Roman Reigns To Turn Heel After WrestleMania
Roman Reigns may be turning face very soon (image:

Roman Reigns To Turn Heel After WrestleMania

Reports are circulating regarding the current No.1 contender to shed his babyface image following the grandest stage of them all.

Joel Lampkin

One of the top babyfaces in the WWE may be set to swap sides in what could be one of the biggest face turns in recent history.

Roman Reigns, the No.1 contender for Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship, is currently sitting high in the charts of babyfaces within the company, but his stock with the WWE universe is currently at a standstill with many rejecting the former Shield member.

Reigns Heel Turn

Reigns has not been perceived well by the WWE universe (image: Bleacher Report)
Reigns has not been perceived well by the WWE universe (image: Bleacher Report)

The constant boos have been a major plague for the company's creative team - with many fans rejecting the superstar who is set to headline his second WrestleMania in as many years. A return on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago saw Reigns attack Triple H with the brawl continuing backstage. As echoes of boos ensued, the fans may now be getting their wish as the 'big dog' may be turning heel post 'Mania.

There is no rumoured storyline in place, but given the expected resentment towards the 2015 Royal Rumble winner, it may be the only option to get him 'over' with the WWE universe.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said it "makes sense" as with so many potential opponents it would offer something new that the fans could appreciate. Many superstars are set to return after 'Mania such as Seth Rollins, John Cena and Randy Orton.

Ambrose Over Reigns

Ambrose's popularity has been a major roadblock for Reigns (image.
Ambrose's popularity has been a major roadblock for Reigns (image. Pinterest)

One of the major issues affecting the long haired kayfabe cousin of The Rock is that he has never connected as well with the fans as his 'brother' Dean Ambrose has.

The Lunatic Fringe managed to create that underdog feeling - similar to that of Daniel Bryan - and gained a rapid response of support from the WWE universe, while the scripted and unnatural push of Reigns was rather thrust upon the fans.

The two former Shield members have wrestled together on several occasions, and, on all occassions, the supporters have been firmly behind the leader of the 'Ambrose Asylum' - which has only continued to halt the momentum of the former Jacksonville Jaguars player as he became something of a makeshift heel within the contest.

WWE Roadblock, a special on the Network, saw the former Intercontinental Champion square up against The Game in a World Heavyweight Championship match, a bout many of fans had been seeking for months beforehand. This was a negative move on the creative front as it was a match-up that took place at the wrong time as rather than urging all fans to be cheering Reigns following his scheduled return one week later yet, instead they left fans ruing Ambrose's shortcomings.