Money in the Bank 2016 Review
Ambrose shocked the world.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match- New Day (c) vs Enzo & Cass - The Club - The Vaudevillians

It was fast paced tag action to start the show. Photo- Youtube
It was fast paced tag action to start the show. Photo- Youtube

Karl Anderson and Kofi Kingston start things off with Luke Gallows making a quick tag as he uses his strength, but Enzo tags himself in and Kingston and him take out The Club before dropkicking both Vaudevillians.  

Enzo and Kingston then show off some great back and forth mat wrestling as they try to tag their bigger partners in which they do as Big E and Big Cass both enter the fray. They never manage to wrestle as Aiden English tags himself in but he suffers a splash on the ring apron, back in the ring and everyone gets in the ring as a brawl breaks out. 

The faces clear house and we get a stare down between the two teams who then brawl until English comes back in and takes down Kingston as the two begin to work on the veteran.  

Anderson makes the tag on English but as Anderson takes out Big E on the outside Kingston does the same to Gallows.  

Next up English and Enzo tag themselves in as the matches fast pace continues which doesn't take long as Gallows joins and hits Enzo with a huge kick to the head. The hot tags are then made and Anderson gets manhandled by Cass who takes out everyone on the outside and hits the Empire Elbow before a big boot to English on the ropes.  

Cass then launches Enzo over the ropes to everyone and hits their finish but Gallows stops it just in time as Cass gets taken out, a huge moment as it seemed the former NXT stars had it won.  

Vaudevillians then hit the Whirling Dervish on Kingston but Anderson breaks it up before Big E speared Gotch through the ropes as Kingston hits a great DDT to English.  

Gallows takes out Woods on the outside and The Club perform Magic Killer to English before New Day break it up and take out the club before picking up the pin on English to defend the titles.  

Analysis: That was an incredibly fast-paced match that was very hard to keep up with at times, which is a good thing. There were plenty of near falls for each team until the champions defended the belts and Vaudevillians taking the pin isn't a surprise as they were arguably the weakest team in the match.

Baron Corbin - Dolph Ziggler 

Dolph Ziggler started the match using his speed to his advantage until a major right-hand punch took Ziggler down straight away. Baron Corbin slid out of the ring from an Irish Whip and quickly made his back into the ring to take out Ziggler with a clothesline as he continued to bully the smaller man.  

Ziggler managed to fire himself up to mount some offense taking the Lone Wolf down before hitting a classic elbow to the heart. Corbin reversed the Famouser and a superkick before a huge clothesline that wasn't quite enough to put him away.  

Ziggler finally managed to hit the Famouser after avoiding Corbin and sending him into the ring post but the former NXT star-powered out in time. Ziggler attempted to take out Corbin on the outside but he reversed hitting a Deep Six with Ziggler only just making the 10 count.  

Ziggler avoided the End of Days and reversed into a superkick but somehow Corbin kicked out keeping the match going. Ziggler went to the top rope but was caught by a right hand from the big man. End of Days was hit and Corbin picked up the victory that should finally end this feud.  

Analysis: That was a really good match, the best between them in their series that will likely have come to an end here. They know each other well now and their styles mix together, the right man won here which helped.  

Dana Brooke & Charlotte - Becky Lynch & Natalya 

The face team kicked off in dominant fashion taking the heels to the floor and continued their momentum until a distraction by Dana Brooke allowed Charlotte to hit a big boot as the heels began to work Natalya.  

Becky Lynch got the hot tag and picked up the pace hitting the Bexsploder with Brooke making the save but she then picked up the champion straight into a dropkick by accident. The faces double team fails to work and Charlotte gets a roll up with her feet on the ropes but Natalya kicks out and locks in the Sharpshooter. Once again Brooke makes the save and Charlotte hits Natural Selection for the win. Post match Natalya takes out Lynch, turning heel.  

Analysis: Not a particularly great match as it was nothing you wouldn't see on T.V. but the post match attack was very well done. 

