Despite the shocking home record Burnley have had throughout the start of the season, they finally managed to obtain their first three points at home against relegation rivals, Sheffield United.

Oli McBurnie got a red card for a second yellow in the 45th minute for an elbow. Thus, despite the comfortable win, it was despite controversy, many people stated that he should have had a straight red card.

Burnley’s performances have finally started turning into points

Despite their poor record on the surface, the football that Vincent Kompany has been producing has been entertaining and of good quality. Burnley fans themselves have been even more frustrated due to the ability they have shown but struggled to score and turn these performances into points.

The whole squad performed well, making the Blades' poor performance look even worse. Many of their players have hit good levels and fans will be maintained and help with their confidence. Due to the nature of the win, it is possible that it could be used as motivation for future games, such as their midweek fixture against Wolves.

As a team, the typical outcome is that they will play well for the first 20 minutes then soon after that the performance will slowly decline. However, in this game it was evident that they needed it to be maintained, along with this there was no real standout performance as everyone was at such a high level.

Things need to change at Sheffield United before it is too late

With that performance concerning fans, it now puts the Blades at the bottom of the premier league; urgent change is needed whether that is the manager or something different.

Fans may argue that it is too late to get it turned around. However, January may be the crucial month for them, with the chance of a new manager and players being brought in January. There will still be hope within the camp, yet the recruitment of new players will be key for their chances.

Despite this being possible, it is expected that they will go down, especially due to the quality of the teams within the league this season. Burnley are one of the teams which will be in the battle around them and it was evident in the quality of the two different teams.

Sander Berge can run the show when it is needed from him

Although there were no real stand-out performers, Berge had a 100% dribble attempt alongside 87% pass accuracy. He stood out in the midfield and clearly won the battle between the two teams, on the other hand, he was excellent. It blocked out the mention of Josh Brownhill’s amazing performance, who scored a brilliant goal.

The Norwegian midfielder may have gained confidence from his performance in this game, thus leading to him potentially continuing this form in the games to come. His solid work throughout the game helped those around him thrive throughout the game, such as the likes of Luca Koleosho and Jacob Bruun Larsen. People may have argued that due to the performance of Berge, they were able to score.

Defensive improvement is a major need for the Blades

From recent fixtures, there seems to be a clear issue regarding Sheffield United's defensive work. 

Despite playing with five at the back, they have conceded 15 goals in their last 5 games. It is clear that the ability is not quite at the top flight level. Recently, it is not uncommon to see their backline make errors which are leading to a goal. 

In the January window, there is hope for the squad as they will feel they have the ability to improve this issue, whether it is through loans or transfers. This is especially needed with some of the injury issues that they have faced and can hopefully reduce the amount of goals which they are conceding. 

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