Brighton & Hove Albion 0-2 Everton: Bissouma can't do it all himself
Trossard keeping the ball away from Keane | Photo: Brighton and Hove Albion

Coming up to this game, Brighton had a three-winning streak after beating Burnley, Watford and Cardiff. The seagulls were confident on beating the visitors after their last games in which they showed their potential. They were looking forward to get into the international break unbeaten, however, today was not the day.

Match story

As the game started, the Amex Stadium had a bad presage after Yves Bissouma and Leandro Trossard had to be attended by the medical staff. Graham Potter´s men had a lack of concentration at back tracking which is how Everton´s first goal came from. As an offensive and brave team Brighton are, they tend to play very straight-forward meaning that players such as Bissouma and Adam Lallana leave a big gap between the defence and the midfield.

Photo: Brighton and <strong><a  data-cke-saved-href='' href=''>Hove Albion</a></strong>
Photo: Brighton and Hove Albion

A gap that Everton took advantage five minutes before halftime. Gray led the counterattack driving all the way through and finishing the play firing the ball with his left foot making it impossible for Robert Sanchez to reach as it caught him wrongfooted.

Into the halftime, Brighton couldn´t find a way to break down Everton defence despite having the control of the ball whilst Rafa Benítez´s men managed to have an advantage with less chances. Brighton had the possession but the visitors had the better chances.

It was a very tight game as any team could´ve scored at any moment until Jöel Veltman came in into the game. He got subbed in the second half without knowing he would perform very poorly as he threw the game away after he gave away a penalty.

The game from that point onwards started getting heated beginning with Richarlison´s childish act after he got irritated as Calvert-Lewin transformed the penalty. It was the 58th minute and Everton extended the lead.

For the next 10 minutes, the seagulls had the chances and the opportunities to cut down the distances, but a great Jordan Pickford denied the local team in the wake of great consecutive saves. The last quarter of the game was all for the visitor’s side. They had most of the chances and could have extended the scoreboard if it wasn´t by an exceptional Sanchez who was the best alongside Bissouma. They pulled off a superb game, carrying their team as much as they could, but football is about 11 players.

In the end, the referee blowed his whistle with Everton as the winning side and the only conclusion Potter can get out of this game is that two minor errors eventually gave Everton the win.

Quality players


The Malian player was once again the leading player. He is as of today, the backbone of the team. Brighton needs him in order to begin the play. Bissouma is a key player in Potter´s scheme.

The midfielder is omnipresent, he picked the ball in his own half, drove past the opponent pressing him or distributes the ball within a couple of touches. His role in this squad is vital and he has proven it once again. In today´s game, he has been the second player with most challenges (4) and the player with most dribbles (4).

Yves Bissouma against Everton | Photo: Brighton & Hove Albion
Yves Bissouma against Everton | Photo: Brighton & Hove Albion

Robert Sanchez

Despite the fact Brighton had 66% of the possession, Everton and Brighton had the same number of shots meaning that Sanchez had a very busy game. He prevented the opposing team from scoring more goals. With a total of seven saves, he ended the game as one of the best from his team.

Even though the Spanish keeper is young, he is proving everyone his abilities and capabilities to be a Premier League keeper.

Brighton´s defence

Shane Duffy, Adam Webster and Lewis Dunk have lived up to the expectations even though Brighton were defeated. They understand each other and complement each other defensively. Not only they do their job in the back, they also contribute in set pieces as their height difference allows them to be highly dangerous in the air.

Not so good


The Dutch probably had one of his worsts afternoons in a while. Despite having a 92% on his passes, he gave away the penalty after coming in in the second half. It was a very avoidable mistake as he got behind and tripped his opponent. The left back has had better games as he got outplayed during the second half.