Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Liverpool: As It Happened
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Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Liverpool: As It Happened

Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur on the road in a matchup of top four sides as their perfect record continues while the hosts sorely miss Hugo Lloris.

Maxwell Hogg
Tottenham HotspurVorm; Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose; Dier (83' Wanyama), Winks (73' Son), Dembele (60' Lamela), Eriksen; Lucas, Kane
LiverpoolAlisson; Robertson, Gomez, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold (90' Matip); Keita (83' Sturridge) , Wijnaldum, Milner; Mane, Firmino (74' Henderson), Salah
SCORE0-1 (39' Wijnaldum), 0-2 (54' Firmino), 1-2 (93' Lamela)
REFEREEMichael Oliver (ENG)
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The story of Liverpool last season was dropping points from wining positions. It got nervy at the end, but the Reds did well to hold on to all three points today. After the Liverpool defense repelled Tottenham's last attack, Klopp celebrated as if they had just scored. Holding on to results is a trait of champions, and Liverpool fans have to be over the moon with their side's resiliency.

Salah looked off in the first half, but came into his own in the second half. While he didn't score, he had plenty of good looks at goal and helped create chances that made the Liverpool offense tick. While he is probably frustrated to miss the scoresheet again, all it will take is one goal, and that confidence from last season will come back.

Pochettino gave Winks the start ahead of Lamela, and he'll probably rue that decision. Lamela was easily the best Spurs player on the day, and he only played just over half an hour. He was explosive with his runs and was picking out all the passes that Tottenham was missing. He created the corner that led to his own goal. Overall, he was brilliant and should have had the start today.

Liverpool made some adjustments to their pressing approach at the half, and it made all the difference as the Reds dominated most of the second half. They honestly could have had four goals if it weren't for poor decision making and finishing. 

FT: Well, Tottenham made it interesting in the closing minutes, but the Liverpool defense stands strong and hold on to three points. 15 out of 15 points so far for the Reds, and Klopp's men are soaring!

95' Lamela finds Son in the box, but he slips as he tries to get the shot off. He then tries to buy a penalty, claiming he was fouled, but Michael Oliver isn't fooled and tells him to get back up.

93' GOAL! After teeing up Rose to earn the corner, Lamela scores! The corner finds Lamela on the far post, who has time to gather his feet and fire past Alisson. Will Liverpool drop points as they did so many times last season? About 2 minutes left to go.

92' It's Lamela once again creating chances for Spurs. He gets the ball in the box and chips it to Rose. His shot is on target, but is blocked by Alexander-Arnold.

91' Tottenham loses possession from the goal kick, and Sturridge plays Mane into the six yard box. Vorm does well to block the shot, but the flag is up anyways.

90' Another shot from Mane from range, and Klopp isn't impressed. He had Sturridge clear on his left side, but decided to go for goal instead.

88' Mane gets a quick pass from Van Dijk and spins past Trippier who brings him to ground. Appeals for a yellow card by Mane, but Oliver just gives a warning. Liverpool concede possession from the free kick.

86' A high ball finds the head of Kane, but he can't get around it enough to get any power on it. The ball loops high towards goal, and Alisson catches the ball with no trouble. 

85' Lamela runs into the Liverpool box with some space, and tries to place the shot in the bottom right corner. His shot beats Alisson but is wide as the ball goes out for a goal kick.

84' Salah skips past multiple Spurs defenders and tries to curl one, but the effort is poor. Klopp is fuming on the sidelines as Sturridge was wide open on the far post.

83' SUBSTITUTIONS Keita's afternoon is over after a fairly quiet shift. Daniel Sturridge is in to give the Reds another attacking option. Victor Wanyama also comes in for Dier, who was slow to get up after an earlier tackle.

82' Kane receives the ball on his feet in the box and tries to play the ball out to the wing. However, there is no one in the space and the ball is out for a Liverpool throw.

