Score Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons of 2016 NCAA Football (21-38)

Follow Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons in the NCAA Live, the 2016 NCAA Football. The game begins at 6:30 pm ET at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Follow here for live stream, commentary, and result on VAVEL NCAA Football.

Score Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons of 2016 NCAA Football (21-38)
Wake Forest Demon Deacons players huddle before their game against the Tulane Green Wave | Source: Lance King - Getty Images
21 38
Wake Forest

This is Jordan Hansgen signing off for VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of Wake Forest vs Delaware.

0:00 After another kneel down. WF wins it for a 3-0 start. Final Score Delaware 21 Wake Forest 38.

0:57 That is a kneel down for WF

1:36 Reid battles for the first down and that should just about seal the game for WF.

2:21 Reid stopped short of the first down. 4th and 1

3:07 Reid for another short gain. 3rd and 3

3:50 Kearns now in at QB, Reid runs for a short gain

4:33 Another run and another WF first down.

5:15 Colburn again for 4 more. 3rd and 3

5:55 Colburn runs for 3 more yards

6:35 Wolford follows his blocks for a first down

7:14 Colburn runs for a gain of 5. 3rd and 6

7:56 Wolford runs left and loses a yard

8:03 Touchback. WF ball at the 25

8:03 Jefferson scores on a run up the middle. 38-21

Play overturned 1st and goal from the 1 for DEL

Play is under review

8:18 Fumble recovered by WF in the endzone

9:07 Jefferson on the direct snap. No gain. 3rd and 4 from the WF 13

9:49 Cherry with the catch for 6 yards

9:57 DEL gains 10 after a false start and unsportmanlike conduct 

9:59 Pass interference on WF. 1st and 10 for DEL at the WF 29

10:06 Another incompletion. 3rd and long again

10:15 Pass incomplete

10:19 Penalty on WF for defensive holding. 1st down DEL

10:25 Pass deflected by Calhoun. 3rd and 10

10:29 No targeting. No penalty

10:29 Pass incomplete. Paris Black called for targeting, play under review.

11:12 Cherry with the catch. 1st down again

11:46 Randolph with a long run. 1st down Delaware

11:52 Another drop for the Delaware receivers

11:56 Weaver misses the field goal attempt. Score remains 38-14

12:01 Pass intended for Washington incomplete. 4th and goal

12:08 False start. 3rd and goal now from the 13

12:08 Wolford misses Wade on the fade

12:47 Reid loses a yard. 2nd and goal from the 8

13:25 Reid breaks a tackle and gets a first and goal for WF

14:00 Reid again, this time stopped short. 3rd and inches

14:22 Reid runs to the left for a gain of 9.

14:55 Reid runs for the 1st down on 4th and short

15:00 It'll be 4th and short for WF to start the quarter

0:00 Reid runs close to the first down at the end of the quarter. Wake leads 38-14

0:45 Reid stopped for a loss. 3rd and long for WF

1:26 Reid runs forward for 3 yards

1:55 Washington catches the pass for another WF first down at the DEL 30

2:21 Run up the middle for 4 yards. 2nd and 6

3:02 Pass complete to Steven Claude. 1st down WF

3:09 WF will take over at their 43

3:52 Ejiofor sacks Rankin and Delaware will have to punt again

4:35 Jefferson stopped for just 2 yards. 3rd and 8

4:42 Pass broken up by Brown. 2nd and 10

4:45 Touchback. Delaware needs to score soon. Starting at their 25

4:45 Wolford runs in for another Wake touchdown. 38-14

5:22 Reid runs for a gain of 2. 2nd and goal

5:38 Serigne wins the jump ball down at the DEL 9. 1st and goal

6:10 Wolford scrambles for the conversion. 1st and 10 at the DEL 43

6:51 Bachman with another catch. 3rd and 4

7:11 Lewis with the catch. Ineligible receiver downfield and it will be 2nd and 10

