0-0 AET. 4-3 to Huddersfield on pens.
Huddersfield Town 0-0 Reading (4-3 pens) LIVE: Ward the hero as Terriers earn Premier League promotion

Huddersfield Town 0-0 Reading (4-3 pens) LIVE: Ward the hero as Terriers earn Premier League promotion

Charlie Malam
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18:30. Well that's all we've got time for. Huddersfield will long enjoy their celebrations and so they should. They've had an incredible season and what an achievement it is for them to return to the top-flight for the first time since 1972. Commiserations to Reading, who will spend a fifth year outside the Premier League next season in an increasingly-difficult Championship. Today is about Huddersfield, however, and praising them for their work. Thanks for joining us, we hope you've enjoyed our commentary. We'll have plenty more post-match content from Sam France down at Wembley and we'll have plenty more worth reading this week leading up to Saturday's UEFA Champions League final. See you there!

18:25. Lovely moment for Tommy Smith to lift the trophy in front of the supporters, although he's still on his crutches and hobbling about. He'll still be in town, you bet. 

18:23. Huddersfield Town will be the 49th different team to play in the Premier League next season. They must be among the smallest clubs and towns to be there, too, surely?

18:20. You can see the celebrations yourself courtesy of our man Sam France down at Wembley. Looks like some party.

18:18. SNAPSHOT: David Wagner's future is already the subject of speculation on Sky Sports. No surprise, he's done an incredible job in his first senior position. This is just his first full season at Huddersfield and he's guided them, on a relatively shoestring budget, back to the top-flight. He'll face his best mate Jürgen Klopp home and away next season, he'll love that. 

18:15. The champagne corks have been popped. The streamers are out. The selfie stick is still there, sadly. Huddersfield will enjoy every minute of this, you can bet. So will the fans. There'll be plenty of sickies thrown in West Yorkshire tomorrow, you can guarantee that. Employers prepare yourselves.

18:13. Delight for Huddersfield, devastation for Reading. The 2016-17 Championship season is officially over, as is the campaign across all four divisions. There's plenty to chew over until next term, not least for David Wagner - who has quite the job on his hands to assemble a Premier League ready squad. Five of their players today are on loan, including penalty hero Ward and second highest scorer Kachunga. 

18:10. All the Huddersfield players enjoy lifting the trophy individually, and David Wagner gets a huge cheer as he lifts it aloft. Not sure about the selfie stick, though. It does give you a rare insight of the view from where the players are stood, mind. I've seen worse views...

18:08. Huddersfield are officially a Premier League club! 

18:05. More incredible Huddersfield stats coming your way: The Terriers have won all three of the play-off finals that have gone to extra-time, while Reading have lost all three of theirs. The West Yorkshire outfit are on their way up the stairs to receive their trophy.

18:04. So that's that confirmed. Huddersfield Town will join Newcastle United and Brighton & Hove Albion in making up the 2017-18 Premier League. Sunderland, Hull City and Middlesbrough are the teams going back down to the Championship. 

18:03. Huddersfield are also only the second team to win all three levels of the play-offs. Reading's players are inconsolable, Williams in floods of tears. They gave it an excellent effort and this shouldn't distract from a fine season in Jaap Stam's first year as a senior manager. It's up to the Royals to repeat that next season, and if they do, there'll be up there again no doubt.

18:01. Danny Ward to the Sky Sports cameras: "It still hasn't quite sunk in. The grit and desire we've got in this group is unbelievable. I think the manager plays a huge part with the players he brought in, big characters. Everyone's come in and it's clicked straight away."

18:00. Huddersfield are the first team EVER to be promoted to the Premier League with a negative goal difference. Wow.

17:59.. Schindler to the Sky Sports cameras: "I think we deserved it. This feeling is unbelievable now. The heart-rate was really high, no-one was feeling 100 per-cent comfortable in this pressure. You have to believe."

17:58. Sir Patrick Stewart is delighted up in the stands and the Huddersfield end is still bouncing. David Wagner has taken Huddersfield to the Premier League. Who would have expected that? Incredible. 

17:56. What a story. Little old Huddersfield are into the Premier League and Danny Ward again, on-loan from Liverpool, saves two penalties to lift the Terriers to the top tier for the first time in 45 years. What a moment.


Pressure pen now and Obita cracks under it. He misses as Ward saves excellently. Huddersfield score their next penalty and they are in the Premier League...

Mooy is next up and he... scores by firing into the bottom corner! It's 3-3 after four penalties each.

Moore... misses! He blazes over the crossbar and if Huddersfield score their next penalty, it's all level again.

Nahki Wells runs over to take Huddersfield's third quickly, and he makes it 3-2 by curling it low into the bottom corner. Not over yet. Scores.

Third penalty for Reading to make it 3-1, and that they do through substitute Liam Kelly. He sends it high into the roof of the net. Scores.

