Score #2 Florida State Seminoles vs #10 Louisville Cardinals of 2016 NCAA Football (20-63)

Follow #2 Florida State Seminoles vs #10 Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA Live, the 2016 NCAA Football. The game begins at 12:00 pm ET at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky. Follow here for live stream, commentary, and result on VAVEL NCAA Football.

Score #2 Florida State Seminoles vs #10 Louisville Cardinals of 2016 NCAA Football (20-63)
Florida State Seminoles and the Louisville Cardinals in 2015 | Source: Mark Blankenbaker
Florida State Seminoles
17 63
Louisville Cardinals

4th: The Cardinals will take a knee to end the game. They defeat the Noles 63-20 in a top 10 matchup! Stay tuned for my game recap coming within the next two hours. Thank you for joining me in Vavel!

4th: With less than a minute left in the 4th Q, the Noles make a field goal to make the UofL lead 43.

4th: Incomplete pass by the Noles. They are now going for the field goal.

4th: Touchdown Noles was called back because of illegal formation.

4th: Noles set to recieve the kick.

4th: 3rd and 2 for the Cards.

4th: 2nd and 5 for the Cards.

4th: FSU scores on the pass. Only their second touchdown of the game.

4th: FSU seems close to scoring here. They are at the 12 yard line.

4th: Flag on UofL. Holding on defense.

4th: Jones gets tripped up, 4th down for the Cards.

4th: Jones with the 2 yard run.

4th: Jones with the 3 yard run.

4th: Kyle Bolin replaces Lamar Jackson in the game.

4th: FSU can't convert on 3rd and 11. 4th down coming up.

4th: FSU fumbles the ball! Actually they changed it to incomplete pass.

4th: Radcliff with another touchdown! This game is OVER.

4th: Radcliff with the 4 yard tackle.

4th: Picked off by the Cards!

4th: 2nd and 7 for FSU.

4th: FSU with a 10 yard gain.

4th: If Petrino plays Jackson even more, it'll be surprising.


4th: Penalty on the defense, makes it 1st and 10 on the 47 yard line.

3rd: END OF 3RD QUARTER, the CARDS lead 49-10.

3rd: 4th down and 21 for FSU, UofL set to recieve.

3rd: FSU is again stuffed behind the line.

3rd: Pass interference but Francois is sacked for a loss of 12 yards.

3rd: Cook gets stuffed behind the line of scrimmage.

3rd: Jackson with the interception, but UofL is still up by 39 points.

3rd: Another amazing punt return by UofL. They are now on the 17 yard line.


3rd: The pass is broken up.

3rd: FSU with the 23 yard reception.

3rd: Louisville with the tackle on the 17 yard line during the kickoff.

3rd: TOUCHDOWN CARDINALS!!!! UofL returns the punt in to a touchdown!

3rd: Louisville was so close to intercepting the ball, but FSU now is forced to punt.

3rd: Francois throws it away and it's now 3rd and 5.

3rd: Cook breaks multiple defenders and gains 5 yards.

3rd: FSU is set to recieve, the returner falls down and they now start at the 17 yard line.

3rd: We are almost underway here in the 3rd Q. Jackson has 94 yards rushing, 180 yards passing, and 4 touchdowns.

2nd: END OF FIRST HALF. Louisville leads FSU 35-10, FSU will recieve in the beginning of the 2nd half.

2nd: FSU will have the ball back with 7 seconds left.

2nd: Jackson rushes in for the touchdown! With 12 seconds left on the clock.

2nd: FSU calls a timeout.

2nd: Pass is complete to Quick with 1 yard to go. Cards call a timeout while on 3rd down.

2nd: Quick catches the pass for 44 yards.

2nd: Jackson's pass is complete for 9 yards.

2nd: The pass is complete to Quick for 16 yards.

2nd: Louisville is 1:17 left in the first half to try to score before the half is over.

2nd: Timeout here as the Cards look to recieve the punt.

2nd: Another sack by the Cardinals! Fields brings him down quick for a loss of 11 yards.

2nd: The Cards force a sack for a loss of 3 yards to bring up 3rd and 13.

2nd: Pass is incomplete to Wilson.

2nd: Francois rushes for the 1st down.

2nd: Cook rushes but it's only 3rd and 1 now.

2nd: 2nd and 8 for the Noles.

