Elwakil, Yehia Elderaa, Kaddah, Seif Elderaa, Elahmar, Mesilhy, Hendawy, Shebib, Mohamed, Sanad, El-Tayar

Coach: Roberto Parrondo.

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Germany lineup

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Turn it up, DJ

Playing the National Anthems of Germany and Egypt
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Teams on the court

Referees and players from Germany and Egypt enter the Yoyogi Arena
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Next stop: semifinal

The winner of the Germany-Egypt match will face France. At the other end of the group are Spain, who advanced by beating Sweden, and olympic champion Denmark, who eliminated Norway.
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France 42-28 Bahrain
Sweden 33-34 Spain
Denmark 31-25 Norway
8:45 AM - Germany-Egypt
7:08 AM2 months ago


Referees: Slave Nikolov, Gjorgji Nachevski (MKD) 
Reserve Referees: Vaclav Horacek, Jiri Novotny (CZE)
IHF Official: P Soedal (NOR)
IHF Timekeeper: Dragan Nachevski (MKD)
IHF Scorekeeper: Gerhard Reisinger (AUT)
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Hey! We're back to find out who France's opponent will be in the semifinal of the men's Olympic handball tournament. Bronze in Rio 2016, Germany will face Egypt, the current African runner-up. Come with us so that we don't miss any details!
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Tune in here Germany vs Egypt Live Score

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How to watch Germany vs Egypt Live Stream on TV and online?

Handball at Tokyo 2020 - Men's Quarterfinal
Match: Germany vs Egypt
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo, Japan)
Time: 7:45 am EST
Where to watch: SporTV 4 (Brazil), CBS Sports (USA), EuroSport.
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
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How to watch Germany vs Egypt online and live Olympic Games 2020?

If you want to watch the game Germany vs Egypt live on TV, your options is NBC Sports.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Medal table

Germany is currently in seventh place with 25 (seven gold, six silver, 12 bronze). China, USA, Japan, Australia, Russian Olympic Committee, Great Britain, France, South Korea, and New Zealand complete the top ten. Egypt is in 73rd place because it won two bronze medals.
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Egypt squad list

Goalkeepers: Karim Hendawy, Mohamed Essam El-Tayar, Mohamed Ali
Outfield players: Omar Bakkar, Ahmed Momen Safa, Ali Zein, Yehia El-Derea, Hassan Walid Kaddah, Ahmed Hesham El-Sayed “Dodo”, Ahmed Khairy, Seif El-Derea, Mohamed Sanad, Akram Yousry, Ahmed El-Ahmar, Yehia Khaled, Mohsen Ramadan, Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem, Ibrahim El-Masry, Wessam Samy Nawar, Ahmed Adel.
Coach: Roberto Parrondo (Spain)
6:33 AM2 months ago

Germany squad list

Goalkeepers: Andreas Wolff (KS Vive Kielce / POL), Silvio Heinevetter (MT Melsungen), Johannes Bitter (HSV Hamburgo), Till Klimpke (HSG Wetzlar), Joel Birlehm (SC DHfK Leipzig)
Outfield players: Kai Häfner (MT Melsungen), Steffen Weinhold (THW Kiel), David Schmidt (Bergischer HC), Philipp Weber (SC Magdeburg), Juri Knorr (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), Marian Michalczik (Füchse Berlin), Julius Kühn (MT Melsungen), Paul Drux (Füchse Berlin), Sebastian Heymann (Frisch Auf Göppingen), Fabian Böhm (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf), Lukas Stutzke (Bergischer HC), Jona Schoch (HBW Balingen-Weilstetten), Johannes Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt), Hendrik Pekeler (THW Kiel), Jannik Kohlbacher (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), Sebastian Firnhaber (HC Erlangen), Marcel Schiller (Frisch Auf Göppingen), Uwe Gensheimer (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), Rune Dahmke (THW Kiel), Tobias Reichmann (MT Melsungen), Timo Kastening (MT Melsungen), Patrick Groetzki (Rhein-Neckar Löwen) 
Coach: Alfred Gislason (Iceland)
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Unprecedented achievement

Host of the last World Cup, where Denmark was the champion, Egypt seeks its first Olympic medal in team sports. In total, there are 29 in history, seven golds, nine silvers and 13 bronzes. The sports that have already been on the podium are boxing, fencing, judo, weightlifting, diving, taekwondo, and wrestling.
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Fighting for a second championship

Germany stood on the podium at the last Olympic Games, Rio 2016, when they won the bronze medal with a 31-25 victory over Poland at the Arena do Futuro. The country also won gold in Berlin 1936 and silver in Athens 2004. Denmark prevented France from winning its third championship in Rio 2016 by winning 28-26.  
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The road so far

The germans finished 3rd in group A with six points, three wins (Argentina, Norway and Brazil) and two losses (Spain and France). The egyptians, on the other hand, shared the top of group B with Denmark, reigning Olympic and world champions. They beat Portugal, Japan, Sweden, and Bahrain, and lost only to the Danes. 
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France 42-28 Bahrain
0:15 am - Sweden vs Spain
4:00 am - Denmark vs Norway
7:45am - Germany vs Egypt
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Save the date

Preliminary round: July 24th - August 1st
Quarterfinals - August 3rd
Semifinals: August 5th
Finals: August 7th
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Yoyogi National Stadium

The arena that hosted swimming at the 1964 Tokyo Games is this time the home of badminton, handball and wheelchair rugby. The venue is in Shibuya, in the Tokyo area, and the match between Germany and Egypt takes place at 7:45 am ET.
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Welcome to the live coverage of the match between Germany vs Egypt at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Hi everyone! My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this match. We will provide you with pre-match analysis, score updates and live news here on VAVEL.com of the Germany vs Egypt match for quarterfinals Men's Handball at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We have reached the final round of the Olympic handball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Games and today we will follow the clash between Germany and Egypt on Tuesday (3). The dispute for the podium began on July 24, brought together 12 teams divided into two groups and each country has played five times so far. France and Denmark finished on top. Spain, Norway, Sweden and Bahrain also advanced to the quarterfinals.