Second penalty for Huddersfield is taken by Hefele and he misses! Advantage Reading. That was truly awful from the centre-back, no energy whatsoever in that. 

Williams - excellent for much of the afternoon - is next up. And he scores too after a lengthy run-up. 2-1 Reading. Cool as you like.

Löwe up in front of his own fans now, scores. 1-1. Sends Al-Habsi the wrong way.

Reading are up first. Kermogant... scores! Right into the bottom corner. 1-0.

17:47. It'll be taken in front of the Huddersfield end. This is at the same end Huddersfield beat Sheffield United at for promotion to the Championship, interestingly. 

17:46. Reading have missed six of their 13 penalties this season, though all within the context of normal time. £170 million rides on this, so the pressure is amplified by tenfold. 

17:45. Well, at least this can't finish goalless... can it?

17:44. Of course, Huddersfield won their semi-final courtesy of a shoot-out, Danny Ward saving two spot-kicks. He's doing his homework now before we get started, while Ali Al-Habsi is off down the tunnel, perhaps for a comfort break. 

17:42. This is the first time since the play-offs started in 1987 that the second-tier final has finished goalless. Spot-kicks will be needed to decide which of these two clubs will contest in the Premier League next season. Goalkeeping coaches, up you step. 

FT AET: Huddersfield 0-0 Reading. Penalties it is!

120' Reading can counter but the poor final ball in attempt to find McCleary over the top allows Huddersfield to recover. Not long left now.

118' Don't tell us you don't get great analysis from VAVEL UK. 

116' CHANCE! Less than five minutes plus added time remaining of extra time. Reading have a free-kick they can put into the danger zone but it's headed clear. Huddersfield counter and Palmer swings one into the box but Wells, turning towards goal, pulls his low attempt from 12-yards wide of the mark. Has to at least test the 'keeper, there. 

112' Here comes Sam again. Surprised he's still awake to be honest. "110 minutes down, three shots on target and not a single moment of real distress for either goalkeeper since the first five minutes. Anything other than penalties now would be an injustice - mistakes are becoming more and more common among both teams, with the managers able to do nothing more than try to gee their players on to one moment of quality. That's all it will take now."

110' Reading look to flick a ball into Liam Kelly running beyond the back-line but there's too much on it and Ward shepherds it out of play. A goal has never felt further away.

109' Now there's a thought...

107' Quaner fires a shot deflected into the side-netting but Hefele can't reach Löwe's corner delivery at the back post and it goes straight out of play. 

106' After a few cramp exercises and plenty of liquid intake, we're back. Will tired legs lead to openings? Or will we need to go through another dire 15 minutes before the drama of penalties? Only one way to find out, I guess.

HT of ET: Huddersfield 0-0 Reading.

105+2' Well I was nearly made to look very silly. McCleary makes space on the edge of the box but on his left fires just wide of the post. Had he found the target, Ward looked beaten.

105+1' Added time in the first-half of extra time. What's that all about? Penalties couldn't come quick enough at this rate. 

104' Obita goes into the book as he pulls back Quaner. Almost at the halfway mark of extra-time now.

101' We've had a shot, which is nice. Shame the execution wasn't very nice. McCleary lashes one wide from the edge of the box on his right foot. We're still goalless... 

99' And a third and final change for Reading too, with Swift replaced by Liam Kelly.

98' Kasey Palmer on for Huddersfield in Wagner's final change. Fellow Chelsea loanee Brown goes off.

96' Smith is back out with his teammates on the Huddersfield bench. He's on crutches and with plenty of ice wrapped wrong his ankle.

94' Not much more excitement than the 90 minutes so far as Swift tries to do some step-overs and kicks the ball out of play as he loses his footing. Flatter than a pancake.

92' Only two previous finals at this level have gone to penalty shoot-outs, in 1998 and in 2002. It feels like after the lack of action we've had to endure so far that we deserve some shoot-out drama. That's me speaking on behalf of all the neutrals, at least.

91' Both managers have a quick chat with their players and we're back out for the first-half of extra time. Wagner and Stam only have a substitution each left, remember, so expect to see plenty of players down with cramp.

17:05. Sam's back again. What does he have to say, you ask? Here's what: "It wasn't too much of a stretch to predict this would go to extra time at kick-off, and that's exactly how it's turned out. Where do we go from here? 30 more cagey minutes, or has one of the managers finally put pedal to the metal in an effort to avoid a shoot-out?"

FT: Huddersfield 0-0 Reading. We're headed for extra time! 

90+5' Huddersfield build a half-decent move as Quaner wins the ball but Brown and Mooy get mixed up and it's out for a goal kick, the latter cutting his reverse pass too far in front of his teammate.

90+3' GOOD CHANCE FOR READING! McCleary cuts inside and delivers a right-footed cross into Gunter at the back post, but he heads over the crossbar. That would have been controversial after what appeared to be a foul as the Royals won the ball in the centre circle.

