Jurgen Klopp: 'It is the right decision to leave Livepool'
Jurgen Klopp addresses the media after his departure was announced earlier today (Photo: Nikki Dyer/Liverpool FC via GETTY Images)

Jurgen Klopp left Liverpool supporters shell shocked with the announcement that he will leave the club at the end of the season. 

The Reds boss is under contract until 2026, but informed owners Fenway Sports Group that he will leave the club at the end of the current campaign. 

The German has won everything there is to win, domestically and continentally, except the Europa League, a competition that his side will have a chance to win this year having progressed to the round of 16. 

They also lead the Premier League, are in the Carabao Cup final, and have a favourable FA Cup fourth round tie against Championship side Norwich on the weekend. 

The German explained his decision to the media at a press conference after the announcement this morning.

“With all the responsibility you have in this job, you have to be absolutely on top of your own game. 

I have been doing this for 24 years now, and when you have the career like I have, it is pretty much impossible to start where I start and arrive at Liverpool.

If it becomes possible, then it is because you invested everything you had. I never had a problem, I realised my resources are not endless. 

I preferred to peg absolutely everything in this season, then have a break or whatever, we are not young rabbits anymore, we don’t jump as high as we did. That is how it is.

I didn’t think about it on purpose, it just happened and then I started thinking about it and that is when I knew.

This club, especially with the team we have, with the super things we have, this club needs a manager at his top game, his top level. 

If I cannot be that anymore I have to tell the people, 100%, the other situation we go into next season, I realise I knew before, try to get somehow through it, that is not how it should be. 

I am who I am and where I am because of how I am. If I can't do it anymore then tell the people I stop. It wasn't my idea when I signed a new contract, I was 100% convinced we would go to 2026. I underestimated my energy levels as being endless. It always was. Now it's not.

That is why I told first the club my decision, then my coaches, then since today everybody knows. I am convinced it is right.”

  • How did the players react?

The 56-year-old confirmed that he told his players the news today, before it broke, and gave an insight into their reaction.

“I spoke today to the players. The two important things I had to do was to tell the supporters and the players.

The reaction of the players was really good, I had to tell other people earlier than I tell the public, there was some tears, but that is normal after such a long time together.

I am convinced it is the right moment, because the club needs time to plan the future while we are sorting the present.

I spoke to the players all together, then I spoke to a few players after that. We have a really strong bond, they didn’t ask questions yet because we are professionals. 

Liverpool players in training after the announcement (Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via GETTY Images)
Liverpool players in training after the announcement (Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via GETTY Images)

We had cameras out there for the training session [after the announcement], and you could see the boys were in a really good mood. 

I told them it is different from other situations, when a manager is usually in the dressing room he got sacked and just says goodbye, because of the things we achieved with each other and that is why my responsibility was big. 

I have to always review, is it right, last year we had a really bad spell and three/four years ago, I have to make sure when it is not right anymore, I will tell because nobody else will.

Distraction comes from outside, you need two parts, one who distracts and one who lets it happen and we will not let it happen. 

If you want, we can grow even more in this situation. That is the aim of the players and me, and to try and squeeze everything out of the season.

There was before no guarantee that we would win anything this season and there is now no guarantee, we will fight for everything, I am here with 100%, I just know I cannot do the job in the future, but I can do it very well right now.” 

  • Did FSG play a part in his departure? 

The Reds boss hit back at former player Jose Enrique who suggested that he was leaving because of FSG's transfer policies. 

“I saw Jose Enrique, who I like a lot, say it is about FSG. I can tell you, absolutely, FSG has nothing to do with it.

It would be easy in this job to blame the owners and say FSG should spend more.

Was I always happy with that, no, but they built two stands, this AXA Centre for the next 40/50 years, we did it properly, the LFC way, which I love. That we didn't win [more] Champions Leagues or Premier Leagues is not down to money.

That we got 97 points and 92 points and didn't win the league or didn't win more Champions League it wasn't down to signing one player.

If you want to blame anyone, blame me. Having a team that could do all that was exceptional.”

  • What does the future hold for the club?

The German confirmed that he will have no impact over the club’s succession plan. 

“No. Why should I?

In football, you have a few faces, manager of the club most of the time its the manager of the club and people like Billy, who do an incredible job, who you dont see this often. 

It looks like I do all the work, I don’t, what we built over the last eight and a half years is an incredible structure behind the scenes, that is part of the reason I can leave. 

My responsibility is so big, my idea was always to put everything in place so that this club gets stronger and stronger, we did that to perfection, no, but as good as we could. 

So many people work here with only one idea,  to find the perfect solution for Liverpool FC, the last thing they need is advice from the old man walking out, I will definitely not do that.

I wish for the future of this club the very best, for now, I am still here, and can help them to achieve the best possible.” 

Chief Executive Officer Billy Hogan said that he understood the decision and confirmed that the process to find his successor will be a private one, not public information until there is something confirmed.

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan addressed the media with Jurgen Klopp (Photo: Nikki Dyer/Liverpool FC via GETTY Images)
Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan addressed the media with Jurgen Klopp (Photo: Nikki Dyer/Liverpool FC via GETTY Images)

It's hard to put into words how significant it is. When Jurgen joined us he talked about leaving the club in a better place than he found it. There's no doubt that he has done that. 

The news is sad, and I'm sure a lot of our supporters share that emotion. We have worked alongside each other for the last nine years and I knew this was a decision he had come to and believed in. 

When your colleague and friend comes to a decision like that, you have to respect it."

Was I surprised? Yes, of course! But I think he said in the video, the amount of work and pressure (people don't see).

I'm surprised in a sense but I understand it. 

Jurgen wanted to give the club the opportunity to go through an orderly process and it is not easy to do if this news isn't public. We will go through that process in private, with the ownership, when we get to a place where we have further news on that, then we can discuss it. 

We prefer to operate when we are ready to talk about things we will, we won’t talk about other people, won’t get into the name game, after today we are focused on the campaign ahead, competing on four fronts.

The way we operate is to ensure we have looked at all the information, all the data, do the proper due diligence, and then we’ll make a decision, I can’t commit to a timeline.

It will go on in the background, and you can be assured we will be doing everything we possibly can to make the right decision for the football club.

It is not to be a distraction, when we have something to say, we will have something to say at that point.”