Willie Morgan describes the United-Liverpool rivalry and says United are 'without a doubt' in the title race
Football, 26th October, 1972, Manchester United's Willie Morgan on the ball chased by Arsenal's Ray Kennedy during their league match at Old Trafford (Photo by Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images)

Willie Morgan signed for Manchester United in 1968 for a record British transfer fee of £117,000 from Burnley. Morgan has backed the current United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, to succeed in the job and explained what it is like to be involved in the rivalry with Liverpool.  

United are now top of the Premier League table after they beat Burnley 1-0 on Tuesday night. They travel to Liverpool on Sunday afternoon for what should be a true blockbuster at Anfield.  

Morgan: Those matches were intense

"It was only when I came to Man United that those matches were intense. The first game I played against Liverpool for United was at Old Trafford. We beat them one-nil and I scored the goal, that was the start of my United - Liverpool rivalry,” Morgan said.  

"I also scored against them at Anfield, we beat them four-nil or something. They were intense and hard games. The players themselves were okay but it was the supporters that were not very nice. I remember the bus being stoned on the way back from matches, it was pretty intense.  

"I don't think the rivalry is the same now as it used to be. The funny thing was, during those times the United players and Liverpool players were good friends. We played lots of golf, there was no animosity at all. But we were all tough and never gave an inch on the pitch."  

Morgan insists the Norwegian boss needs five years to turn it around and has the belief that Solskjaer knows what he is doing because of his qualities as a player.  

"The nice thing about Solskjaer is that he could play himself, most of these managers now weren't good players or didn't play at all. He knows what he's looking for and he knows what to do. If he gets five years, he'll turn it around. He has a big job ahead of him, he needs to get rid of lots of average players. It's time to bring in Man United players.” 

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Despite United being top of the league after 17 games, Solskjaer has still not declared a title charge. The United manager has also expressed that nobody remembers what the league looks like in January, only in May. With Manchester City having a game in hand on United they could be just one point away from the top of the league if they are to win that game, of course.

Morgan believes City are in the title race along with United and Liverpool.  

"Without a doubt [in the title race], the league is wide open. City may be in it because of the way they can play. Anyone can win this league, the thing at the moment is that teams at the top can be beaten by teams at the bottom. I think we've got as good a chance as anyone.  

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“You need a little bit of luck, we got one the other day. That wasn't a penalty against Villa. But Liverpool got it last year, decisions for them and all that but that's what title winners need. There is no dominant team this year, Solskjaer just has to keep winning."