Score Novak Djokovic - Tomas Berdych Of The 2016 Miami Open Quarterfinal (2-0)
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Final thoughts: Novak Djokovic's movement, depth, and returning were too much for Tomas Berdych as the Serb dominated most of the match. The errors from the Czech proved pivotal as he lost most of his points from misfiring. Credit is due to the world number one on a well-deserved triumph. Djokovic is set to play David Goffin in the Miami Open semifinals on Friday. With both players currently playing high quality tennis, the match should be an intriguing match. The number one seed looks to continue his string of success and hopes to earn the record of the most ATP Master 1000 titles at a hopeful 28.

Game, set and match, Djokovic! Two sets to love, 6-3, 6-3 in an hour and 39 minutes. This marks the Serb's tenth straight victory as he looks to repeat the Indian Wells-Miami double as he did three times before.

40-AD: Berdych misses a backhand into the doubles alley.

40-40: Huge Berdych body serve is too much to handle.

30-40: Impressive Berdych drop shot winner saves a first match point.

15-40: A slice backhand slides wide and sets up a Djokovic match point.

15-30: The Czech nets another ground stroke.

15-15: Swing volley winner gets the game to level terms.

0-15: Berdych drills a backhand into the bottom of the net.

Djokovic puts himslef within a game of the semifinals after an ace.

40-0: Strong Djokovic defense sets up strong Djokovic offense.

30-0: Berdych misses a backhand by a wide margin.

15-0: The Serb fires an ace!

Tomas Berdych shows signs of resistance as he holds to put the pressure on his dominant opponent.

AD-40: World number one seeps a backhand long.

40-40: Djokovic mistimes a forehand into the net.

30-40: Crucial, costly double fault from Berdych...

30-30: Berdych outlasts Djokovic in forehand rally.

15-30: Huge down the line forehand winner to keep Berdych's hopes alive this game.

0-30: The Czech cannot keep the ball in the court at the moment.

0-15: Berdych loses his fifth straigh point after error.

Djokovic backs up great drop shot with perfect anticpation! He leads 6-3, 4-2!

40-0: Yet another return error...

30-0: A clean point from the seventh seed ends when he misses a backhand wide.

15-0: Berdych misfires on another return.

Djokovic gets treated on his back by the trainer.

Berdych takes his fifth game of the match but still trails a set and a break.

AD-40: Berdych applies pressure at net. Djokovic nets an attempted pass.

40-40: Another costly double fault brings the game to deuce.

40-30: The numbe one seed nets a forehand slice return.

30-30: A Djokovic backhand seeps deep out.

15-30: Berdych serves a bomb first serve out-wide.

0-30: Berdych nets a backahnd.

0-15: Djokovic hits his third consecutive winner out of the air.

Djokovic hits another drop volley to extend his lead after a love hold.

40-0: Beautifully placed drop volley gives the Serb three game points.

30-0: Errors uncontrolaby spring off the Czech's racquet.

15-0: Berdych misses another forehand return.

Berdych takes his first game of the second set. Djokovic leads 6-3, 2-1.

40-30: Berdych misfires.

40-15: Djokovic gets away with wimpy drop shot.

40-0: The Czech looks to get on the board in the second set after forcing a Djokovic error.

30-0: Berdych blazes a forehand inside-in winner.

15-0: Well-placed second serve!

Djokovic takes a set and two-love lead.

AD-40: Berdych fails to convert open court opportunity.

40-40: Frustration from Djokovic after he nets a volley.

AD-40: Berdych return sails long.

40-40: Berdych fires a backhand down the line winner.

AD-40: Djokovic continues to win sceond serve points.

40-40: A Djokovic shot seeps out deep.

40-30: Signs of brilliance from the Czech as he strikes a swing volley past thhe Serb.

40-15: Berdych forces Djokovic error.

40-0: The Berdych error count gets out of control

30-0: World number one stays solid.

15-0: Djokovic stays the more consistent player.

A costly third double fault from Berdych starts the second set on Djokovic's side.

30-40: WOAH! Berdych misses an easy, routine overhead.

30-30: Huge first serve clips the line! Forces return error.

15-30: Berdych continues to misfire.

15-15: The Czech player dictates the point.

0-15: Berdych opens second set with another error.

Novak Djokovic wraps up the opening set 6-3 in 49 minutes.

40-15: Body serve is too much to handle.

30-15: Lengthy point concludes with Berdych error long.

15-15: Intriguing points ends in the favor of Berdych.

15-0: Djokovic hits overhead into open court.

Djokovic is forced to serve for the first set at five games to three.

AD-40: Powerful forehand winner!

40-40: An untimely error puts Djokovic within two points of the opening set.

40-30: Berdych nets a routine backhand.

40-15: Unlikely Djokovic mid-court backhand error.

30-15: Djokovic misses a shot wide.

Tomas Berdych expresses his concern about the tennis balls to the chair umpire.

15-15: Forceful serve results in a netted Djokovic forehand.

0-15: Yet another error from the seventh seed.

Novak Djokovic looks in command as he races up 5-2.

40-30: Berdych slides a forehand return wide.

30-30: Huge second serve sets up volley winner.

15-30: Berdych clips the sideline to force the Serb's error.

15-15: Passing shot is too good by the seventh seed!

15-0: Berdych continues to struggle on second serve returns.

Tomas Berdych holds for the first time. 4-2 Djokovic.

40-30: Berdych nets a passing shot attempt.

40-15: Berdych sets up game point with a forceful ground stroke that forced the Djokovic error.

30-15: A return seeps barely long.

15-15: Berdych double faults...

15-0: Berdych hits another great serve.

A netcord forces a Berdych shot out and Djokovic takes the initiative as he leads 4-1, opening set.