81' Salah makes some space outside the box to curl one. Vorm does well to save the shot, but pushes the ball into the path of Mane. Luckily for the Spurs keeper Mane can't keep his footing to get a shot off.

79' Spurs try to work their way up the left wing, but Dier and Rose aren't on the same page as Dier cheaply gives away possession. Groans ring out from the Spurs supporters who are getting increasingly frustrated.

78' Salah holds up play in the midfield, and Vertonghen comes up from behind and tackles him rugby style. Somehow the Belgian gets away without even a talking to. ​Michael Oliver has been fairly lenient today.

76' A poor pass from Alexander-Arnold nearly plays Lucas through on goal, but Gomez is first to react and does well to step in front. He then tries to play Salah down the wing, but Salah cut inside as Gomez played the ball wide to nobody.

74' SUBSTITUTION It was Keita who was going to make way, but instead it will be Firmino who is replaced by Henderson. Spurs have a free kick outside the box from a Liverpool handball, but the shot is fired right into the wall.

73' SUBSTITUTION Son comes on for Winks, while Henderson waits. Firmino is back up, and holding gauze to his eye as he receives treatment off the pitch. 

70' Firmino commits a foul, but goes down clutching his face. Replay shows Vertonghen swipe at Firmino's face. The Brazilian is bleeding slightly below the eye. In the meantime, Henderson and Son both prepare to come into the game.

69' Tottenham try to take a quick free kick to Lucas down field, but the linesman's flag goes up for offside. Nearly got the run right, but Lucas is instead left frustrated by the call.

66' Eriksen fires from just outside the six-yard box. Kane tries to flick the ball into the goal, but doesn't get it right as the ball rolls out of bounds for a throw. Eriksen's initial shot might have been going in.

65' Spurs have a nice bit of possession in the Liverpool third, but Lucas' pass into the box is towards no one as it rolls out for a goal kick. More positive play from the hosts, but they are lacking that final ball.

63' Mane marauds forward, drawing both of the Tottenham centre-backs. He passes to Keita, but the ball should have came earlier as the angle was too acute to beat Vorm. Should have been the third goal.

60' SUBSTITUTION Lamela is on the sideline, and comes in for Moussa Dembele. Liverpool have a free kick outside the box, and Vorm spills the ball. However, he is the quickest to react and gathers the ball before a Red shirt can tap home. Have I mentioned how much Spurs must be missing Lloris?

59' A low cross into the Liverpool box nearly finds Kane, but Alisson steps in front of the forward to catch the ball. Smart idea from Spurs as they aren't winning the ball in the air around the goal, better to play it low.

57' Tottenham are passing around the back, trying to slow this match down and gain a foothold. Liverpool aren't pressing consistently as they were in the first half, instead picking their opportunities with more thought. The change in pressing tactics is certainly working so far.

54' GOAL! Mane gets the ball on the wing and gets around Kieran Trippier. He tries to play the ball to Firmino, but Vorm comes out to collect. Miscommunication between him and Vertonghen nearly leads to an own goal, but the ball bounces out off the post where Firmino is waiting to tap the ball home. Spurs are really missing Lloris right about now.

52' Much better half so far by the Liverpool midfield. Their passing is crisper and more creative going forward. The Reds are looking to take this one over.

50' Lucas gets the ball and runs past Alexander-Arnold and Gomez. He has a good look at goal, but his shot is barely wide, hitting the post and out for a goal kick.

49' Spurs handle the corner, but gives possession away immediately. Salah gets the ball down the wing before picking out Wijnaldum. He turns and finds Mane who gets his shot off, but Vorm does well to save from short range.

48' Lucas dispossess Gomez and nearly is on goal, but Gomez recovers to block the shot. Alexander-Arnold overlaps Salah on the other end and tries to find a Red shirt, but Vertonghen heads the ball behind for a corner.

47' Wijnaldum wins the ball in the middle of the pitch and tries to turn and play the ball forward, but Winks takes him down for a free kick.

