Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones insists that he does not pay attention to social media criticism.

The 22-year-old is a frequent target for criticism on online platforms, but he told VAVEL that he is not phased by such comments ahead of the Reds Europa League clash with Toulouse on Thursday.

"I couldn’t care to be honest. I just know it is part of the game. You have a good game, everyone says he is this, he is that, he is next this.

If you have a bad game, the fans are going to have the other side, it doesn’t phase me, I’m a Scouser, we’re used to the bad part of things."

  • Injury woes

The Reds academy graduate gave an insight into how the injury issues that he suffered with last season affected him. 

He revealed that it allowed him to see the weaknesses in his game and has made him a better player. 

“I had a time where I was out for 15 weeks, it was the hunger I had in me to come back and play, when I was out the team wasn’t in it’s best phase, you could say, so there was times when I was at home or the stadium where I seen that I could help the team.

I worked hard, my mind-frame changed, I matured, I helped the team, I was fortunate to help with goals and assists, I just needed games. 

I came in the team, as an academy kid, I was always a kid who jumped up the age groups, I felt like I hit a wall [when I got in the first-team], it was more just going over my game and seeing where the improvements were. 

I’ve always been a lad to come into the team, I always wanted to score goals, pick up the ball and run, then I learned that there was more that the staff and the gaffer want. 

I’ve never been a kid who thought about being the first one to go and press or try and run the most, so I’ve added that to my game. 

Now I’m just trying to work on the overall package, I have got a lot of things to learn but I am getting there.

The most important thing I had at the end of the season was I that I was just playing game after game.”

  • Competition for places

Jurgen Klopp upgraded his midfield in the summer transfer window, however, the English midfielder is confident that the competition for places in the starting XI can only be a positive thing. 

“It’s Liverpool. The competition is always tough.

I came by the team when I was 17, the competition then was Wijnaldum, Henderson, there was Keita along the way there was Chamberlain, so it has always been a world class team.

It has changed a bit, there are younger lads in there, it is freshened up, but the same, there is still going to be a sentiment, if you are playing well, of course, you are keeping your place, if not, it is going to changed. 

The competition is good, it is healthy, we are bonding well as a team, so that is the important thing.”

He added that he is just happy to be back helping the team after his red card against Tottenham Hotspur. 

“It’s been tough. I was playing games, doing well, a small mistake like that, stops the run of games.

That is in the past now, I’ve moved on, I’ve got a chance now to play games again, so I’m just excited. 

Yeah and no, in terms of the tackle itself, and how I seen it at the end of the game, I was unfortunate but then I seen what the referee was shown, he was only shown the clip of where my foot was on his leg, so it is understandable.”

  • Another leader?

The midfielder also revealed that he is relishing taking on a leadership role when it comes to the younger members of the Liverpool squad, like when he wore the captain's armband in the Carabao Cup win against Leicester City.

Curtis Jones captains Liverpool against Leicester (Photo: Will Palmer/Allstar via GETTY Images)
Curtis Jones captains Liverpool against Leicester (Photo: Will Palmer/Allstar via GETTY Images)

“It’s a tough one because I’ve always been the younger kid. 

I am at the point now that there is kids that are coming in now and there is conversations that I was having with a Hendo, a Milner, or a Trent.

It is good to have the armband on, every time at the training ground I try to be a leader in my own way.”

  • Euro 2024 ambitions

Finally, Jones revealed that being a part of the England Under-21 squad that won the European Championship in the summer helped him to come back and maintain his form for the Reds this season. 

“Yeah 100% [it helped].  

The coaching staff there and the players helped me, but it was more the run at the end of the season I had, I came into the team, I scored goals, I was assisting, I had a buzz about me. 

I went there, I was myself and was fortunate enough to make the team of the tournament, and I actually scored the goal apparently. It was a good tournament and I am just carrying on the form."

He also spoke about his ambitions to be a part of Gareth Southgate's senior England squad for the European Championships in 2024. 

“100%, if you are playing well, you deserve a chance, but I don’t look that far ahead, I just know if I am playing games here, playing well and scoring goals, that will take care of itself.”

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