90+2' We're reaching that time where bodies start to ache and legs start to feel heavy. Hefele certainly feels that way as he pauses for some relief from his cramp.

90+1' That sums up the game a bit. Mooy's delivery is beyond Hefele and out for a throw across the far side. Get set for an extra half-an-hour of football, people.

90' It is indeed beyond five. It's actually SEVEN. Brown forces a corner just as it is announced, accompanied by a huge roar from the Huddersfield fans behind him.

89' Over five minutes to be added on, reportedly. Any late drama in store?

87' A gutting way for Smith's season to end. He's had an excellent season at that, and played well today, as he is stretchered off by medical staff. Let's hope his injury is nothing serious.

86' It looks like Kasey Palmer is about to come on for Huddersfield but he's forced to put his bib back on and continue his warm-up because it looks as though Huddersfield captain and Team of the Year right-back Smith will be forced off because of the knock he picked up. Martin Cranie will come on for him.

85' Any goal now will surely be enough to win the game. This break gives both managers a chance to have a quick chat with their players. Stam very calm as he gestures to his players with Wagner a little more irate, though in a good way. "Just score!" he's saying. Probably.

84' Huddersfield get some respite as they counter but as Smith lines one up from 30 yards, Kermogant comes in from behind to deny him a shot. It was a good challenge, but Smith catches the Reading striker as he goes to shoot and remains down on the pitch. 

82' McCleary's curling ball from the left falls to Ilori in the box but while he's in miles of space, he can't bring it down to shoot. Perhaps he doesn't realise how much time he has. Anyway, it goes for a corner which Ward then emphatically punches clear.

81' GOOD DEFENDING! Brilliant from Hefele. Gunter gets in behind Löwe on the left, chests an aerial ball down and fires a first-time cross into Kermogant but Hefele is on hand to block his sliding shot at the near-post, forcing a corner.

80' Free-kick chance for Reading after Hefele fouls McCleary. Swift lines it up and dinks one over the wall into the box, but it's well read by Smith and Huddersfield hook it clear.

79' Good couple of minutes here from Huddersfield. Mooy battles to keep it in the final third and Town work it through to the left where Wells and Löwe look to combine but the latter can't get on to the return ball.

77' Mooy bursts down the right into space and cuts past Williams to try and find Wells on the penalty spot. Only problem is, Quaner is running in front of him and doesn't hear the shouts. He tries to control to shoot but can't due to the pace of the pass and it runs out of play. Oh Collin..

76' Shall we hear from our man Sam again? Ooh yes let's. "That overhit pass from Izzy Brown tells the story of this match. Plenty of neat buildup play but a total lack of quality in the final third. Since Brown's miss in the opening minutes we haven't had a chance where you'd say 'that should be a goal', and it's difficult to see where that chance is going to come from right now."

75' Smith is the latest man into the referee's book for a foul from behind on Williams. He knew what he was doing with that one.

74' Another Reading substitution sees Garath McCleary replaces Grabban.

73' SNAPSHOT: The two bosses on the touchline.

72' Van La Parra makes his way in from the left and then curls a shot harmlessly wide. Not long until tired legs start to take their toll.

71' Wells drives a free-kick to the left of the box straight into wall. In the famous words of Peter Griffin, you know what really grinds my gears... (the answer is anti-climactic moments like that)

70' Reading's switch has seen Blackett come into centre-back, by the way. Stam's side are utilising a new formation in the hope of adding more up top.

69' Little over 20 minutes left and it appears we're headed for extra-time unless either side can produce a moment of inspiration. One would be much welcome any time now as van La Parra stabs a cross into the box which Blackett clears to Mooy, but his volley on the edge of the area was blocked.

66' And here comes a first Huddersfield change. January signing Collin Quaner will take the place of Elias Kachunga. This could be the on-loan winger's last ever game for Huddersfield and he gets a great reception on his way off. He's visibly frustrated by the decision, though.

64' Turns out Reading could have had a penalty earlier, Blackett going down under holding from Smith at that free-kick which Ward punched clear. The Terriers skipper had no eye on the ball and was fortunate none of the officials spotted it. The first substitution sees Reading's Jordan Obita replace the booked Van den Berg.

63' Smith gets up into the box to receive a pass from Kachunga. He tries to spin and shoot on the turn but lashes it over the bar and into the Huddersfield end.

62' The replays confirm that there wasn't too much in those Huddersfield penalty claims. Van den Berg and Hefele do come together, but not enough for the Town defender to go down in the manner he did. Huddersfield fans may disagree...

62' Sam's back: "An overhead flick from the edge of the area, the outside-of-the-boot dink from Grabban, another bicycle kick from a corner; Reading are looking to give this occasion the worldie goal it deserves. Kachunga needs to keep his cool at the other end, that was a right old strop he had at the linesman."

