Winning three trophies is "all that matters" for Man Utd, insists Pogba

Manchester United starman Paul Pogba echoed the sentiments of his manager, José Mourinho, as he claimed that winning is everything in football, taking greater importance over 'nice' football.

The world's most expensive footballer was part of a star-studded Man United line-up last season that consistently underwhelmed. Yet, come the end of the season, they were England's most successful team in terms of number of trophies; 2 - the UEFA Europa League and the EFL Cup.

Pogba: We won 3 trophies, that's all that matters

Chelsea, of course, had a better season, lifting the Premier League title under Antonio Conte, Pogba's former boss at Juventus. But few would turn down a season like United's, a European trophy and domestic cup, if the lesser of both.

"I accept that we didn’t play well, we didn’t do this, we didn’t do that," Pogba told Esquire Magazine in an extensive interview in their July/August edition. "I know what we did - we won three trophies. That’s all I know."

Good football isn't remembered without trophies, says Pogba

"And that’s all that matters. Because you can be the best team in the world, you can play great football and you win zero trophies. And who remembers them? No one. Right?"

Mourinho will have been looking on with a grin. Different words, but the same suggestion that the Portuguese boss made immediately in the aftermath to United's 2-0 Europa League final win against Ajax, where Pogba scored. Mourinho ridiculed the 'poets' and hailed he and his team as winners.

Next season, though, both Mourinho and Pogba will be hoping for different success, in better competitions, with better football. It is, though it was painful for United fans at times, a good first season for Mourinho. But all will know that next season needs more on a number of fronts.