Manchester United manager Mark Skinner admits it could be another couple of months before we see the very best of his team.

United picked up their fourth win of the season on Sunday, as they recorded a 2-0 win over Bristol City at Ashton Gate.

Skinner’s team have already dropped more points this season than in the entirety of the last one.

Despite this, the manager believes they are still a little bit of a way off in terms of where they want to be, as we hurtle towards the WSL midway point.

“We are a little bit further away in relationship status in terms of how we play together and how we can recognise little triggers like, she likes the ball there, she moves there so now I move here.

“The nuances of football are hard to coach. You can learn patterns and that’s fine, but it’s the detail in the patterns.

“As we go towards the end of this year and into the new year, I would hope in the next two to three months we’re in flow.

“Then, pushing right through until the end of the season to get as many points as we possibly can.”

Perhaps the most frustrating thing if you are of a Red Devils persuasion is that the attack doesn’t look like it’s clicking.

Of course, it does take a while for new players to get used to playing with each other.

Skinner knows where he wants his attack to go, but acknowledges it isn’t where it needs to be at this moment.

“I can clearly see where my future forward line will be and how it will look. Right now, there’s just some newness to it. And the other teams have had longer at doing it.

“We’ve injected new players into our squad because we’re looking to progress, and you can see sometimes that little second of hesitation.

“But wins and performances, that will change, and you’ll see a team that is so fluid. But right now, we just have to pick up points.”

Tullis-Joyce growth

There was a section of the United fanbase who were slightly dismayed not to see Phallon Tullis-Joyce between the sticks in the West Country.

The American made the move over this summer from NWSL side OL Reign, and thoroughly impressed against Liverpool in the Conti Cup in midweek.

Nonetheless, Skinner made the decision to recall Mary Earps to the team and it proved a good one, especially as the European Championship winner kept United ahead on a number of occasions.

However, the United manager has been thoroughly impressed with how Tullis-Joyce has performed, and says she has the potential to be a world beater.

“I think Mary was always going to start this game.

“Phallon was excellent [against Liverpool], but what I’d also say is Phallon is also growing into our style of play.

“She will have games coming up, but I think what you’ll see with Phallon is that she’s an absolute growth project.

“She can be a monster of a goalkeeper, she already has all of the attributes, she just needs to now learn how we play, and that takes time for all of our players.

“Phallon is exactly what I thought she would be. She has unparalleled athleticism, and now she’s learning how we play, executing those little details.

“We’ve certainly got a plan for Phallon.”

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