There have been very few players that have divided opinions amongst their own fan base in recent times as much as Kai Havertz.

The German has had a tough start to life at The Emirates following his arrival from Chelsea this summer, and fans of The Gunners have had mixed responses to his performances.

However, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has heaped praise on Havertz, suggesting that the best is yet to come from his player ahead of a difficult match against Manchester United on Sunday.

When asked what he feels about the 24-year-old, Arteta said "I'll tell you what I feel about him, that I love him and that I see his qualities every day in training. His workrate is excellent, a lot of the things that is for the team is so good."

Havertz will need to do a lot to show Arsenal fans what he is truly capable of but it is evident that he has full backing from his gaffer.

What does Havertz lack in his performances and need from Arsenal fans?

Arsenal fans celebrate against Fulham (Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
Arsenal fans celebrate against Fulham (Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arteta states that Havertz has undoubtedly made an impact on the pitch but does not have the stats to show for it, which could be a reason for his critics.

"The visual one - the one with the stats, at the moment, is what is missing. To put the ball in the net and to arrive on goal and have a different impact in the game"

However, the Spaniard calls everyone to give Havertz time before giving harsh judgments.

"It's difficult to ask, especially our people and in the stadium and our supporters but my feeling is give him love and we'll get the best out of him. I think we have some very, very beautiful examples in the last few years with players, we have given them support, get behind them and given them love, and they have felt that and just exploded.

“A lot of good examples, so I will stick to that. Not everyone is rooting for Arsenal to do well. But the ones that really, by heart and soul - they really want the best for the club - let's do it because he's got a lot to give us.”

Havertz is not the first player, and certainly will not be the last player to be slated too early in their Arsenal career, and there have been multiple members of the current squad who have silenced their critics after receiving harsh criticism, as Arteta has stated the following:

"Ødegaard took months for people to realise, the same with Gabriel Magalhaes, Ben White could not play as a full back, Aaron Ramsdale wasn't good enough and now you sign another keeper and it's a catastrophe. Bukayo Saka was a left-back and now he's playing at right wing. Granit Xhaka as well, we have so many examples. The players have to love what they do, and to do that they need to be supported."

You cannot help but agree with Arteta, as in the current era of social media, players are abused far too often by fans who expect perfection overnight - but in reality, this is impossible.

Majority of professional footballers will take time to adapt to a new environment, even though there are others who will get off to a flying start.

At the end of the day, this is a rebuild project that will take time to complete, so in the meantime it is important to give players the time that they deserve to prove a point and show why they were recruited in the first place.

Only time will tell how Havertz's £65 million move will turn out in the future, but with the right backing, he should have a good chance of succeeding in North London.