"I really love this club," admits Manchester United fan favourite Herrera

"I really love this club," admits Manchester United fan favourite Herrera

Ander Herrea has told the Manchester United official website, that he now truly loves the football club he plays at and admits he cherishes Manchester Derbies.

Joshua Bean

Ander Herrera, in his few seasons at Manchester United, has enjoyed a confusing relationship with fans. Despite going extended periods of being handed no game time under Louis van Gaal, fans at Old Trafford and on the road have grown more and more fond of the Spanish midfielder.

Following last night’s EFL Manchester Derby, which saw Herrera shine, he insisted that he shares the same amount of love and passion for the club as the fans do.

“I really love this club”.

While speaking to the club's official website, Herrera was beside himself with happiness as he described his feelings towards the club. He understands that while he is "not English" nor "from Manchester," he "really love[s] this club and I have enjoyed my time here.”

It is perhaps no surprise that the Spanish midfielder has grown to love Manchester United more than many players ever have or ever will. Juan Mata is another of the current set of players who appears to understand the mantra of the football club, as Patrice Evra and Rafael Da Silva did in the past, quickly becoming fan favourites and legends.

Of course, it is obvious from the manner in which Herrera joined United that he truly wanted to move here. Under David Moyes, United fans had to endure the humiliating transfer saga of fake agents and personnel getting involved and ultimately costing Manchester United the deal.

It wasn’t until exactly one year later, under the guidance of Louis van Gaal, that Manchester United were able to sign the then-Athletic Bilbao midfielder.  

"I like these games," Herrera said of the Manchester Derby. "When you are a Manchester United player and you know the history of this club, you have to respect the games that are for the fans," he added.

For the growing number of supporters, Herrera has good news

For the ever growing mass of Manchester United fans who adore Ander Herrera and appreciate his impact on the side, he has even more good news for them, claiming in the same interview stating that, “I don't want to be just one more player. I want to show that I am very happy here and I want to be here for as long as possible.”

The 27-year-old has grown a strong rapport with the fan base and the thought of him staying for years to come can only be a positive, with more performances such as the one last night, Manchester United fans can be very happy indeed.