Thomas Muller reveals big offers from Manchester United are tempting

Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller has revealed that he was tempted with the offers he got from Manchester United in summer.

The German international was subjected to multiple high bids from United as they were trying to add flair to their attack. The Red Devils then signed Anthony Martial on deadline day as they failed to convince Bayern Munich to sell.

Bayern CEO Karl Rummenigge also insisted that United kept on pressing for Muller but they didn’t want to sell their star player. The Bavarians and Red Devils did buisness this summer between them as German captain Bastian Schweinsteiger moved to Old Trafford.

The wage package was tempting for Muller

Manchester United sold numerous players this summer to clear out the wage bill to accommodate new signings. Muller was also offered a high salary than he is currently on in Bayern. The forward admitted that people “should not forget that playing football is our job.” He believes that “the wages that are being paid in the Premier League are very tempting” and it would be “hypocrisy to deny that.”

Louis van Gaal handed Muller his debut for Bayern Munich. The German forward has since then kept on improving and won various trophies including Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. Muller had previously said that he and Van Gaal share a special relationship more than that of a player and coach. Van Gaal was desperate for the 26-year-old as he sold Robin van Persie and Angel Di Maria, the major attackers of United, this summer.

Muller not ruling out a move in future

The Bavarian forward has not ruled out a future move to Premier League. He believes that he will financially review every offer been made for him in future as “what's good for you one day will not necessarily still be good for you the day after.” The German has achieved everything with Bayern Munich so he can be tempted for a move away at some point of time.

Muller also said that Premier League teams spending huge money is good for German teams but at the end of the day it is “a good thing for football when clubs invest so much money.” Manchester United will surely come up with big offers for the German forward in next summer if the forward is ready to move to Old Trafford.