Sheamus - Apollo Crews 

Both men start out aggressive taking the fight to each other but Sheamus manages to get the advantage first as he wears down the New Era star. After some domination, Apollo Crews picks the pace up with a splash in the corner followed by a great kick which stirs the Celtic Warrior. 

Crews took Sheamus to the outside and hits a moonsault from the ring apron to the Irishmen on the floor. The back and forth fight continues and Sheamus lands White Noise from the second ropes but whilst he argues with the referee Crews gets a rollup and wins.  

Analysis: A decent match with a good showing for Crews on his PPV debut which makes the win mean more. 

AJ Styles - John Cena 

After some back and forths, John Cena tried to mock AJ Styles which caused both men to begin trading big punches with Styles coming out on top after several chops to the chest. Cena then tries to throw Styles into the stairs but he avoids them and then drops Cena upon his return to the ring.  

Styles continued to dominate until he went flying from a huge back body drop by Cena which created some separation but not for long as Styles once again regains control. Cena attempts his 5 moves of doom but once again Styles has a counter but the WWE veteran finally plants him but takes too long and Styles sends him out of the ring prior to the 'You can't see me.' 

Styles then finally makes a mistake flying over the ropes and missing, landing hard at the same time. AJ then gets put in the STF but he manages to make the ropes and then once again reverses Cena's offense.  

The dream match lived up to its billing. Photo- Youtube
The dream match lived up to its billing. Photo- Youtube

Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but gets caught and he sets up for the AA which is reversed amazingly into the Calf Crusher but Cena makes it to the ropes. A great clothesline followed by an AA with Styles kicking out just in time.  

Cena attempted a leg drop from the top rope but it was countered into a powerbomb by Styles. A Pelle Kick allows Styles to hit the Styles Clash but this time. it's Cena's turn to kick out just before the three count.  

AJ then attempted a springboard shooting star press but Cena countered with his knees to the ribs in a great spot. Both men then countered several of their main moves straight after each other and the referee was knocked out by accident as Cena hits the AA and should have the match won.  

With the official down The Club come out and hit a Magic Killer to grant Styles the win.  

Analysis: That was a really great match with some amazing reversals from both men, the ending sets up the feud to continue and fans still don't know who the better man is. It was billed as a 'dream match' and it delivered.

Money in the Bank Match-  Cesaro vs Chris Jericho - Alberto Del Rio - Sami Zayn - Kevin Owens - Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose starts the match taking stars out and diving through the ropes as Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio battle it out in the ring until the Swiss Superman dives onto Jericho with a ladder. 

Next, it was Sami Zayn diving over the ropes before him and Kevin Owens battled over a ladder. Owens sandwiched him between the ring and a ladder and made it appear that he would run up the ladder and instead just kicked his rival in the face.  

Chris Jericho then used the ladder as a weapon to take down Cesaro until Ambrose did the same to him but Y2J would get his revenge with a snap suplex onto the ladder. Jericho then put the ladder legs in between Ambrose and attempted to hit him 69 times (the same amount of tacs he had stuck in him during the Asylum match).  

It was time for an uppercut party next as Cesaro went on a roll until KO moved in and hit a superkick before throwing him face first into a ladder as it was time for several Cannonballs with Sami Zayn then coming in to take over. Several Helluva Kicks later and he was in charge of the match.  

Del Rio made the save and pinned Zayn between the ladder and the ropes where he hit several kicks to him before putting Cesaro up and hitting the double stomp finisher onto a ladder.  

Cesaro met Del Rio on the top of the ladder and locked in the Cross Arm Breaker with the help of the steel until Owens super kicked him. Ambrose thought he could climb the ladder but his main rival, Jericho pulled him off and hit a Codebreaker for good measure.  

Del Rio was then on hand to stop Owens climbing with a Backstabber from halfway up the ladder but then it was swinging time for him as Cesaro took the Mexican for a ride. Jericho was the next victim of the swing which ended abruptly as Cesaro swung him into a ladder, head first.  

