Opinion: Manchester City won't win the Champions League this season
Aguero leads the celebrations

Opinion: Manchester City won't win the Champions League this season

Manchester City were exhilarating against Monaco, but defensive frailties demonstrate why Guardiola's men can't win the competition

Justin Taylor

‘A European Classic’ it was dubbed, ‘it had everything’ it was claimed, but for all of the excitement on Tuesday night the only worthwhile fact to take away from the game is how poor both Manchester City and Monaco were. 

Neither of the teams were favourites for the competition and by this showing, they don’t have a chance of going on and winning it.

End-to-end was one way to describe it, littered with errors another, both City and Monaco were relentless in their pursuit of goals. The final score ended 5-3 to the Sky Blues, although the tie is still up in the air and impossible to predict.

If this were a Jose Mourinho team you would expect his team to progress with a two-goal advantage, but this Manchester City team's defence is so poor all they can do is attack. They can’t shut down games.

Toure: 'We have to be careful' 

Chris Waddle speaking to BBC Sport explained: “City have to stick with an attacking approach because, if they go there and try to shut up shop, they will lose.”

Even City midfielder Yaya Toure after the game stated: “I think we need to score two goals and we have to be careful," before admitting: "The game is not finished.”

If faced with Real Madrid or a defensively-sound side such as Juventus, this City team would not win; they have made progress but more change is needed.

This summer Manchester City must invest in their squad and strike a balance, they must be tactically adept as we as having a lethal punch. So far they have the punch, now Pep Guardiola must provide the knowledge and success.

No team will win the Champions League with a defensively inept performance such as that of City.

City need to embrace the Champions League 

The game has been heralded as the game that could inspire Manchester City to fall in love with the Champions League after so many disappointing and depressing years of failure in the competition, combined with noticeable lack of attendance of City fans and the apathetic booing of the famous anthem.

However, by the end of the 90 minutes there was a sense of change, perhaps the City faithful will now embrace the competition under former Catalonia boss Guardiola.

The Champions League won’t be won by Manchester City this year, but the eight-goal thriller seems to have invigorated the club and the fans, and could lead to success in the future.