Goal and highlights: Necaxa 1-0 Cruz Azul in Liga MX 2023
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1:33 AM4 months ago


1:21 AM4 months ago

99' FT

Match ends. Necaxa 1-0 Cruz Azul.
1:20 AM4 months ago


Yellow card for Iván Morales.
1:18 AM4 months ago


Yellow card for Hugo González.
1:17 AM4 months ago


GONZALEZ! Nacho Rivero gets in an awkward header that was heading for the back of the net, but the home goalkeeper dodges a diving save to prevent the equalizer.
1:16 AM4 months ago


ESQUIVEL! The Necaxa player was left alone in front of the goalkeeper and missed the goal. However, the flagman flagged offside.
1:13 AM4 months ago


Good reaction by Van Rankin who punches the ball away from Nacho Rivero to take away a great shooting opportunity.
1:12 AM4 months ago


The referee adds eight minutes to the match.
1:09 AM4 months ago


Final stretch of the match. Necaxa is in retreat and Cruz Azul continues to insist in search of an equalizer.
1:05 AM4 months ago

83' Substitution

Cruz Azul: Cata Domínguez leaves, Rodrigo Huescas enters
1:04 AM4 months ago


Cata Domínguez's cross is met by Lotti's header, but his shot passes close to the goal.
1:02 AM4 months ago


Ricardo Monreal's shot was deflected by the rival defense and ended up in Corona's hands. 
1:00 AM4 months ago

76' Substitution

Cruz Azul: Rotondi leaves and Carrera enters.
12:58 AM4 months ago

71' Substitution

Necaxa: Batista leaves and Pablo Domínguez enters.
12:52 AM4 months ago


The medical assistants come in to attend to Hugo González.
12:52 AM4 months ago


LOTTI! A very close goal for Cruz Azul after a cross into the box where Lotti was looking to close the gap, but was inches away from connecting with the ball.
12:47 AM4 months ago


Necaxa: Mendez and Gómez leave; Monreal and Esquivel come in
12:45 AM4 months ago


We reached the hour mark. Cruz Azul maintains possession and continues to search for the equalizer.
12:41 AM4 months ago

59' Substitution

Cruz Azul: Tabó and Shaggy leave; Lotti and Iván Morales enter.
12:39 AM4 months ago

56' Substitution

Necaxa: Batallini leaves and Milton Gimenez enters.
12:36 AM4 months ago


Yellow card for Jesús Corona for complaining.
12:36 AM4 months ago


Erik Lira is fouled and is treated on the field.
12:32 AM4 months ago


Yellow card for Edgar Méndez.
12:29 AM4 months ago


The second half starts!
12:11 AM4 months ago

45'+3 HT

First half ends. Necaxa 1-0 Cruz Azul.
12:07 AM4 months ago


The referee adds three minutes to the first half.
12:06 AM4 months ago


We reached the final stretch of the match. The medical assistants come in to attend to Batallini.
12:05 AM4 months ago


Yellow card por Oliveros.
11:59 PM4 months ago


Joaquín Martínez finds the ball in the box after a rebound, and his first-time shot goes just wide of the near post.
11:56 PM4 months ago


CRUZ AZUL CLOSE! Rotondi makes a run that takes several Necaxa players with him, and on the final shot, he takes a shot that passes very close to the right post.
11:52 PM4 months ago


We reached the half hour mark. Cruz Azul looks frustrated as they generate danger, but can't find a goal.
11:51 PM4 months ago


Rotondi's shot was heading for goal, but Gonzalez, in two stages, kept the ball.
11:50 PM4 months ago


Yellow card for Uriel Antuna for constant complaints.
11:45 PM4 months ago


Yellow card for Juan Pablo Segovia for a foul on Uriel Antuna.
11:43 PM4 months ago


Yellow card for Facundo Batista.
11:41 PM4 months ago

The goal

Scored by Edgar Méndez.
11:40 PM4 months ago


We reached the quarter of the match. The Law of the Ex made its presence felt with Edgar Méndez. Cruz Azul has possession, but has not been able to score.
11:36 PM4 months ago

14' GOAL!

GOAL NECAXA! Scored by Edgar Méndez.
11:36 PM4 months ago


Tabó entered the area alone, but Hugo González anticipated to take away any chance of a shot.
11:33 PM4 months ago


There is a foul on the edge of the area in favor of Cruz Azul. A direct shot on goal is taken and hits the wall.
11:28 PM4 months ago


TABÓ! Tabó's powerful shot hit the defense. There is a corner kick.
11:27 PM4 months ago


The match has started!
11:22 PM4 months ago

Delayed match

For reasons beyond the control of the teams, the start of this match has been delayed for a few minutes.
11:00 PM4 months ago

About to start!

