WWE release Christian

WWE release Christian

Captain Charisma has become the latest victim of WWE's Spring cleaning.

Matthew Wilkinson

When WWE announced that they were releasing eight WWE superstars there was immediate speculation that further releases could be coming and after the Brooklyn Brawler was let go the new quickly filtered in that long time superstar Christian has now been released from the company. 

This may appear as shocking news to most fans with Christian currently featuring on a regular basis on the WWE Network on his own show, The Edge and Christian Show, which has been an incredibly popular original series. But the WWE has only released him from his performer's contract and not his deals that allow him to feature on shows such as that or in the WWE games and other projects. 

Released as a performer

The WWE made the decision to release the former World Champion as he is no longer an active member on the roster and hasn't been for some time, dating back to March 2014. Christian had suffered a run of concussions that brought some concern to the company and given his age and the fact he was winding down in his career they made the decision to stop using him on television. 

Now they have released the popular WWE veteran from his performer's contract it would appear that Christian's in-ring career has come to an end as it's incredibly unlikely the WWE will feel the need to bring him back at this stage apart from a one-off appearance. During a podcast with Chris Jericho this month Christian stated that he wasn't officially retired but did admit it was unlikely he would wrestle again, now it seems that is exactly the case. 

Will there be a season two of the popular show? Photo-youtube.com
Will there be a season two of the popular show? Photo-youtube.com

It is evident that the WWE still have plans for Christian in other roles considering that they haven't released him from the other contracts he has and therefore he still works for the company on an official basis. Due to the popularity of his current show, there have been calls for a second season and that is something the WWE could be planning but with him still under contract, they have many options for him and therefore his peeps don't have to worry too much.