The Lunatic Fringe climbed a ladder and hit an elbow drop from the top on Cesaro to stop his momentum until he was taken out with a Frog Splash onto a ladder from Owens. Zayn quickly took out his rival, planting him onto a ladder which was sideways making the spot look even more dangerous.  

Two ladders were then propped as bridges between the ladder and the ropes allowing all six men to get onto the steel and brawl in what was a fantastic sight. KO hits a powerbomb on Zayn onto one of the bridged ladders as he and Ambrose battled at the top with the Lunatic Fringe coming off on top to win the match.  

Analysis: A really fun ladder match with six guys who are all very experienced wrestlers, it was tough to predict which helped the situation and there were unique spots which were very cool, it was great to see Ambrose finally win a big match.

United States Championship Match- Rusev (c) - Titus O'Neil 

The match immediately goes to the outside with both men brawling which continues on the inside with a Spin Kick slowing Titus O'Neil down. Rusev then continued to wear down the challenger even with small brief moments of a fightback they were quickly brought to an end and the Accolade was locked in as Rusev retained.  

Analysis: This was a filler match to give the crowd time to calm down before the main event, it was your average TV match you'd see on RAW but a good dominant win for Rusev.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match- Roman Reigns (c) - Seth Rollins 

Roman Reigns started the match trying to use his size and power in what was a very slow start as Seth Rollins appeared hesitant. Rollins quickly picked the pace up dropkicking Reigns out of the ring before diving through the ropes and taking him out.  

Back in the ring and the challenger was quickly stunted with a Samoan Drop and maintained his dominance as Rollins showed some frustrations at not being able to perform how he would like.  

Rollins slapped Reigns in the face which angered Reigns even more as he tossed Rollins around ringside until Seth finally got some offense in sending the champion into the stairs.  

But Reigns once again took charge with a Razors Edge SitDown Powerbomb that wasn't quite enough to get the job done. Rollins countered the Superman Punch but he was up again and Rollins sent him out of the ring and dove through the ropes and then over the ropes taking the champ out.  

After failing to hit the Pedigree, Reigns eventually hit the Superman Punch but Rollins kicked out in time and then began to hit back with a Frog Splash but this also was not enough. Rollins then hit a huge kick to the face after completing the move that caused his injury but the champ still stayed in it.  

Rollins then managed a suplerplex from the top rope before planting Reigns but the champion still kicked out refusing to give in. Both men were spent and simply began trading blows. After going to the outside a Spear was avoided and Reigns went straight into the barricade as the doctors came down to check on him.  

Reigns then pushed Rollins into the official before spearing him but with the stunned official, the slow count allowed Rollins to kick out. Rollins then countered a Spear into a Pedigree in an amazing reversal but it wasn't enough so he hit a second to become the new World Champion.  

Analysis: That was a very slow and methodical match that really improved as it went on, seeing Rollins win was a surprise but a pleasant one after a fun match. He appeared to be wrestling as a face throughout with Reigns as the heel which may continue moving forward.  

Money in the bank cash in

Following the match Dean Ambrose appeared and took out Rollins and then cashed in the Money in the Bank to become the new champion! 

Analysis: Wow. That was an action-packed five minutes the crowd exploded for Ambrose which now means that all three Shield members have been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, setting up a major feud for the summer.  

Overall this was a solid show that had three standout matches that lived up to their hype as well as a cash in and surprise ending. The show overall was pulled down by the several filler matches that took place but overall a very good PPV.

He finally did it. Photot-
He finally did it. Photot-

Match of the night – The Money in the Bank stood out the most on this show with everyone involved putting on an excellent match. The pacing was great with some very unique spots which is tough to do after so many of these matches.

Star of the night- Dean Ambrose, who else? This was his night after being so close so many times he finally won the big won and he has certainly earned it. 

Rating 8/10