61' van La Parra sees a cross down the left put behind by Gunter. Mooy comes down to the near side to take the resulting corner and he plays it low to van La Parra but after some pinball inside the box, which includes Hefele going down from van den Berg's wild swing, Reading force the ball clear.

59' Free-kick for Reading from the left side but Ward does well to come out and fist clear. Huddersfield then break through Brown, who finds Kachunga on the right but Blackett covers to win a goal kick. Not that Kachunga agrees, though it does come off him last. He's booked for his protests.

58' Williams performing his combative defensive midfield role well as he breaks up another Huddersfield attempt to counter, this time through Mooy. 

56' Grabban gets on to the end of a Kermogant flicked ball over the top but Hefele keeps close to him and the striker can only flick an outside-of-the-boot left-footed attempt wide of the far post. 

55' It's quietened down slightly from the first few minutes as a Reading switch ball for Blackett goes out of play. Williams then immediately wins it back for the Royals as he smartly dispossesses Brown in the centre.

53' Gunter's cross goes out for a corner and van den Berg drives it into the box, but Kermogant stretches to volley on the edge of the area and sends it well over and well wide.

51' Kachunga gets his pass inside to Smith, running in beyond Blackett, all wrong when a chance might have been on had he got the weighting right. Good promise from both teams though. 

50' Huddersfield players crowd the referee after Williams goes in on Löwe and the Reading midfielder momentarily has his hands on his head, but Swarbrick lets him off. He's already on a yellow, remember. He can't have much credit left in the bank after that.

49' Great challenge from van den Berg on Wells inside the box, timing it well to clear the ball. This is more like it. Both sides showing a desire to get forward and test the opposing goalkeeper. 

48' GOOD SAVE! Beautiful life at last. Reading burst forward and Swifts fires one in towards Ward, who reacts well to parry his low shot wide of danger with two hands.

47' Löwe shoots from 25-yards but it's a comfortable save for Al-Habsi. Still, it's a shot on target and our first of the afternoon of that. If we can't cheer that, what can we?

46' And we're back in action as Huddersfield - now facing the goal behind which their fans are housed - get the ball rolling again.

16:07. Hope that's not an omen. Please don't let it be an omen.

16:06. Come on then second-half. Let's have something more to talk about. Any chance David? Jaap? 

16:03. Still, could be worse. I've got a massive slab of chocolate fudge cake to get me through half-time. Anyway, this from Sam: "This perhaps seems obvious but we're seeing a real team game here. Last year, a moment of brilliance from Mo Diame won it for Hull. The year before, defensive incompetence from Middlesbrough won it for Norwich. We haven't seen much in the way of brilliance or incompetence so far - neither side has had that one player step up to make a difference, or wilt on the big stage. It's tense."

16:00. This game needs a shot in the arm from somewhere. Here's hoping a rousing William Wallace-style half-time team talk provides us with one. No-one particularly wants a game this tight for another 45 minutes, especially that poor Huddersfield fan with an ever-rising heart rate. Poor guy.

15:58. SNAPSHOT: If only that last 25 minutes or so had been as quick and exciting as this picture, eh? Great shot. 

15:55. It all started well, both sides with good zip and purpose to their play but it has all faded since. Huddersfield had two excellent chances inside the first 10 minutes, Michael Hefele and Izzy Brown guilty of wasting them. Reading haven't shown quite as much threat at the other end and are yet to have a shot on target, Lewis Grabban curling wide with their only real attempt of note. 

HT: Huddersfield Town 0-0 Reading. 

45+2' Kermogant's cross is deflected out of play by Hefele for a first Reading corner. Swift takes but Hogg heads it clear and that'll be that for the first 45.

45' Two minutes added on. Do we have to ref? 

44' Free-kick as van La Parra goes down without Williams even touching him. Stam points at the ball with his two hands in frustration, and he's right to be aggrieved. Nothing comes of it. van La Parra was obviously watching Victor Moses on Saturday evening...

43' Is he watching the same game as us? Someone get that man a deep breathing guide.

42' The intensity and tempo has dropped and neither side are showing much in the form of attacking intent. It's highly likely we'll be going into the break goalless. 

41' It's currently that dull that the commentator is telling us about how Terriers midfielder Mooy got married last week. That's great and all but I think we'd rather be discussing some big chances or goals, or literally anything but. Come on Huddersfield and Reading, give us something. Anything. Please.

39' Sam's back. Not that he's got much else to do than talk to me right now, it's all a bit tight and unexciting. To be fair, previous meetings did suggest it would be. I digress. Sam says: "Not too much for the fans to get excited about in the last ten minutes, at either end. Lots of niggly fouls in midfield and still no shots on target for either team. A promising start seems to have kept the Huddersfield fans on their feet, but the Royals don't seem overly impressed with their side's efforts so far."

37' Kachunga does well to find Brown on the edge of the box. He finds Grabban, who is dispossessed, but sprints in to steal the loose ball and fire a shot deflected wide by Williams. Huddersfield's third corner, again taken by Mooy, floats across goal and out for a goal kick at the back post because no-one's there.

