The key to Cuteville Tyler doing his thing

What does Tyler Breeze need? What is the key? Why does he seem to be stuck in the Superstars cycle? Well bare with this author and let me shoot the breeze for a moment. This author also asks, what the does the US Championship need? What if this writer said it needs Tyler Breeze...

Pre-Show problems

As things are being reinvented in WWE such as the Women's Division and of course the past year and a half the tag team division. Since John Cena dropped the US title it has had problems in the card being tossed around like a hot potato it has had a fair share of problems trying to soak in some lime light and even less since Kalisto has won it. There are ways to make sure the United States Championship is treated as it should be helping it breakout of the endless cycle of the pre-show. It doesn't need to be there, if you want a pre show match to show people why you should tune in to the PPV make a semi feud with the Golden Truth or even put an NXT title match on the pre-show right there you showcase why to tune in for the actual show and showcase NXT we have a double winner!  

Breeze left Itami out cold. Photo-
Breeze left Itami out cold. Photo-


His eyes will set you free!

Not too long ago down in NXT people looked forward to Tyler Breeze and what amazing match he was going to have on a weekly basis (fans still do on Superstars). But he was a front line man on NXT he along with Sami Zyan, Bo Dallas and Neville and people loved him.Jushin Thuder Liger came to WWE for his first ever WWE branded match and Breeze was chosen as his opponent, that is an honor as Liger is classed as one of the greatest in the history of Wrestling. Coming up to the main roster the idea was going to be that he was going to be a top level heel but apparently Vince McMahon didn't see the potential. If that was the case it was very wrong call because the Tyler character can be bent in any direction. Many feel they missed something good with the release of Zoolander 2 but I shouldn't have to explain that. Although he always came close to winning the NXT Championship he didn't need that and everyone saw that he had a bright career ahead and he still does. Once he got his main roster shot he had a good month before Survivor Series and beat Dolph Ziggler. He was paired with Summer Rae this is where the problem with Breeze on the main roster began, even though they both made the most of what they were given. But...
1. It did not make sense for Tyler wanting to share his spotlight. Tyler Breeze is a self obsessed man who loves himself and brags that he owns seasonal residence.
2. Suddenly they ended it on December 31st 2015 on a SmackDown with no reason given they just said they were separating, giving Breeze no momentum. 

What does the US title need?

Tyler Breeze is what the title needs and Tyler Breeze needs the title. This point you probably chuckled but buckle up it's getting real! This isn't a joke nor is it a jab at the title, but its in trouble, pre-show trouble and Ryback should take the title on Sunday at Payback and on RAW, Kalisto loses his rematch. Tyler Breeze then hits a beauty shot and grabs a mic and does one of his angry promos calling Ryback the "big Uggo" then for the next couple of months have Tyler Breeze chase the title getting on Rybacks nerves. Breeze takes the title at SummerSlam he picks up Ryback then throws him out the ring as the ref comes with the US title he refuses to handle the title and demands the ref to put it on the selfie stick. Tyler then dumps it on Ryback grabs the mic and says keep your filthy title and leaves. The next night on RAW he would come out with his fluffy jacket closed up and he walks to the ring and takes the mic and cuts this promo on how all titles look dull and ugly and how much it makes ugly people more ugly and no one likes an uggo or any of the uggo titles. He takes off his Jacket and around his waist is a fluffy title that is just awful but Tyler says this title is worthy of being a champions championship.

Who would contend?

At this point in the main event scene it is fairly crowded so maybe a few top guys drop out for a minute, AJ Styles anyone? But the person I think would be offended that he is making a mock of the title is John Cena. Whether you agree with this or not  the biggest numbers of WWE are always brought in by John Cena and he could be offended that Breeze is making a mock of the title and says before he got injured that title meant something that people looked forward to it being defended. This is where the genius of Tyler Breeze comes in being who he is (perfect) telling Cena that because he picked it up its worth a whole lot more.

This drives Cena to become enraged and demands a shot at the title but Ryback comes down and tells Cena to wait then Rusev appearsstating he has waited for a fair rematch for over a year, suddenly you hear Alberto Del Rio and he says if anyone deserves a match over John Cena it's him since he knocked him off top at Hell in a Cell. Its perfect because its why the IC title is doing well at the moment more than one person wants the title that creates a buzz for people to actually care about the title. You could throw anyone into the mix maybe even one of the New Day because the title is booty.

The Key

Tyler Breeze is Key for all this, yes anyone can be picked to reveal a new title look but this way amazing matchups can never end. If you don't think Breeze could put on a match of the year candidate anyone of the people named above you'd only be kidding yourself. Rusev - Breeze if given proper time with a title on the line could have a brilliant match, its proven time and time again that Tyler Breeze should be a vocal point in the ring on RAW and Smackdown. He is that damn good, his two finishers are good to go on anybody and they really drive home a statement about his character. He is one of the most skilled in the company today regardless of who they sign.    

The Prettier. Photo-
The Prettier.