7:45 Reid again for 4 more yards. 2nd down from the WF 45

8:23 Rocky Reid runs for a gain of 3 and a 1st down

8:43 Wolford throws to Wade for a gain of 8

8:51 Bates fair caught the punt. 1st and 10 WF from the 30

9:30 No gain on the run. 4th down

10:20 Randolph runs left for no gain. 3rd and 5

10:55 Pass complete to Papale for 5 yards

11:05 Touchback. Delaware 1st and 10 at the 25

11:05 Wolford finds Bachman on the slant for another Demon Deacons Touchdown. 31-14 Wake Forest. 1st passing touchdown of the season for WF

11:42 Colburn runs for a gain of 3. 3rd and goal from the 4

11:50 Pass to the corner incomplete. Hines hits the wall on the side of the field, but gets up ok

11:55 Timeout #1 Delaware

12:06 Quick pass to Lewis, 1st down WF at the 7

12:22 Colburn runs for a gain of 15 and a 1st down

12:28 Pass incomplete to Hines. 3rd and 10

13:04 Colburn for no gain. 2nd and 10

13:40 Wolford keeps it for a long 30 yard run into Delaware territory. 1st and 10 at the DEL 35

14:18 Colburn runs again, this time for a WF first

14:53 Colburn runs left for a gain of 1

15:00 Touchback. WF starts at the 25

Halftime Hinton is out with a left knee sprain, will not return to this game

Halftime Wake Forest on pace for nearly 500 yards of total offense

Halftime Kendall Hinton's status for the rest of the game is still unknown. It will be interesting to see if he is able to play in the 2nd half

Halftime. Delaware only has 52 total yards tonight, yet due to two Wake turnovers deep in their own territory. The Blue Hens only trail 24-14

Halftime Wake will receive the 2nd half kickoff

0:00 At the half, Wake leads 24-14

0:30 Randolph runs for a gain of 7

0:37 Aderley returns the ball to the 22. 1st and 10 Delaware

Matt Colburn scores his first touchdown since last season's opener against the Elon Phoenix

0:44 Colburn runs again. Touchdown Wake Forest. The Deacons improve their lead to 24-14

0:49 Delaware uses their final timeout of the half

0:50 Colburn runs for a gain of 1. Timeout #2 WF

Play confirmed

Delaware is challenging the Hines catch.

0:56 Hines with the catch. 1st and goal WF from the 3 yard line

1:04 No gain for WF. 3rd and 10

1:36 Colburn gets no gain on the run

2:04 Hines catches the pass for another first down. Wake is in red zone

2:24 Cortez Lewis catches the pass for another Wake first down

Roberts down for Delaware. Injury timeout. Wake has the ball at the Delaware 36

2:43 Colburn runs for a gain of 4. 2nd and 6

3:15 Wolford scrambles for a gain of 10 first down. 

4:01 Colburn catches the pass, makes a guy miss and gets another first down

4:09 Wolford misses his receiver high. 2nd and 10

4:46 Colburn runs for the first down. 

5:29 Colburn runs for a gain of 2. 3rd and 3

6:07 Wolford scrambles for a 5 yard gain

6:17 Touchback. WF 1st and 10 from the 25

6:17 Jefferson runs right for a 10 yard touchdown. PAT is good. Delaware down 3. 17-14

6:52 Sweep left loses 2 yards. 2nd and goal

6:58 Timeout #1 Wake Forest. Delaware 1st and goal from the 8

7:30 Jefferson runs up the middle for a Delaware 1st down

7:37 Pass to the endzone falls incomplete

7:44 Play stands. Delaware starts in WF redzone for the second time after a Deacon turnover

7:44 The fumble is under review

7:44 Another run for Wake. Fumble on the play. 1st down Delaware at the WF 19

8:29 Colburn again runs left for a gain of 5. 3rd and 1

9:04 Colburn runs forward for a gain of 4. 2nd and 6

9:08 A great punt for Delaware. Wake will start from their 8 yard line.

9:22 Another incompletion. 4th down and another punt for Delaware

9:27 Cherry with the drop. 3rd and 10

10:10 Jarmon runs left for no gain. 2nd and 10

10:50 Delaware gets their first 1st down of the game.