36' Another Reading shot! Shame it's not on target. Van den Berg flies one into the stands, as met by a traditional sarcastic jeer from the Huddersfield end. 

35' Reading have a free-kick a long, long way out. They all stand over it and discuss their options, before everyone walks away to leave it John Swift. He stands over it menacingly and drives one towards goal that is everything but. It bounces a few times and falls several yards wide. 

33' We're still without a shot on target as of yet. Huddersfield should have done better with two of their attempts, while Grabban's curler from distance remains Reading's only shot.  

31' A bit of a tactical battle right now as the two teams pluck for openings. Huddersfield using the ball better but Reading's back three wing-back system not allowing much space in the final third.

29' A first Huddersfield goes to Jonathan Hogg for crudely bringing down Williams.

28' An even contest at the moment with neither side having had a real chance for a little while. Both teams looking to get on the ball and knit together some passing moves, though Huddersfield's attempt to comes to an end when Brown barges Williams to ground as they battle for a loose ball.

25' Another Huddersfield corner as Ilori meets Löwe's cross with his head. Mooy leaves this one for the full-back to take but his outswinging delivery is cleared. Ilori is then there again to slide in on Mooy and force a throw.

24' Let's hear from VAVEL UK's Sam - in Wembley's press box - again. "Huddersfield getting plenty of joy down their right flank with Kachunga and Smith, Reading need to tighten up back there or a goal will come. Not seen too much attacking threat from the Royals so far. They need more from their midfield if they're going to pick a way through."

23' Löwe is back to his feet and walking almost as normal. Looks like the left-back should be okay to carry on. 

22' A lovely touch as all those inside Wembley pay their respects once more to those lost in Manchester last week. We stand together. 

21' Sublime challenge from Löwe to stretch and prevent Gunter from driving into the box. Huddersfield look to break but they're eventually forced back to the halfway line and Hefele puts the ball out of play with Löwe still down from that challenge, Gunter accidentally running into his Huddersfield counterpart on the follow-through.

19' Good play from Wells, who sends in a cross from the right flank across the six-yard box for van La Parra but it's well defended before it can reach the winger. 

18' Another booking as Smith spends a few seconds writhing around in pain on the turf. Kermogant is the one punished, and he certainly caught him down the back of his calf with his studs. The striker complains, but he doesn't really have any right to.

17' Löwe puts a left-footed delivery into the box but no-one can get a touch as it flies out for a goal kick. Replays meanwhile continue to show just how bad a miss that was from Brown, who just throws a leg at it with how late he presumably sees the ball. 

16' First yellow card of the day goes van den Berg's way as he scythes down Kachunga. Free-kick for Huddersfield to put into the box.

15' Good spell on the ball from Reading as the Royals work it from side to side with Huddersfield camped inside their own half. They fire it up to Kermogant but his headed flick is well claimed by goalkeeper Danny Ward.

14' Who wouldn't love to be inside Izzy Brown's mind for a minute. What must he be thinking? He missed a similar chance against Sheffield Wednesday in the semi-finals, although that miss ultimately wasn't costly. This one could be though.

13' An update from our man Sam: "Huddersfield should be two up here. The early chance for Hefele was scorable for a former striker, and you have to assume that Brown has seen the ball late with bodies in front of him. You don't get a lot of open goals to shoot into in matches as important as these, and the youngster knows it."

12' Huddersfield with two very good chances to open the scoring already and you have to sense that they could regret their wasteful finishing unless they can keep this spell up. They've shown great intensity and energy so far have the Terriers, as is expected.

10' Up the other end, Grabban spins away from Schindler well and fires a shot on goal but can only curl it just wide with Hefele tight on him.

9' HUGE CHANCE! Huddersfield win the ball on the halfway line and after moving it back to Hefele, Smith and Kachunga drive down the right, The latter drives a ball across the face of goal and it comes to Izzy Brown at the back post and from just two yards out, he puts it wide. Perhaps the ball is coming in a bit quick at him, and he can only connect with the side of his calf, but what a miss that is. It should be 1-0.

8' Mooy fires a decent delivery in but Kermogant is on hand at the near post to flick it out for a throw across the far side. 

7' It's hotting up now. Wells drives 60 yards up the pitch on the counter and makes his way into the box, looking to van La Parra on the left. His cross is deflected out for a first corner of the game. 

6' CLOSE! Mooy whips one in from the left side on his right foot and Hefele escapes his marker van den Berg and rises to meet it at the back post, but he can't quite make the right connection due to the pace and direction of the ball and the defender glances a header just wide of the post. He holds his head in his hands and no wonder.

5' Some nerves from Al-Habsi as van La Parra presses him upon the receipt of a back pass. He puts it straight out for a throw-in and Huddersfield win a free-kick through van La Parra as he hunts for the ball with Chris Gunter. Not much in it really.