2H: Tottenham kick us off for the second half. 45 minutes for Spurs to find a goal.

On the other end, Kane has been completely nullified. He hasn't been able to receive the ball on his feet, and the Liverpool centre-backs have been brilliant in the air today. Spurs need to find a way to get their star striker into this matchup, or it could be another clean sheet for Alisson, who has yet to be really challenged so far.

Continuing the trend of his recent struggles, Salah has yet to truly come into the game. Other than his chance against Vorm, he was relatively quiet in the first half. You could also make the argument that Salah should have done better with his chance. It was the kind of chance that you knew Salah would score last season.

However, the Liverpool midfield should be a big concern for Klopp. Despite his goal, Wijnaldum has struggled to create anything, and Milner has been mainly on defensive duties as the Spurs midfield continues to run rampant in the middle. Too many turnovers as well.

Tottenham have looked the better side, creating more chances, but it is Liverpool who are ahead thanks to the head of Wijnaldum. That's the midfielders 19th goal in the Premier League, but it is the first one he has scored away from home. Certainly picked the right moment in this massive meeting top four sides.

HT: Not much happening in stoppage time as the whistle blows for half time.

44' A long ball nearly finds Salah, but Vertonghen stands strong and denies him the chance. The Liverpool midfield has struggled so far this match, but these long balls to the Liverpool front three have caused some trouble for the Tottenham defense.

43' Salah pulls Alderweireld out of the center and picks out Wijnaldum. He tries to find Mane on the far post, but can't get the curl on it to find his man. Liverpool have come alive since the goal.

41' Spurs have a corner, but Gomez clears and Milner tries to play Salah on for the counter attack. The pass nearly comes off, but Alderweireld makes an excellent tackle to deny him a clear chance on goal.

39' GOAL! Vorm doesn't get all of his fist on the ball, and Geoginio Wijnaldum  heads the ball back at goal. Vorm tries to reach back and keep the ball out, but its over the line and the goal decision system confirms it. 1-0 Liverpool.

38' Mane has the ball in the Tottenham box and tries to square the ball to his teammates, but it goes behind for a corner.

37' Liverpool win the ball with space in the midfield, and Keita tries to pick out Mane. However, there is too much traffic in the middle of the pitch and the play is snuffed out.

36' Vertonghen wins the ball at midfield and spots Alisson off his line, but his shot is too low and wide to even challenge the Liverpool keeper.

35' Mane charges into the Tottenham box, but Alderweireld is on him and alters his shot for Vorm to easily collect.

34' Liverpool has continued to press Tottenham when they are in possession, but the hosts are dealing with it well and are finding the space left open by the pressing midfielders. Klopp may need a change of tactics, or the Reds just need to press a little smarter. 

31' A long ball forward nearly finds Firmino, but Vertonghen clears the ball for a Liverpool throw. The Reds concede the ball straight from the throw and the traveling supporters audibly groan.

30' Erikson plays an early ball, but it is just beyond Lucas. The ball is played to the top of the box where Dier has a go, and earns a corner kick for his effort after it deflects out. The resulting corner is cleared with ease.

28' Eriksen steps up to the kick and fires his shot right at Alisson who does well to collect with no trouble. The ball is played forward, but the Spurs midfield wins the ball once more. Liverpool really struggling to win aerial duels and second chance balls. So far its made the difference.

27' Erisken gets the ball in the box and tries to pick a white shirt out. The ball goes out for a corner, and Spurs earn a free kick on the edge of the box after a shove on Eriksen.

26' Lucas turns past Gomez and nearly gets a shot off, but Alexander-Arnold is there to bail his teammate out. Spurs look to be in control of the pace of this one.

23' Salah picks out Firmino with a brilliant through ball, but the Brazilian can't get past Alderweireld to get his shot off.