2nd: Nice pass is complete for the first down.

2nd: Cook rushes for 2 yards.

2nd: The Noles will begin on the 18 yard line.

2nd: TOUCHDOWN CARDINALS!!!!! Smith with the reception. 

2nd: Timeout UofL as they are on the 4 yard line with 3rd and 3.

2nd: Jackson rushes for 3 yards.

2nd: Radcliff rushes for 4 yards.

2nd: Lamar Jackson rushes for 13 yards and a first down.

2nd: Penalty on UofL for false start. 2nd and 10.

2nd: 4 yard gain for UofL.


2nd: The kick is good!


2nd: Radcliff tries to get around the edge but he is forced out of bounds.

2nd: Correction, there was an injury there was no timeout.

2nd: Jackson with the 9 yard gain. Timeout UofL.

2nd: Jackson with the 10 yard gain to make it first and 11.

2nd: Radcliff with the 7 yard gain.

2nd: Quick with the 30 yard reception to put the Cards in striking distance.

2nd: Bonnafon with a 5 yard gain.

2nd: Jackson rushes for 16 yards.

2nd: Samuel returns the ball to the 21 yard line.

2nd: Touchdown to FSU for 20 yards, the Noles are back in the game.

2nd: Cook rushes for 2 yards, it's now 3rd and 15.

2nd: Pass complete for 8 yards.

2nd: Cook rushes but there is a flag. 15 yard penalty on FSU.

2nd: Two quick runs by FSU, they are now on the 15 yard line.


2nd: Smith earns enough yardage to put the Cards into field goal range.

2nd: Penalty on the offense, again it's 2nd down on the 41 yard line.

2nd: FSU sacks Jackson for a loss of 8 yards. 2nd and 18.

2nd: Correction, they just checked and it's enough for the first down!

2nd: Radcliff gets stuffed for the 2nd down.

1st: Radcliff recieves the pass for a 10 yard gain, END OF THE FIRST QUARTER UofL LEADS FSU 14-3 and is knocking on the door for another score. Perfect start for the Cardinals.

1st: Lamar Jackson rushes to the 27 yard line.

1st: Radcliff rushes for 5 yards.

1st: Flag on the play, 1st and 10 for the Cards.

1st: Touchback for the kick, Cardinal ball.

1st: The kick is good! The Noles finally get on the board with 3 points.

1st: Francois is tackeled to bring up 4th down.

1st: 3rd and 8 for the Noles after a gain of 2.

1st: Pass is incomplete, 2nd and 1o.

1st: Cook gains 7 yards.

1st: Pass complete to Rudolph for a 17 yard game.

1st: Lamar Jackson rushes in for the touchdown for 14 yards!

1st: Radcliff rushes for 20 yards.

1st: Radcliff rushes for 5 yards.

1st: First down throw from Jackson for a 24 yard gain.

1st: 3rd and 5 now for the Cards.

1st: Jackson rushes for 4 yards.

1st: The kick is no good from 49 yards! Cards take over on the 32 yard line.

1st: Pass imcomplete, 4th down coming.

1st: Cook with the 3 yard run.  3rd and 4 for the Noles.

1st: Cook with the 14 yard gain.

1st: Two straight overthrown passes. Cards set to punt.

1st: Radcliff rushes for 4 yards.

1st: Penalty on UofL, 10 yard loss for the Cards. 1st and 10 on the 13 yard line.

1st: The pass is incomplete, 4th down now.

1st: Cook runs and it is now 3rd and 19.

1st: SACK by James Hurns for a 9 yard loss.

1st: First down Seminoles at the 47 yard line.

1st: Francois tries to run but he only gains 3 yards.

1st: FSU will begin on the 30 yard line.

1st: Lamar Jackson runs in for the touchdown! The drive only took a little over 2 mintues. FSU defense looks slow to catch up with UofL.

1st: First down CARDINALS. Smith with the almost touchdown reception for 31 yards.

1st: Samuel with the first down run of 8 yards.

1st: Quick with the reception for the 4 yard gain.

1st: Radcliff with a 30 yard gain first play of the game.

1st: The kick is out of the back of the endzone, UofL will start on the 25.

Kickoff: Louisville will recieve to begin.

Lee Corso chose the Cardinals! Here we go folks!

7 minutes until kickoff!