40-30: The Czech slides a forehand inside-out wide.

30-30: Berdych fails to take advantage of another second serve.

15-30: Forehand angle is too much to handle for the Serbian number one.

15-15: Amazing Berdych return sets up a backhand winner.

15-0: The Serb keeps his lead going by staying consistent.

WOW! Djokovic takes no time to get the break right back after an extreme forehand angle. 3-1.

15-40: A Berdych double fault...

15-30: The Czech number one slides a routine, short forehand wide.

15-15: Yet another Berdych major misfire.

15-0: Great serve sets up the point for Berdych.

The seventh seed, Tomas Berdych, gets the set back on serve as he trails one game to two.

40-AD: Djokovic misses to set up a break point chance for his opponent.

40-40: Tomas Berdych shanks another ground stroke into the Miami crowd.

30-40: Djokovic sails a shot deep.

30-30: The Czech is unable to capitalize on weak serve.

15-30: Djokovic double faults for the first time.

15-15: Berdych lacks footwork resulting in sailing error.

0-15: A long point ends with a sharp angle from a Berdych overhead.

Novak Djokovic is quick to break and takes a two games to love lead.

40-AD: The Czech misses a routine, mid-court backhand.

40-40: Yet another huge serve brings the game back to deuce.

40-AD: Untimely forehand error from Berdych.

40-40: Intriguing point goes in the way of Berdych with great anticipation and placement.

30-40: One-two punch from the Czech.

15:40: Berdych shanks a forehand into the Stadium crowd.

15-30: Forceful serve out-wide forces Djokovic error.

0-30: Berdych sails a backhand long.

0-15: Impressive backhand pass from the world number one.

Djokovic starts the match with a lengthy hold.

AD-40: Berdych misses an easy second serve return.

40-40: Djokovic places a forehand deep in the court.

40-AD: Djokovic slidesa half-volley wide.

40-40: Fearless Czech forces a Djokovic error.

AD-40: Djokovic applies pressure at the net.

40-40: Berdych changes direction on a forehand beautifully to force the game to deuce.

40-30: Djokovic dictates to force error.

30-30: Berdych nets a forehand.

15-30: Djokovic fires a huge serve.

0-30: Huge return sets up a quick lead.

0-15: Berdych starts match with forehand winner.

Djokovic won the toss and elected to serve.

The players walk onto the Stadium for their night session quarterfinal meeting as they are greeted with a warm, loud greeting.

I predict this quarterfinal showing will be yet another victory for Novak Djokovic. The match should be expected to consist of clean ball striking, grueling rallies, and thrilling, pressure-filled moments. Despite the recent, shaky form from the Serbian, his continuous dominance over the Czech, as well as the entire ATP World Tour, has made him the favorite in every match he contests in. If Djokovic plays well, I expect the match to go to two tight sets. Even if the world number one shows signs of struggle, he has the ability to bounce back with his solid movement, consistent shot placement, and early anticipation. 

Tomas Berdych must not let any opportunities slip away. He is averaging 20 percent on break point conversions, while Djokovic is at a 45 percent break point conversion average. The Czech must put his previous results against Djokovic behind him as he is in need of belief that he can pull off the upset over the defending champion. Also, strong, deep ground strokes are essential for Berdych’s chances considering his opponent lacks any single weakness.

Novak Djokovic has looked more and more human, and less perfect, so far this year. The Serb will need to serve well and hold as comfortably as he can. If he holds serve consistently, he will more likely win in straight sets because he is bound to create opportunities on return considering he is the best returner in the game. But his opponent, Tomas Berdych, has been dominating on serve with 28 aces through only two matches. 

Tomas Berdych played his 14th career match against Richard Gasquet. Each player was broken three times in the near two and a half hour match. In the end, the Czech pulled the match out 7-5 in the third set. Both players won the same amount of points in the match, but it came down to who could serve better in the late stages of the match.

The world number seven, Tomas Berdych, began his tournament in the third round after a first round bye and a second round illness withdrawal from his supposed-to-be opponent, Rajeev Ram. He went on to face Steve Johnson in a three-set battle in two hours and 43 minutes. Berdych saved ten out of ten break points faced and advanced to the fourth round.

Yesterday, the Serb played his fourth round match against the in-form Dominic Thiem. The match was expected to be intriguing and it lived up to the expectations. The match went into the favor of Djokovic 6-3, 6-4 in an hour and 49 minutes. Novak Djokovic saved 14 of his 15 break points faced as his young opponent could not close out his many opportunities to break. That statistic proved pivotal in the match, considering the match was decided by two breaks.

On Easter Sunday, Djokovic took the court against the Portuguese talent, Joao Sousa. It marked their third career meeting. The Serbian only needed an hour and 17 minutes to advance with a 6-4, 6-1 triumph. The match consisted of eight breaks and six were on Sousa’s serve, which ultimately decided the match.

Novak Djokovic has yet to drop a set en route to this Miami Open quarterfinal match. He started his tournament campaign with a comfortable 6-3, 6-3 win over the British wild card, Kyle Edmund. The match was pushed to just under an hour and a half on the Stadium court. The number one seed only faced one break point the whole match and took 72 percent of his service points. On return, the Serb nearly won half of the points and converted four out of eleven break points.

Djokovic and Berdych will face-off for their 25th career meeting. The Serbian leads the head-to-head 22 wins to two in one-sided fashion. Their last encounter was earlier this year in the semifinals of Doha, which went in the favor of Djokovic in straight sets. In fact, Berdych has failed to even win a set off of the reigning world number one in nearly a year. The Czech’s last win over Djokovic came all the way back in 2013 in Rome. But Tomas Berdych has proved he can challenge the best players in the world as he has a top ten ranking and is consistently making deep runs into most of his tour events he entered.

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