5 Things Learned: Roadblock Edition
HHH walks into WrestleMania as champ. Photo:www.tensporots.com

When WWE decided to have one more special before WrestleMania the WWE Universe instantly began to question what could happen and whether it would change the landscape of the company's biggest show in just a few weeks time. The answer to those questions were of course, no. 

But that doesn't mean that the event wasn't entertaining or useful, in fact Roadblock proved plenty of important things and gave hope for the future of the business so let's look at five of the main talking points. 

5. Divas Shine

Despite the apparently ongoing 'Divas Revolution' it is still very rare for the women's matches to be given a serious amount of time on television, even if it is a special event. However Roadblock provided a different approach, taking the NXT route of giving the women an opportunity to showcase themselves and time to put on a good match.

Natalya took on Charlotte in a Divas Championship match, and even though the result was very predictable once the strap was put on the line, that didn't mean the match was any less enjoyable. Fans of NXT know just how good a match between the two ladies can be, and Roadblock provided the casual audience with a chance to see that too. 

The match had plenty of 'flair'. Photo: Youtube
The match had plenty of 'flair'. Photo: Youtube

The pair put on a really good match from start to finish, which was particularly important for Natalya who has been cast aside during this entire revolution even though she is one of the best wrestlers on the roster. Here she proved exactly what she was capable of, reminding fans and more importantly the WWE she can still go at the top level and the fan reaction proved that the WWE Universe still cares. 

With such a huge Divas match taking place at WrestleMania, hopefully this match will work in those ladies favor as an example of why they need to be given enough time to show exactly how good they can be.

4. Jericho Back To His Best 

Chris Jericho's recent heel turn has been something his character desperately since his return prior to the Royal Rumble. With fans growing a little tired of the catchphrase's, the scarves and the forced 'funny' lines such as, "Rooty Tooty Booty," so it was time to shake things up a little.

Jericho tore the sign in half. Photo: www.cagesideseats.com
Jericho tore the sign in half. Photo: www.cagesideseats.com

Everyone knows Jericho can be an excellent heel, his best work has arguably always been as a heel and it's been so long since we've seen him this way that it feels fresh and unique. Coming out at Roadblock to his home country of Canada, where he is seen as a hero, Y2J unsurprisingly got a fantastic reception.

But the promo he cut on the crowd and Canada in general was something of excellence that only a true great can do, quickly turning himself from fan favorite to pantomime villain reminding everyone he can still be the bad guy. Even though his match with Jack Swagger was nothing to write home about, the promo alone proved why continuing his feud with AJ Styles could be fun. 

Side Note: Jericho ripping up a fans sign that said: Get well Bret. What a fantastic way to gain heel heat. 

3. Bray Wyatt's WrestleMania Plans Still Blurry

One of the main questions heading into Roadblock was whether Bray Wyatt's plans for WrestleMania would become clearer and even though the question wasn't directly answered there was some signs of a potential answer. Wyatt was scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a match that ended up being a handicap with Luke Harper joining the leader of the Wyatt Family.

Harper gets a direct ticket to Suplex City. Photo- WWE.com
Harper gets a direct ticket to Suplex City. Photo- WWE.com

Instead of having some interaction between the Beast and the Eater of Worlds, fans instead got nothing at all, not once. The entire match was spent with Harper being taken to Suplex City as Wyatt watched from the outside, before heading back to the ramp after Lesnar got the win. 

Whilst it was very strange to not see either man have any form of interaction it made it perfectly clear that the WWE hasn't given up on this feud, or Wyatt for that matter. The WWE did not want to simply throwaway the match at a glorified house show, meaning they still have plans for the two. With Wyatt still not having any form of WrestleMania match line up, could he be added to the Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose match?

2. NXT Impress  

Once again NXT were allowed to feature a match on a WWE special similar to what the company has done before with these house show specials, such as the Tokyo event when Finn Balor faced Kevin Owens. This time it was the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line, with The Revival facing their rivals Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. 

Both teams proved that they belong on the main roster one day, putting on an excellent match allowing any fans who don't watch NXT to see exactly what they're missing. With the champions retaining, it seems that Amore and Big Cass would be making the move to the main roster sooner rather than later, perhaps on the RAW after 'Mania. 

These two teams have got such fantastic chemistry together in the ring, with their previous match at TakeOver:London also being a standout battle.

"No fists just flips," the champs retain. Photo: WWE.com
"No fists just flips," the champs retain. Photo: WWE.com

1.Ambrose Proves He Belongs 

The main event provided WWE a huge opportunity to change the landscape of WrestleMania, which they chose not to take as Triple H defeated Dean Ambrose to ensure he will face Roman Reigns in a match few people want to see at 'Mania. However, the match did prove that Ambrose certainly belongs at the very top of the mountain and should one day hold the WWE Championship

Both men put on a fantastic championship match. Photo: WWE.com
Both men put on a fantastic championship match. Photo: WWE.com

Both men put on the match of the night, and one of the match of the year contenders so far (good luck Reigns) which is only a good thing for Ambrose. Some fans have debated whether he has what it takes to be the top guy in the company, but his fantastic ovations and brilliant matches are proving that it's the only place he deserves to be. 

Whilst he might not be getting his opportunity at WrestleMania like some fans would like, Roadblock was yet another indicator that he will eventually get his time to shine, it's just a waiting game. 

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