Laila Ali will be the guest picker on College Gameday!

Now only 30 mintues left until kickoff, Lamar Jackson is looking to have his Heisman moment against the Seminoles.

We are less than an hour away from kickoff between these two ACC powerhouse teams!

Make sure to follow along come kick off for full play-by-play when the Louisville Cardinals look to upset the Florida State Seminoles!

Prediction: Without Derwin James, the Cardinals will have a much easier time scoring. Lamar Jackson is on a mission, and with a game honoring Muhammad Ali, can the Cardinals afford to lose? This is arguably the biggest game played at PJCS and it could provide an even better argument that Lamar Jackson is the best player in college football right now. The Seminoles have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Cardinals and Dalvin Cook should rush for over 100 yards but can their defense hold up? Louisville defeats Florida State 32-21 in a wet game full of rushing.

The fate of the ACC lies in this game: Despite it being early in the season, the outcome of this game could certainly decide who could win the ACC Atlantic Division. The Clemson Tigers don’t look like the same team as last year, so if Louisville is able to defeat FSU, they have a good chance to go into Clemson and win a tough game. The Cardinals still have Houston waiting on their schedule but if they win Saturday, they could go undefeated in conference play if they win at Clemson on October 1st. The Seminoles have to play Clemson, Miami, North Carolina, and Florida still. It’s a safe bet that whoever comes out of the Atlantic Division, has a great chance to win the ACC Championship over likely opponent North Carolina.

The loss of Derwin James: In last week's win against the College of Charleston, FSU lost their best defensive player to injury at the worst time imaginable. He’s a 6’3 211-pound safety that was regarded as one of the top defensive players in the country. James will be out 5-7 weeks with as a freshman, he was named a third-time All-American as he finished second for FSU in tackles, tackles for loss, sacks, forced fumbles, and recoveries. Senior safety Nate Andrews is expected to be back and Fisher said the defense will be using a lot of variations.                                 

Important running back battle(Dalvin Cook vs Brandon Radcliff): Dalvin Cook for the past three years has been regarded as one of the top running backs in the country and has done little to give people any doubt about that title. So far this season, he has 174 yards and two touchdowns, but last season he had 1691 yards and 19 touchdowns. He has been the biggest factor the last two seasons when the Seminoles played the Cardinals. Last time against UofL he had 163 yards and two touchdowns in a 41-21 victory. Once he gets his foot on the ground, there is not much stopping him. The player who has to step up big time for the Cardinals is Radcliff, if he is able to get decent yardage early, he can open it up for Jackson. So far, he’s had 178 yards and a single touchdown. He’s averaging about 13 yards per carry, despite only get the ball 13 times. Jackson usually rushes most of the time but if he can utilize Radcliff more, his life is going to be so much easier. Cook is by far the most consistent running back, so this matchup will be going to him because of his track record of shredding defenses every Saturday.

Dynamic Quarterbacks (Lamar Jackson vs Deondre Francois): As of now, Jackson has been regarded as the frontrunner for the Heisman trophy for the first two weeks of the season. He set the record for most yards in an ACC game last week against Syracuse with 610 yards. It’s difficult to think of a player more athletic than Jackson on the football field. He uses his running ability to evade defenders and has the arm to hit his receivers in stride downfield. Francois is just a freshman but has proven that he is up there as one of the best QB’s in the country already. He has the big arm and poise to really be a threat against the Cardinal defense. In the season opener against Ole Miss, he had 419 yards and two touchdowns against that stout defense for his FSU first career start. I project for Francois to struggle in the first half and throw two interceptions for the game because of freshman jitters. Lamar Jackson is going to put on a show the entire game, I expect him to at least have 100 yards rushing and 200 yards passing to put the rest of the college football world on notice. Louisville’s Lamar Jackson is going to have the edge here matchup wise with his athleticism.

On September 17, 2016, at 12:00 pm ET, the #2 ranked Florida State Seminoles travel to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium to take on the #10 Louisville Cardinals. It will be the first time that College Gameday has been to Louisville and is the first top 10 matchup of the season. The last time the Noles traveled to PJCS, they came out with a 42-31 victory. This year, it features two young quarterbacks who are in the middle of the Heisman race. Whoever wins this game, will be in great position to win the ACC toward the end of the season. Follow this article live come game-time at noon for updates on what’s going on in the game!