10:58 Another drop for the Delaware receivers. 3rd and 10

11:45 Jefferson runs for no gain

11:49 Aderley runs the kick back to the 23. 1st and 10 Delaware

11:58 Bell runs up the middle for a 15 yard touchdown run. Wake Forest converts the PAT. Wake Forest 17 Delaware 7

12:03 Wolford misses Serigne in the endzone. 3rd and 4 from the 15

12:43 Wade with the catch . Gain of 6

13:08 Pass complete on the swing pass to Colburn. 1st and 10 at the 21

13:15 Wolford throws to Wade. The pass falls incomplete. 2nd and 10

13:49 Colburn again for a run of 4. 1st down WF

14:22 Wake runs again gain of 7

2nd 14:50 Colburn runs left for a big gain. 1st and 10 at the DEL 49

Kendall Hinton won't return this half for Wake. Reevaluated at halftime. Left in the first quarter with a knee injury

0:00 Good return for Wake to end the quarter. 1st down at the 29 when the 2nd quarter starts

0:02 Pass complete to Cherry for a touchdown. PAT is good. Wake 10 Delaware 7

0:08 Timeout #1 for Delaware

0:48 Randolph runs the direct snap for 4 yards.

0:53 Wolford hit again. Adewusi intercepts the pass. After a personal foul, Delaware starts at the Wake 10. 1st and goal

1:01 Wolford hit and shaken up. 3rd and 10

1:06 Wolford misses Serigne. 2nd and 10

1:09 Hines tries to return the punt. Loses 6 yards. 1st and 10 WF at the 20

1:19 Another dropped pass for Delaware. 4th and 7

2:05 Jefferson runs up the middle for a gain of 4. 3rd and 7

2:40 Rankin loses a yard on the scramble

2:48 Another touchback. Delaware takes over at the 25.

2:48 Weaver's kick is good. Wake Forest improves the lead to 10-0

3:27 Wolford in at QB, Bell runs for a gain of 5. 4th and 4

No contact on the play. Hinton walks of the field

4:01 Kendall Hinton runs right for 1 and is on the field hurt. 

4:05 Pass deep to Cortez Lewis incomplete

4:26 Hinton runs again and gets another first down at the DEL 31

4:48 Hinton keeps it and gets the first and more

5:30 Bell runs up the middle for a gain of 8. 3rd and 2

5:37 Hinton misses Hines on a deep out route. 2nd and 10

5:43 Wake takes over at their 33 after another fair catch

5:51 Screen pass incomplete. Delaware on to punt again

6:30 Janvion stops Cherry for no gain

6:40 Pass dropped 2nd and 10

6:44 Wake punts to the Delaware 21

7:23 Hinton sacked by Kitchen. Wake will have to punt

8:00 Colburn again with a gain of 3

8:19 Colburn stopped for a gain of 2

8:26 A bobbled fair catch by Hines, but no problems. Wake starts at their own 34

9:05 Jefferson runs again on 3rd down for no gain. Delaware will punt

9:49 Jefferson runs right and is tackled for no gain

10:34 Jefferson runs forward for 2 yards

10:38 Aderley with a good return to the DEL 27

Wake Forest only threw the ball twice on that opening drive. Hinton scored his 2nd rushing touchdown of the year

10:44 Hinton keeps it and runs up the middle for a Wake Forest touchdown. WF 7 DEL 0

11:13 Colburn gains 1 on the run

12:00 Colburn runs up the middle down to the 11 1st down

12:33 Hinton keeps it for a gain of 8

13:02 Hines on the screen gets good yardage into Delaware territory

13:23 Bachman catches the short pass for 6

13:29 Wake will start with good field position. 1st and 10 from their 46.

13:37 The pass rush gets there and forces an incompletion. 4th down

14:17 Randolph only gains 1. 3rd and 13

14:55 Randolph runs for a loss of 4

15:00 Wake kicks off for a touchback. DEL ball at their own 25

Wake Forest has won the toss and has chosen to defer to the second half. Delaware will receive the opening kick

6:08 PM Wake is 5-4 under Head Coach Dave Clawson against non-conference opponents

5:50 PM With Cade Carney out, Wake Forest may need to rely more on the pass. Look for Kendall Hinton to try to find Cam Serigne to make some plays

5:39 PM Wake Forest has yet to throw a passing touchdown this season

5:22 PM With a win tonight, Delaware could be in the top 25 in the FCS. They are currently receiving votes, but have yet make the rankings