22' Dier plays a poor pass back and Salah runs onto it. He splits Alderweireld and Vertonghen, but can't beat Vorm who makes an excellent reflex save to deny the opening goal.

21' Keita spins past his defender into the box, but accidentally handles the ball when flicking it on.

19' Liverpool are looking strong in the back, but their midfield is being overwhelmed by the hosts. Really struggling to string passes together right now.

18' Mane receives the ball in space after a quick one-two with Firmino. He tries to pick out Salah on the opposite wing, but his ball is to far ahead and is out for a goal kick.

16' A bit of confusion in the back between Van Dijk and Alisson leads to Spurs through deep in Liverpool territory. An early cross is played to Kane, but Van Dijk steps in front to clear.

13' Lucas Moura tries to break down the wing, but Alexander-Arnold steps in and plays the ball back to Alisson. Surprisingly, the Liverpool keeper clears the ball in one touch.

12' Plenty of long balls over the top coming by Spurs, but Virgil Van Dijk is vigilant and won't be undone by simple passes like those.

11' Liverpool keep probing forward with early balls down the flanks, but the Tottenham fullbacks have dealt with the threat with ease.

9' Eriksen earns a free kick on the right side. Toby Alderweireld is first to the ball, but his header is over the bar. The flag goes up, and a goal wouldn't have stood anyways.

8' The traveling Kop is in fine form as their voices ring out across Wembley. Both sides are still feeling each other out, but the Liverpool press has caused Spurs to give possession away quite easily.

6' Alexander-Arnold's shot curls around the wall, but the show is right at Vorm. That didn't trouble the keeper at all. Down the other end, Christian Eriksen goes down in the Liverpool box but is told to get back up.

4' Winks concedes a free kick on the edge of the box after taking Mane down from behind. Trent Alexander-Arnold lines up behind the ball.

3' It's been a bright start from Liverpool, but Spurs are slowly building up from the back.

2' Another chance for Liverpool as Roberto Firmino is played in, but his shot is blocked by Jan Vertonghen.

1' Sadio Mane taps a cross in from Milner, but the flag is up and the goal won't stand.

KO: James Milner taps the ball and the international break is officially over. We are underway here at Wembley!

Players are down the tunnel, and we just moments away from this top four clash!

The players are out on the pitch to warm up with about 20 minutes until kick off. Handle any business you may have, make some lunch, but be sure to be here at 12:30PM to follow all the action with VAVEL UK. With Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah featuring, you know this one is going to be full of goals. Don't want to miss those, do you?

Klopp in response to Henderson: "We need Hendo. It doesn't make sense to start him. He needs his full physical strength, and I'm sure he will have it when he comes on."

Looking back at Klopp's lineup from the first time he faced Tottenham, and you can just see how he has revitalized Liverpool in his tenure. In 2015, he has Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho in the back with Lucas Leiva and Divock Origi also starting. That centre-back pairing has long departed the club as has cult hero Leiva. Origi is still with the club, but is in a battle to save his Liverpool career.

Fabinho also makes his way into the Liverpool squad for the first time this month, taking up Lallana's spot on the bench as the English international misses out through injury. Fresh off of an impressive international break, Liverpool fans will be chomping at the bit to see their summer signing in regular season action. A late introduction in today's match is likely.

Only one change on Liverpool's end with ​Naby Keita is restored to the starting lineup in place of Jordan Henderson. This will be the fourth time in five games that Klopp has gone with this lineup. Looks like the "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" approach by Liverpool.

Danny Rose also comes into the starting XI for Davinson Sanchez, and ​Eric Dier in for Ben Davies. With these changes, Spurs look to be playing with a back four instead of the back three they deployed in their 2-1 loss at Watford. Smart change by Pochettino in the face of one of the leagues most explosive offenses.

Pochettino has decided to leave Lamela amongst the substitutes. Instead, it's 22-year-old Harry Winks that gets the start this afternoon in big show of faith from the manager. Can he fill the void left by Alli?

