Eric Dier accuses Ander Herrera of 'dirty' elbow in England vs Spain draw

Eric Dier accuses Ander Herrera of 'dirty' elbow in England vs Spain draw

The Tottenham midfielder was left with a bruised cheek and an angry mind after being elbowed in Tuesday's draw.

Oliver Emmerson

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has accused Manchester United's Ander Herrera of blatantly elbowing him during England's 2-2 draw with Spain on Tuesday evening. 

Gareth Southgate's side led for much of the game at Wembley after Adam Lallana's penalty was followed up by a Jamie Vardy goal, but the spoils were shared as the Spanish side struck twice in the dying minutes.

However, it was a second half elbow from Herrera that Dier was keen to talk about after the game, with the Englishman clearly frustrated as the United player's actions.

Dier unhappy with elbow from Herrera

Speaking to the Telegraph, Dier exclaimed that it's "pretty clear what he did," adding in the aftermath "I can feel it on my cheek now, so I know what he did and I don't like that kind of stuff."

The 22-year-old explained that he doesn't mind "people kicking eachother and stuff", however draws the line at elbowing, saying that it's "dirty and not needed" in football.

"I’ve made a pass and it was a long time afterwards and he’s elbowed me in the face and I just can’t see why. For me, it’s just ridiculous," said Dier. 

Dier not looking for an apology ahead of United fixture

There were some wondering that, given the pair both play in the Premier League, Herrera may look to say sorry to Dier for the elbow, if indeed he is feeling remorse.

However, Dier isn't looking for an apology, only ahead to Spurs' meeting with Herrera's United next month, saying "I don't need to apologise, I'll see him soon..."

The Tottenham midfielder continued to admit that "these things happen," but added that he had no idea why the Spaniard had done it, and that it was "strange and not nice."