5:19 PM Cade Carney, who scored all three of Wake's touchdowns against Duke, is out with a knee injury tonight

5:12 PM Duke Ejiofor had 3 sacks in last week's win over Duke. He can be a big factor on Wake's defense tonight

5:04 PM This is the first meeting between Delaware and Wake Forest since 1932. Wake Forest won that contest 7-0

This is the only time Delaware will have a chance to play an FBS opponent this year and therefore this game is the biggest stage the team will play on. Wake Forest should be the heavy favorite in this game, but this game could be the biggest moment of the Blue Hens season and could help them make a case for an FCS playoff berth. Wake Forest will be trying to add another victory as they chase for six total wins and a bowl opportunity, something they have not had yet in Dave Clawson’s tenure. Wake Forest should prove to be too much for Delaware to handle for a full sixty minutes. Wake Forest beats Delaware 31-10 with great success running the football.

The weather looks like it will not be a major factor in how the game is played as it should be about 80 degrees and sunny when kickoff takes place on Saturday evening. It should be a beautiful day for football in North Carolina.

Delaware has been tremendous early in this season in forcing turnovers. They have six interceptions already and Troy Reeder even took one back for a touchdown. Hinton will need to protect the ball against the opportunistic Delaware defense. On the other hand, turnovers could be a huge reason that Delaware keeps the game close even as an underdog on the road.

The most impressive defensive presence for the Demon Deacons, however, has been Duke Ejiofor on the defensive line. He already has 3.5 sacks on the year and two forced fumbles. His contribution in the pass rush has led to mistakes from opposing quarterbacks. Although Delaware does not throw the ball often, if they fall behind on the scoreboard, they may have to throw and Ejiofor will be tough for them to handle.

Defensively, Wake Forest has been fantastic. They have been led by Marquel Lee, Brad Watson and Jessie Bates. All three have made the majority of the tackles for the Deacons and Watson had the interception that sealed the game against Duke.

Delaware’s style of offense is similar to that of Wake Forest. They also want to run the football. They have a total of 108 rushes on the year and just 26 pass attempts. Their attack is led by Wes Hills and Thomas Jefferson. Hills has 213 yards on the year with two touchdowns and Jefferson has 194 yards and a touchdown. Both backs should be utilized as the Blue Hens look for the upset against Wake.

Delaware running back Thomas Jefferson in a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2015 | Source: Grant Halverson - Getty Images
Delaware running back Thomas Jefferson in a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2015 | Source: Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Wake’s success offensively will depend mostly on their run game. Cade Carney broke through the Duke defense last week for three touchdowns and 108 yards. Hinton and Matt Colburn also contributed to the ground attack with a hundred total yards between the two of them. Hinton only threw the ball 11 times, but with that amount of success in the run game, the Deacons did not need to throw the ball often. The game plan should be the same against Delaware.

The biggest news for Wake Forest this week is that after two games of a two-quarterback system, they have decided on a signal caller. Mainly due to his success against Duke, sophomore Kendall Hinton impressed enough to win the start against Delaware this week. He has the ability to make plays with his legs as well as his arm.

Delaware goes into this game with confidence being undefeated themselves. Although they are an FCS team playing against an opponent from a higher division, the Blue Hens have controlled the game in both of their wins this season against Delaware State and Lafayette. They have outscored their opponents 80-20. Wake Forest, on the other hand, has only outscored their opponents 31-17 albeit against better competition.

Wake Forest is fresh off their biggest win in years, a 24-14 conference victory over their hated in-state rival, the Duke Blue Devils. Although it does seem as though Duke has taken a step back, the win did put some belief into the Deacons and their fans that the end of the rebuild may be nearing and this team will once again be competitive in the ACC. With a win over Delaware, the Deacons can already match their win total from each of the past two years with three. They have already matched their conference win total from those two years with one.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of this third week of NCAA Football and this matchup between undefeated teams as the Delaware Blue Hens take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. My name is Jordan Hansgen and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates, commentary, and results of this game. Kickoff will be at 6:30 PM ET on Saturday, September 17. There will be coverage pregame, during the game and postgame live from BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.