Liverpool Substitutes: Mignolet, Matip, Moreno, Fabinho, Henderson, Shaqiri, Sturridge

Liverpool Starting XI: Alisson; Robertson, Gomez, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold; Keita, Wijnaldum, Milner; Mane, Firmino, Salah

Tottenham Substitutes: Gazzaniga, Sanchez, Son, Pamela, Wanyama, Aurier, Davies

Tottenham Starting XI: Vorm; Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose; Dier, Dembele, Winks, Eriksen; Kane, Lucas

It is about an hour until kick off, but we have team news starting to roll in. Only one real surprise on the team sheet.

Alisson has stayed fit and will start in goal for Liverpool, with Simon Mignolet most likely being his backup on the bench. There was murmurs of him missing out due to a slight injury, but has trained with the squad and should be available. If he were to miss out, it would be youngster Kamil Grabara who would back up Liverpool's sensational goalkeeper.

The other absence of note is Adam Lallana's groin injury suffered while on international duty. So far he has only featured for the Reds off the bench, and his absence has opened a spot for summer signing Fabinho to make his way into the squad. With Paris Saint-Germain awaiting midweek, the Brazilian could possibly even start in what could be a shuffled Liverpool lineup.

Liverpool on the other hand aren't missing any players that have started for them this season so far. Lovren is still recovering, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is set to miss the entire season due to his injury suffered late last season. 

By the way, Son can rest easy after winning the Asian Games. With their victory, the South Korean team have avoided a mandatory 21-month term in the military which would certainly derail Son's rise as South Korea's greatest footballing export.

Erik Lamela is most likely to fill Alli's spot in the starting XI, although Heung-Min Son has returned from international duty after winning the Asian Games with South Korea and could claim the spot for himself. It all depends on if Pochettino wants to rush him back into the lineup.  Michel Vorm will get also get his chance in between the sticks in Lloris' absence.

Tottenham come into this top four clash missing two of their stars:  Dele Alli and Hugo Lloris. Alli featured for England in their match against Spain in the UEFA Nation's League, but suffered a hamstring injury 20 minutes into the game. Lloris, who Mauricio Pochettino said would keep the Spurs captaincy, will miss out through a thigh injury. His spot as captain came into question after being convicted of drink-driving, but Pochettino has kept his faith in the keeper after what is hopefully a one time issue.

Despite the loss at Wembley and the draw at Anfield last season, Liverpool still boast an impressive record against Spurs, winning seven of the last 12 meetings between the sides. Spurs have only win in that span of time was the 4-1 victory at Wembley last season. The matchups are always enthralling, but Liverpool seems to have Tottenham's number as of late.

The last time these two sides met it was Tottenham that got the better of the Reds, winning 4-1. The match was marked by Dejan Lovren's horrific performance that saw him substituted off before the half. While Lovren has gone on to turn things around, he will miss out on today's fixture with a stomach issue that has kept the Croatian defender out of the Liverpool squad so far this season.

The hosts have also enjoyed the start to the season. Despite a shock loss at Watford before the international break, Spurs have proven that they are a team deserving of being in the title race conversation. Their best result so far is their 3-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford, just their third victory at the ground since 1992. While the Red Devils haven't been at top form, it was still a massive victory that has many thinking it might be a three horse race to the Premier League title.

Liverpool have started the season off with a 100% win rate, dispatching West Ham United, Leicester City, Brighton Hove & Albion, and Crystal Palace along the way. While the Reds have done well, Tottenham at Wembley will be the first major test for Jurgen Klopp's title hopefuls. A win at Wembley would cement their title credentials for anyone still doubting Liverpool.

Welcome everyone! My name is Maxwell Hogg, and I'd like to welcome you to VAVEL UK's LIVE coverage of Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool in the Premier League. Kick-off at Wembley Stadium is scheduled for 12:30 BST, but stick around as we have plenty to talk about until then.