Eddie Howe was delighted with Newcastle United's victory against Chelsea, taking them back into the hunt for Champions League qualification.

Howe, who has been at the helm at St James’ for two years, highlighted the importance of the victory: 

“After the injuries and setbacks we’ve had, to be able to come together to give a performance like that speaks volumes of the character of the players we have, the leaders we have in the group and our ability to just focus on the present and what’s happening right now. You look at the players that were missing; that was a giant performance from the players we have fit.”

  • Miley was 'very good'

The Newcastle manager spoke to the media regarding 17-year-old Lewis Miley’s first-ever start at St James’ Park for the Magpies and said: 

“That pass (to set up the opening goal) represents him as a player; to have that composure in that moment when you’re so young, and thrust into your debut at home, the temptations to shoot, but he resisted that and had the ability to spot Alex (Isak), it was a brilliant pass and also a brilliant finish.

"I thought his general performance was very good, I thought he showed the composure we saw during pre-season. He’s going to be a key player for us in the next few weeks, he’s going to have to step up and do what we know he can do.”

After being asked regarding Miley’s role, in terms of position in midfield (whether it’s defensive-minded or progressing further forward), Howe responded: 

“I think in the long-term future, yes, (he will play a deeper role) I think in the short-term he is better further forward, but unfortunately against Bournemouth, we didn’t have the ability to play him higher up, but today I think we saw a bit more freedom to attack. He made several good runs, I’m just genuinely very pleased with him and that will do him the world of good I think for the future.”

  • "I am so disappointed"

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino observed the game from the stands after picking up three yellow cards in the current Premier League season.

He spoke to the media after the Blues’ defeat on Tyneside: “I am so disappointed because I think it was our worst game of the season, and that is why it’s tough to accept after (the games against) Tottenham, Manchester City. This type of performance is really painful, we need to build our momentum again and learn from this type of situation.”

“Even when we scored our goal, it was a moment to ‘go’ you know for the game, but the team never was with the right energy to go and compete in our best way. I am angry and disappointed; you blame yourself when a performance like this happens.

"We need to be more concentrated and focused; you see today, the goals we conceded were so easy. We try to be solid in our defensive line, but I think it's not only the defensive line or the goalkeeper, it’s about our performance as a group.” 

When Pochettino was asked about the nature of Reece James’ red card, the Chelsea boss said: “This type of thing happens in football, yes of course I’m disappointed because we should finish the game with 11 players, but, we need to accept this type of situation.”

“I don’t want to talk about individual mistakes, I want to talk more about energy, we didn’t prepare ourselves in the best way to compete today, that is my concern. We thought we were ready to compete today, but we didn’t compete in the way the competition demands you to.

"We were so soft in every single challenge, we didn’t show that we were playing for something important. This is what makes me angry. Even if we talk about that we are a young team and that we need to learn, yeah, I think these types of games make me very angry because we cannot miss this type of opportunity to show our best.

"I don’t want to say it’s an attitude problem, we just need to be stronger mentally. We didn’t show a capacity to compete today.”

The result leaves Newcastle in the top seven positions in the Premier League table after thirteen games, while Chelsea sit tenth. Next weekend, the Magpies have a tough home test against Manchester United, while Chelsea host Brighton at Stamford Bridge.

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