3' Not a blistering start as of yet as Hefele and Grabban come together and referee Neil Swarbrick points in the Huddersfield defender's favour when it could have gone either way. Hefele then punts the free-kick up into the channel and it goes straight out for a goal kick.

1' Kick off! Reading get us started under the arch. They'll be attacking from left to right, Huddersfield vice versa. Could be good this. Not a fan of the noise of those clappers though. Sort it out.

15:03. SNAPSHOT: Reading's pre-match display. 

15:02. And with that, we're ready to get underway inside a busy and (almost) packed-out Wembley. One last comment from Sam before we get started. He says from his press box seat inside Wembley: "An early goal here would absolutely send the roof off, it's a superb atmosphere. You can tell neither side expected to be here at the start of the season, it's all excitement and no trepidation. Glory awaits." 

15:00. Both teams have pause for a minute to pay their respects to the victims of the Manchester attack a week ago, and everyone affected as well as all those who selflessly offered their help and support on that night and ever since. There will be a tribute in the 22nd minute, also.

14:58. They do a lot to build this up nowadays, don't they? Like it needs building up really. The pre-match handshakes with some high-up EFL officials who I don't recognise, done on a red carpet of course, are complete and we're nearly ready. First there will be the National Anthem, sung by Faryl Smith.

14:56. Here they are. The two sets of players, decked out in fancy tracksuits, are greeted by fire, fireworks and fan mosaics in both ends of the ground' Royals' says one end in blue and white, while the other is just yellow and black lines for the away strip that Huddersfield will sport today. Reading's wins, I reckon.

14:53. Here we go then. The players are ready in the tunnel. This is the final English football fixture of the 2016-17 campaign, so here's hoping we're treated to a good 90 minutes - or even 120. If it's even as half as dramatic as Saturday's FA Cup final we'll be alright..

14:48. A nice easy job for those in charge of the play-off final winners' trophy today. The ribbon colours are the same for either side... 

14:45. The warm-ups are done and the players are down back into the tunnel. They'll be back out to an incredible noise in just 10 minutes' time. 

14:43. Excitement is building and unsurprisingly so. The previous three play-off finals involving Reading have seen a total of 18 goals scored, an average of six per game. Surely not?

14:40. We all love a good stat, don't we? Well how about this cracker. Roughly 24 per-cent of the town of Huddersfield have travelled down to Wembley today. Around 170,000 live in the large market town in West Yorkshire, with an official 39,150 here cheering on their club today. You suspect that might be a bit higher though with hospitality and the neutral supporters' section.

?14:36. Interestingly, and quite incredibly, Kermorgant has had the best goalscoring season of his English career with his 19 goal tally, despite being 35. That's two better than his previous best with Bournemouth when they won the Championship in 2014-15. Can he stretch his total to 20 today? 

14:33. Another update from Sam France in his place in the Wembley press box: "The temperature has eased off a bit inside the stadium, so Huddersfield's high-tempo style shouldn't be affected too much. Both teams like to have the ball, but it's the Terriers who will be looking to stretch the play, particularly through their full-backs Löwe and Smith. Yann Kermorgant has Lewis Grabban supporting him for Reading, with Jaap Stam presumably hoping to create more chances with a team sometimes accused of being too patient and pedestrian."

14:30. If Huddersfield are to win this afternoon, they'll have some job ahead of them building a capable squad for the Premier League. Three of their starters, and best players, Kachunga, Mooy and goalkeeper Danny Ward, are all loanees, as are Chelsea duo Palmer and Brown. They have all been hugely influential this season and will be hard to replace for David Wagner, unless he can secure some of them on permanent transfers. Premier League status would certainly boost his cause.

14:27. From Huddersfield? On-loan Aaron Mooy has been exceptional for the Terriers this season, rightfully earning his place in the Championship Team of the Year alongside captain Tommy Smith. The pair contributed eight goals and 17 assists between them from right-back and central midfielder. Their chief attacking threats come in the form of wide-man Elias Kachunga, who has 12 goals, and striker Nahki Wells with 10. Izzy Brown - another on loan from Chelsea - has also impressed, chipping in with four goals. 

14:24. Reading midfielder John Swift could be one of the ones to watch today. The 21-year-old, a graduate of Chelsea's Academy, has scored nine goals in all competitions and also has five assists to his name this term. An England U21 international, Swift starts behind the club's 19-goal top scorer Yann Kermogant, still going strong at the age of 35, and January signing Lewis Grabban - who has four goals himself this term. 

