Since his arrival to the Clippers in 2019 as a second-round draft pick, Terance Mann has been on an incredible journey, solidifying his spot in the Los Angeles roster. The New York native went from averaging 2 points and 8 minutes per game in his rookie season, to now becoming a key player in the Clippers rotation.


With 37 playoff appearances, Mann's role has increased each year. Over the past two seasons, he has improved his scoring to 10.8 and 8.8 points per game, respectively, showcasing his ability to make an impact for a title contender in the Western Conference.

Mann jumped to the NBA spotlight in the 2021 playoffs, where he played a significant role in the Clippers journey to the Western Conference Finals, in which they fell short against the Phoenix Suns. As the attention this season will be around Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook, Mann is an under-the-radar player expected to provide scoring and energy for Tyronn Lue. 

''I always tell him, 'Nobody should be on the court playing harder than you','' Westbrook said about 'T.Mann.'

''That's something i tell myself when I'm on the floor and I tell him the same thing. People are going to miss shots but you can never judge or take somebody how hard they play. Terance has the ability to do that every night and that's what I challenge him to do.''

The 27 year-old Mann played four years of NCAA basketball at Florida State University. After a brief stint in the Clippers' G-League during his rookie season, he has now solidified his position in the NBA.


Mann is in the middle of a season where he's playing a big part in the Clippers' push for their first-ever NBA title. His development from being a second round pick in 2019 to someone the Clippers can really rely on is remarkable.

Terance Mann's story is pretty inspiring and proof that hard work and exceling in your role can really pay off. With the Clippers aiming for the NBA championship, Mann could be the difference maker behind the stars in the roster.

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