Jose Mourinho briefly meets media ahead of Tottenham Hotspur clash

Jose Mourinho briefly meets media ahead of Tottenham Hotspur clash

Jose Mourinho's bizarre pre-match press conference lasted just four minutes.

Shoaib Khan

Jose Mourinho turned up thirty minutes early and left just four minutes into his pre-match press conference ahead of Monday night's match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Mourinho, whose Manchester United side are already in a heap of bother after their 3-2 loss to Brighton, avoided many media outlets by making an early appearance.

From the 13 questions he did answer, Ed Woodward and Paul Pogba were amongst the topic, as a tight-lipped Mourinho was discreet with his answers.

No problem with Ed Woodward

After United's lack of business over the summer, Mourinho was left frustrated after being refused the acquisition of a centre-back.

Ed Woodward is seen as the significant figure in the board's refusal to add to the squad having acquired a centre-back for the manager in each of the last two seasons.

Mourinho, though, suggested that he had not read reports of conflict between himself and the CEO, saying "I don't know 10% of what is written," whilst dismissing speculation of a rift, adding "Of course, No problems."

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Ask Paul, not me!

Another tarnished relationship within the club is between Mourinho and Pogba.

Following the loss at the Amex Stadium last weekend, Pogba insisted that the attitude of players, including himself, was not right which contributed to a poor performance.

When asked about his view of Pogba's comments Mourinho wasn't keen on adding fuel to fire, instead, saying: "Paul has to answer by his words.

"If you want any explanation about Paul's words you must get him and ask him."

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A difficult match against Spurs

Finally, we got some talk of the big game. Spurs' have started their season with two wins out of two, against Newcastle and Fulham respectively.

When asked how impressed he is with Mauricio Pochettino and how Spurs' conduct their business, again Mourinho wasn't eager to release his view saying: "I'm not going to comment."

Furthermore, Mourinho said of the timing of the game given the circumstances at Old Trafford, stating"You have to play everyone - I don't know when is the right time, the time is now."

"This is what it is. Of course it is a difficult match, against a team that last season finished top four, so difficult match."