60% chance I sign for Man United, Griezmann admits

60% chance I sign for Man United, Griezmann admits

The Atlético Madrid attacker told French television that while there is a 'seven out of 10 chance' he stays with his current club, there is a six out of 10 chance of joining Manchester United.

Harry Robinson

Antoine Griezmann has offered little by way of hope to Manchester United fans desperate for him to join from Atlético Madrid; until now. The 26-year-old told French television he has a sixty percent chance of signing for the Reds, and if there is to be a deal, it'll be wrapped up in two weeks.

That Griezmann outright said the matter would come to a quick conclusion gives credibility to the assertions that a potential move for the Frenchman is entirely dependent on Man United qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, by winning the Europa League final against Ajax on Wednesday night.

'Decided in the next two weeks,' says Griezmann

Griezmann may also be waiting to see whether his club, Atlético Madrid, have their transfer ban lifted. If they don't, he may stay out of loyalty to the club who have given him a platform upon which to be considered one of the world's finest footballers.

Here's the translated conversation between Griezmann and Quotidien, a French television programme.

Journalist: "Where are you going to play next year, Antoine?"
Griezmann: "Very good question. I think it will be decided in the next two weeks."
Journalist: "If I say Manchester United, like David Beckham, what do you say?"
Griezmann: "Possible."
Journalist: "Ok. Then on a one to 10 scale? 10 is when you've signed for them."
Griezmann: "6."
Journalist: ""That’s quite a lot, you understand what you’re saying?"
Griezmann: "Yes, of course."
Journalist: "It's the first time you say this, right? There's a 60% chance of you playing for Manchester United next season?"
Griezmann: "Yes."

Six out of 10? A positive for any hopeful Man United fans. However, it must be remembered that no Champions League almost certainly means no Antoine Griezmann. 

Simeone has confirmed he'll stay at Atleti

More importantly, Griezmann has previously said if Atleti manager Diego Simeone committed his future to the club, so would he. Simeone has done so, but Griezmann has not. Finally, Griezmann also told Quotidien that "there is a 7 out of 10 chance" of staying with Atlético.