14:21. Reading boss Jaap Stam, too, believes it could prove a tight encounter. He told reporters a few days ago when asked about the Royals' previous meetings with Huddersfield: "One we won at home, one we lost over there, both as you said very close. Both teams like to play in a similar way, both have quality players to call upon. It's going to be an interesting game again, to see how they set up their team and what we're going to be doing to create chances and hopefully score goals ourselves without giving anything away. We're going to take risks, but defend well as well. We're not going to change everything that has worked for us this season. But it's going to be another tight game I think. Fulham were the favourites in the semi-final according to everyone, but we did well against them and we're in the final. Now this is a totally new, totally different game, against another very good team. So we start from scratch again, start from zero, knowing we need to work very hard to get a result." 

14:18. Huddersfield boss David Wagner believes there will be nothing new from either side this afternoon. He told his pre-match press conference a few days ago: "There'll be no secrets on Monday. Jaap and I have also met before twice in friendlies with Dortmund and Ajax's second teams when he was their assistant. We know what to expect from Reading and they know what to expect from us. For us, it's very important to stick to our identity and be focused. Reading play very decent football and we have to make everything right to be successful. We have to leave our comfort zone and this is what my group will do for sure."

14:14. Today is the 51st meeting between these two teams, Reading having won 24 of the 50 so far with Huddersfield winning 15. This will also be the sixth meeting in all competitions between the clubs since Wagner took over at Huddersfield in November 2015. In those five games, both have claimed two victories each and shared a draw. Tight.

14:10. Reading, too, are unchanged from their second-leg win over Fulham in the semis and stick with their 3-4-1-2. Jordan Obita makes the bench. A reminder that the Royals are without skipper Paul McShane due to suspension.

14:08. Huddersfield unchanged from their shoot-out win at Sheffield Wednesday, setting up in a 4-3-2-1. On-loan midfielder Kasey Palmer only makes the bench despite his return from injury.

14:05. Reading bench: Jaakkola, Beerens, Mendes, Obita, McCleary, Popa, Kelly.

14:04. Huddersfield bench: Coleman, Holmes-Dennis, Cranleigh, Whitehead, Hudson, Quaner, Palmer.

14:03. Reading XI: Al-Habsi, Gunter, Blackett, Ilori, Moore, Van den Berg, Evans, Williams, Swift, Grabban, Kermorgant.

14:02. Huddersfield XI: Ward; Löwe, Schindler, Hefele, Smith; Mooy, Hogg; Kachunga, Brown, van La Parra; Wells.

14:00. The teams are in...

Our man Sam France ahead of kick-off: "90 minutes to kick-off here and both sets of fans are enjoying themselves, despite the weather. It's hot, with moisture in the air - muggy and sweaty. If that's going to have any sort of influence, you'd have to think it would favour Reading's more patient style of play to Huddersfield's quick transitions and high pressing. Plenty of teams have wilted under the pressure here before, and the London weather is cranking it up to full."

Huddersfield have spent an extra training camp in Portugal ahead of this afternoon to prepare for what is quite clearly their biggest game of the season. Boss David Wagner told the club's official site that they would "recover and train" in their five days of warm weather training, explaining the trip was "not to relax" to but "work in a different environment." Chelsea loanee Kasey Palmer re-joined his teammates out in Portugal after recovering from a hamstring injury, and is likely to at least be in the match-day 18 today.

Today's man in the middle, you ask? Neil Swarbrick is the chosen official. The Lancashire FA referee has overseen 33 games across several competitions this season, handing out 119 yellow cards and three straight red cards but never once a dismissal for two yellows. The 51-year-old, a Premier League regular due to his Select Group status, made his EFL debut in 2005 and took charge of his first top-flight fixture in 2010. Swarbrick's biggest appointments so far were in a fourth official role for the Championship play-off final between Crystal Palace and Watford in 2013 and the League Cup final in 2013-14, making this his highest-profile clash as a referee.

Before those two 1-0s, 22 goals had been scored in their last five encounters back to February 2015 - two of those in the FA Cup. But under different managers and with different players, it's unlikely we'll see another 5-2 like in January 2016 today.

Well the two teams both won 1-0 apiece in their two meetings this season, the home side winning either clash. They first met back in September with Huddersfield top of the league, but after winger Rajiv van La Parra was sent off for two yellow cards, Roy Beerens' deflected first-half effort was enough for victory. In the reverse fixture in February in West Yorkshire, Philip Billing's 82nd-minute volley - after van La Parra had earlier missed a penalty - secured an 11th win in 13 games and moved Huddersfield four points behind Reading in third. It wouldn't be all that surprising if only a goal separated the two teams again here.

It promises to be a tight contest, this. Only four points separated the two sides come the end of the regular season and their styles aren't too dissimilar. Reading's is heavily possession-based under Dutchman Stam, an obvious fan of the famed ball-playing Netherlands philosophy, while Huddersfield favour an exhilarating high-pressure which requires an incredible level of fitness, which have naturally drawn comparisons between Wagner and Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp. No surprise, given the pair worked together at Dortmund and are best friends - Wagner even Klopp's best man at his wedding. His style isn't strictly the same as his compatriot's though, but the work-rate and width is just as impressive. Which one comes out on top today, though?

