Future of WWE's Authority
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The Authority is nowhere to be seen since Triple H's loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Along with his wife Stephanie McMahon, Triple H has been a mainstay at almost every night of Raw for the past few years. Their long winded and usually tedious promos put them near the top of most hated characters in the WWE

But they have been noticeably absent as Shane McMahon has been running Raw despite the fact that he lost the match at WrestleMania that would have put him in charge of the wrestling brand. The shows have been excellent in the past two weeks, in part, because there hasn't been a malevolent faction running the entire show that needs air time so that they can talk to the crowd rather than give their wrestlers more time to connect with the audience. Without the Authority, Raw has had a much different feel, but where exactly does that put Triple H and Stephanie in the future?

Future Plans

As discussed above, neither Triple H nor Stephanie have appeared on Raw since WrestleMania. Shane was handed control of Monday nights and possibly to solidify his spot, the Authority has been absent. WWE.com is still advertising the pair for Raw shows on April 25th, May 2nd, and May 9th. This means that they may be back on tv after a relatively small absence, although, they were announced for the April 4th Raw in Los Angeles that they were pulled from. So even though the Authority hasn't been seen in a few week, it doesn't seem like their story is done just yet.

Possible Storylines

The Authority prepares to govern Raw Photo: bleacherreport.com
The Authority prepares to govern Raw I Photo: bleacherreport.com

Since it is clear that the WWE isn't done with the Authority, what else is left for the two of them to do? Triple H lost cleanly to Roman at WrestleMania so it seems like down the road that can be a program to go back to. Their feud was at times very entertaining so it seems probable that after the AJ Styles program Roman may go back to feuding with the boss in the form of Triple H and Stephanie.

Until that time, Shane will presumably still be in charge of Monday Night Raw. This leaves room for a feud that can go on with who is really running the show. Stephanie and her husband can fight for control with Shane and get a familial story going that can eventually blow up into the separation of brands.

Finally, the Authority can take SmackDown and put their stamp on it while Shane runs Raw. This could develop and interesting concept with the feuding family members attempting to outdo each other every week. One show would have a good guy running it while the other would be run by an evil duo. This could provide fun mix and matches with talent from both shows and those in charge.

Together Forever

Whatever the case, if history has taught fans anything its that it will always repeat itself. No one is gone forever and everyone returns eventually. These two weeks without the Authority have felt new and fresh but they will be back. It's not the WWE without a bad guy in charge.