"It stays with you": Mike Jackson's post-Newcastle quotes
Burnley fans were devastated as their team crashed out of the Premier League: Jan Kruger/GettyImages

Caretaker boss Mike Jackson was left in a state of misery after seeing Burnley slip down to the Championship.

The Clarets had to match or better the score of Leeds United against Brentford but Jesse Marsch's men managed to win the game late on, therefore bettering Burnley's defeat.

Jackson has instilled a new sense of belief in a season that looked to be heading towards certain relegation. 

But, having got into a position of strength before the game, his men crumbled when it truly mattered. 

On the game

Holding back tears, Jackson admitted that he could not think of anything remotely positive following the match. 

"You don't feel like that, you can't, everything was put in to try and achieve staying up, and I haven't done that, so it's gutting.

"We had some really good chances, and on another day if you take them, who knows?

"The injuries have nipped us obviously, but the group still went to Spurs, Villa and produced performances.

"I knew the game was going to be like that today, once you give that first goal away, they make it very difficult, the back four doesn't move a lot, doesn't come out of its shape, and away from home as well, it was difficult.

"I think [nerves were] understandable, but we had some good moments as well in the first half, I thought it was tight, not a lot in it, the penalty changed the mood.

"It was two teams scrapping it out, but we then had to chase, and that can add to the situation. We chased it in the second half but didn't take our chances."

On the future 

The caretaker boss was unable to add clarity to events in the near-future but maintained the belief that the club can bounce back. 

"It is hard to comment on that given what has happened, I think there will be a reflection on what has gone on and like everything else it will be small steps to find your way back. That is what you have to do, we have to find our way back and get the club going again.

"I don't think that (clarity) is for now, I am not bothered about myself. I am going to go home and suffer. I am more gutted for the group and the fans.

"When you work so closely with a group of lads like that and what they put into it, and then you see them after, it hurts you. It stays with you and it is not nice."

On the ownership?

Although he has not been permitted to discuss the club's finances, Jackson did offer some reassurances on the ownership of the club. 

"There are good people here who want to do well and they want the club to bounce back but it is small steps and planning and making sure we have everything in place to do that."