Burnley manager Vincent Kompany expressed his frustration of losing again as “one of them where you’ve got to pick yourself up again.”

However, pressure continues to mount on relegation-threatened Clarets after another defeat at the hands of Oliver Glasner today.

A first-half Josh Brownhill red card enabled Crystal Palace to cruise through the game with three punishing goals from Chris Richards, Jordan Ayew and Jean-Phillipe Mateta which sunk a solemn Vincent Kompany.


  • Defeat ‘difficult to summarise’


The Burnley boss showed annoyance with the Brownhill red card and the impact it had on the remainder of the game.

“It’s difficult to play in a game of this magnitude with 10 men, he stated. It’s really not something we could afford today but it happened.

“After that, it’s a little bit more difficult to summarise what we’ve seen. It’s one of them where you’ve got to pick yourself up again because this hurts. The overriding disappointment is on the fact we had such a key event in a game where we couldn’t afford it.”

Kompany was asked to comment on the dismissal of Josh Brownhill and added: “I don’t want to go into that too much.”

Burnley are now eight points away from evading the relegation zone after Everton drew to Brighton elsewhere.

The Clarets were struggling to make an impact in the game before the sending-off and barely threatened the Crystal Palace defence.

  • “I thought we managed the game okay”

Kompany appeared defeatist but spoke positively about the performance of his side and their start to the game despite the final result.

Despite conceding three times and barely threatening the opposition in the attacking phase he was still upbeat about the performance early on.

“It’s an away game where they have a little bit of momentum [with a new manager], we knew that was important for us to control that.

“Until the moment where we concede the red card, I’ve seen these games before where you grow into the game and it looked that way to me, growing into the game and giving you a big chance of doing something."

Scrutiny will unquestionably build on Kompany with relegation fears growing and becoming realised after each defeat.

“That beginning wave was always going to be the story of the game, but at the end of it, it’s about the red card for us.

“In spells, you can still see that the team's fighting but in this league, it is difficult to go down to ten men for us. In the first half, there was not much in it. We’ll have to pick ourselves up today.”

Kompany received a mixed response from the away fans who stayed until the end and was asked about his response to the fans: “No, it’s not apologising. But look, you do your work really hard every single day so you don’t have to apologise if you work really hard."

“It’s more an important sign for me. It’s easy for me to give them the fist bump when we’re winning 12 games in a row, everyone can do that. In those moments we made a big effort in being humble ourselves.

"Now in a tough time, you still have to face up. You still have to be there. You have to be at the front of it, that’s important for me.

“It’s not too much of a gesture other than just a sign of respect. If I was a fan after a performance where you’ve lost or you had hope before the game, if I was a fan and that’s the moment after the game where players leave and run off. Maybe I take it even worse.”

Burnley host Bournemouth next Sunday which might be a vital game for Vincent Kompany if he wishes to remain in post at Turf Moor.