As a result of his red card against Fulham in the semi-finals, Reading will be without skipper Paul McShane today. January signing Tiago Ilori from Liverpool is likely to keep his place in defence. First-leg scorer Jordan Obita has been struggling with an ankle injury and is set for a late fitness test. Garath McCleary could be in contention to start after a hamstring injury. He was on the bench last time out.

The Terriers' last two play-off final triumphs have come via penalty shootouts after goalless draws. The only final they've lost of four was a 3-0 League One defeat to Peterborough United in 2011. Were they to win today, Wagner's charges would become the first team in Football League history to have won promotion having conceded more goals than they have scored in the league campaign.

Huddersfield, however, are only the fourth EFL club to reach the final of the play-offs in all three divisions after Blackpool, Preston and Swansea - only Blackpool have won all three. Huddersfield won the League One play-off final in 2011-12 after successes in the Third Division final in 2003-04 and second-tier final in 1994-95. Can they complete the quartet?

At the third time of asking, Reading will hope to win a play-off final, having lost to Bolton Wanderers in the 1995 First Division final and to Walsall in 2001 in the Second Division equivalent. Only Sheffield United - who will join the losers of today's final in next season's Championship - have lost more play-off finals with four.

Fulham were viewed as an outside favourite after finishing the campaign as the league's joint-top scorers on 85 goals, but the Royals held out for a 1-1 draw in the first-leg away from home. Jordan Obita opened the scoring off the inside of the post before Tom Cairney headed in an equaliser, captain Paul McShane later sent off as Reading ended with 10 men. But the return tie at the Madejski Stadium saw the Royals rally, Yann Kermorgant's successful penalty conversion after Tomas Kalas' handball - and a number of fine saves from 'keeper Ali Al Habsi - ensured a day out at Wembley for their fans. But will it be a memorable one?

Reading, meanwhile, finished in third in former Manchester United centre-back Stam's first season as boss. Their possession-heavy approach won them 26 games, more than any other team behind Brighton & Hove Albion and Newcastle, who were both promoted automatically. They've been in the play-off spots ever since November, even despite a number of setbacks - not least a humiliating 7-1 hammering from Norwich City in April. Finishing third handed them a tricky clash with in-form Fulham - who snuck into the play-offs late on in the season at Leeds United's expense after losing just two of their last 16, winning 11. 

They came up against fourth-placed Sheffield Wednesday in the two-legged semi-finals and drew 0-0 in the first-leg at the John Smith's Stadium, failing to break through despite controlling possession. The second-leg at Hillsborough saw the Owls strike first through Steven Fletcher before Nahki Wells connected to Collin Quaner's cross, finding the back of the net courtesy of a deflection from Tom Lees. That forced extra-time, where on-loan Huddersfield 'keeper Danny Ward denied Jordan Rhodes and Wells fired into the side-netting, before penalties was required to split the two teams. Ward became the hero by denying both Sam Hutchinson and Fernando Forestieri from the spot to give the Terriers a 4-3 shoot-out victory and secure their place in today's final.

How did they get here today, then? Huddersfield finished in 5th despite a minus goal difference, picking up 25 wins in 46 Championship games in former Borussia Dortmund II coach Wagner's first full season in charge. Only once did they drop out of the play-offs, falling down to eighth after 19 games, although a poor finish to the campaign saw them lose six of their last 10 to move from third down to fifth. That mattered little when it came to the play-offs however...

A nice stat courtesy of BBC Sport. Huddersfield's record signing is the £1.8 million they paid to sign centre-back Christopher Schindler from 1860 Munich last June, which made him the division's 43rd most expensive signing that summer. The landscape in the Championship has certainly changed.

It has to be remembered that Reading spent just £7.6 million on signings this season with Huddersfield even less on only £3.8 million. Compare that to the likes of title-winners Newcastle United, just shy of £60 million, and Aston Villa, near £80 million, and the Terriers and Royals' respective achievements are really put into perspective.

Both of these two teams have been accustomed to flirting with relegation rather than a promotion push in the past seasons. Huddersfield's highest finish in their four years before this was 16th, while Reading came 17th and 19th in the last two seasons after a seventh-placed finish, just missing out on the play-offs, in 2013-14. It really is a testament to the work of managers David Wagner and Jaap Stam and being here today underlines their achievements, regardless of the result. Though of course, victory today would rubber-stamp that side's progress. 

Reading have spent the last four seasons in the Championship after an immediate relegation from the Premier League, the following year after they won the second division title in 2011-12. The Royals are looking to secure promotion through the play-offs for the first time ever, having failed to do so on each of the last five occasions (1995, 2001, 2003, 2009 and 2011).

Today's designated hosts are Huddersfield Town looking to play in the Premier League for the first time ever and return to the top division for the first time in 45 years. Their last season in the top-flight, 1971-72, they earned just 25 points from 42