Possible Post WrestleMania Scenarios
The Authority could be in power/marginally in power/ or out of power - who knows? (image: dailywrestlingnews.com\)

Shane McMahon - The Undertaker, a dream match-up full of wonder that has encapsulated the hearts of the WWE Universe and took the older generation back to the golden age of wrestling - The Attitude Era.

Roman Reigns vs Triple H, a match that pits the authority rebelling young stud against the ageing assassin of WWE, will more than likely be a contest containing a master-class in ring psychology but on paper leaves a lot to be desired. 

However, despite the miss match main event feel between the two, they are both connected with a win for McMahon junior meaning The Authority are out of power, while if Triple H reins victorious what happens then? The web could become tangled, so this writer has decided to offer a perspective of life after WrestleMania 32

If Shane and Roman rein victorious

What if Shane McMahon beats the Undertaker at WrestleMania? (image: complex.com)
What if Shane McMahon beats the Undertaker at WrestleMania? (image: complex.com)

The two storyline baby-faces celebrate towards the loving and endearing crowd at the AT&T Stadium [well Shane McMahon at least] the following night on Monday Night RAW, would presumably see The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon axed from power unless:

- A brand split, this has been teased for a number of weeks now with speculation cropping up every few days. With new advertisements for separate shows reported recently it is feasible that Shane could manage RAW while Triple H and Stephanie operate SmackDown, which could set up a storyline for a 'brand war' further down the line. 

- Triple H remains as an active wrestler of the roster, while his wife is promptly fired in what presumably Shane would sarcastically say its "best for business."

- Roman turns heel. There are said to be plans in place for the former Shield member to turn heel post 'Mania and what better way to do it than to screw over the man who would arguably be the biggest baby-face of the company, after the most grueling match of his life against the dead-man. Having him suckered by the former 'golden boy' would draw mass heat from the typically hyped up crowd.

If Undertaker and Roman rise again

What if the UnderTaker beats Shane at WrestleMania? (image: Youtube.com)
What if the UnderTaker beats Shane at WrestleMania? (image: Youtube.com)

Well, despite being way past their sell by date, the Authority would remain in power. Shane would have failed in his task of defeating the man who once held the streak and the Game and Stephanie would stand in the ring, to a massive array of boos, but given that Roman won, The Cerebral Assassin would presumably be hobbling about in order to sell his injuries.

- Triple H turns on his wife, now I am not suggesting the 39-year-old mother of three should receive a sledgehammer to the face by any means, but after losing his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the Game is likely to be severely angry, and may lose his passion for the Authority abandoning his wife in the ring, prompting an immediate baby-face turn. 

- As detailed above, Reigns could turn heel, but rather than planting a low blow of sorts onto Shane, how about a simple Authority alignment, taking the place of the recently beat up and now departed Triple H. Another top baby-face Dean Ambrose could confront his former best friend and a rivalry could commence from there. 

- It is not likely that the Undertaker will make an appearance at RAW post 'Mania but if he did after his victory it could be for him to immediately turn face after Mr McMahon attempts to congratulate him on his domination of his son, a choke-slam or tombstone to the owner of the company, would elevate The Dead-man back to top baby-face status. 

If Shane and Triple H triumph

What is Triple H reins supreme at WrestleMania? (image: mirror.co.uk)
What is Triple H reins supreme at WrestleMania? (image: mirror.co.uk)

Now this is where the web becomes tangled because are The Authority still in power as they technically have possession of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Surely the new owner or operator of RAW will not fire his current champion would he?

- Shane could appear to open RAW, thanking the WWE Universe for their support, but then comes Triple H, as the two have not had the chance to stare at each other or discuss either of their futures since both returning to the company. The Game will likely mock the new owner for believing he has more power, then it will become a in family war. 

- Triple H could still turn face at this point and say to himself, "I am the champion, I do not need anybody else." Prompting him to abandon Stephanie which is where Roman could unite himself with the recently axed daughter of Vince McMahon, drawing mass heat from not only the crowd but from The Cerebral Assassin also. 

- Losing your championship opportunity at WrestleMania to an aging veteran [possibly by shenanigans] could send the former baby-face over the edge, possibly attacking Ambrose after an attempt to console his former Shield teammate, a feud of the year could ensue leaving Reigns to gain respect of the WWE Universe before challenging Triple H for the title later in the year. 

If Undertaker and Triple H win

What if both Triple H and The Undertaker win at WrestleMania? (image: Kammerice.deviantart.com)
What if both Triple H and The Undertaker win at WrestleMania? (image: Kammerice.deviantart.com)

In what would be the most basic and boring scenarios for the future of WWE, having the two veterans walk away victorious would mean the Authority remaining in power for the two victories to make sense, given an Undertaker win is expected at the grandest stage of them all and Reigns suffering from a bad case of the boos, these scenarios may be very likely. 

- Just like mentioned before, The Dead-man could choke-slam Mr McMahon or even Triple H which would set up one of the biggest feuds of the year and it would immediately draw heat back onto Triple H and announce Taker as the baby-face he is typically known as. 

-Shane goes away unfortunately, as there would be nothing keeping him in charge as the 'lockbox' angle has seemingly disintegrated into nothing. The future of WWE would look the same and a weaker looking Roman Reigns would draw even more boos from the universe as it would be unlikely he would turn heel as the authority would not need him. 

That is all of the scenarios this writer could think of, can you think of your own? If so comment below or tweet us @VAVEL_Wrestling