Stay tuned to VAVEL! The match between Necaxa and Cruz Azul is just minutes away. Both teams will leave with their traditional uniforms: home, red and white and visitors, blue.
10:52 PM4 months ago

Warm up

Both teams are already finishing their warm-up exercises on the Estadio Victoria pitch for this match, which is just minutes away from kick-off.
10:45 PM4 months ago

Lineup Cruz Azul

Corona, Martínez, Funes Mori, Domínguez, Escobar, Rivero, Charly Rodríguez, Lira, Rotondi, Tabó y Antuna
10:44 PM4 months ago

Lineup Necaxa

González, Formiliano, Peña, Segovia, Oliveros, Gómez, Poggi, Van Rankin, Batallini, Batista y Méndez
10:41 PM4 months ago


For this match, Andrés Lillini will be able to count on his full squad, as he has no injuries or injuries due to cards. However, the same is not the case with Raúl 'Potro' Gutiérrez, who will not be able to count on Michael Estrada, who was sent off in the last match against Monterrey.
10:35 PM4 months ago


Cruz Azul has lost only one of its last eight games against Necaxa, winning five and drawing two.
10:31 PM4 months ago

Last meeting

The most recent match between Necaxa and Cruz Azul ended in a scoreless draw in the SKY Cup. In Liga MX, the capital team won by the minimum last July with a goal by Iván Morales.
10:27 PM4 months ago

The arrival

They have arrived! Both Necaxa and Cruz Azul players have arrived at Estadio Victoria for the match corresponding to match day 3 of the Clausura 2023.


10:19 PM4 months ago


In the history of matches between Necaxa and Cruz Azul, the balance is in favor of La Máquina with 19 victories to only 14 wins for the red and white team. Only 12 draws have been recorded.
10:13 PM4 months ago

The stadium

The stadium that will host this match between Necaxa and Cruz Azul is Estadio Victoria, which is a soccer stadium that is home to the Rayos del Necaxa. It is located in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, and has a capacity to hold a little more than 25 thousand spectators.

10:05 PM4 months ago

We begin!

All set! We begin our coverage of the match that will close the Saturday matchday. The Victoria Stadium is ready to host the fans of Necaxa vs Cruz Azul. Both teams are in search of their first victory of the tournament. Will either team get the three points? Follow this match on VAVEL USA.
7:00 PM4 months ago

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What time is Necaxa vs Cruz Azul match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Necaxa vs Cruz Azul of January 21th in several countries:

Argentina: 12:10 AM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 11:10 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 12:10 AM to be confirmed

Chile: 12:10 AM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 9:10 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 10:10 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 10:10 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 10:10 PM on TUDN and Univision

Spain: 4:10 AM to be confirmed

Mexico: 9:10 PM on TUDN, Las Estrellas and VIX+

Paraguay: 12:10 AM to be confirmed

Peru: 10:10 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 12:10 AM to be confirmed

6:50 PM4 months ago

Key player Cruz Azul

Rodrigo Huescas: One of Cruz Azul's best and most consistent players in the last tournament was youth player Rodrigo Huescas. This young player, who plays as a winger, has worked very well in Raúl Gutiérrez's strategy. This player is very skillful with the ball, and knows how to find his teammates when going forward, so he will be fundamental for La Máquina to have a good game tonight.

6:45 PM4 months ago

Key player Necaxa

Fabricio Formiliano: A very important man in Necaxa's defense was Fabricio Formiliano, who has led his teammates in defense for long periods of time. He was a fundamental factor in Jaime Lozano's team and will have to continue demonstrating his great qualities as a defender. Today he will have to show his qualities as a defender and captain of the hydrocalida squad against Lillini.

6:40 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Cruz Azul

1. J. Corona. 19. C. Rodríguez. 24. J. Escobar. 25. R. Mori. 18. R. Huescas. 6. É. Lira. 14. A. Gutiérrez. 15. I. Rivero. 7. U. Antuna. 29. C. Rotondi. 13. M. Estrada.
6:35 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Necaxa

H. González; J. Van Rankin, A. Oliveros, A. Peña, F. Formiliano, J. Esquivel; F. Madrigal, B. Garnica, D. Batallini, F. Batista, R. Monreal.
6:30 PM4 months ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Necaxa vs Cruz Azul match will be Jorge Abraham Camacho; Christian Kiabek Espinosa, first line; Jesús Lorenzo Soto, second line; Maximiliano Quintero, fourth assistant.
6:25 PM4 months ago

How does Cruz Azul arrive?

On the other hand, Cruz Azul, led by Raúl Gutiérrez, is not having the expected start to the tournament either. Although La Máquina won the SKY Cup preseason tournament, in these last two games, they have not shown their best side and their soccer performance has been poor. Just like Necaxa, it is difficult for the Celestes to maintain their lead, something that was evident in the match against Monterrey on match day 2, where despite leading in the first half, the Rayados were able to come back and finish the match 3-2, thus being La Máquina's first defeat of the tournament. It should be remembered that in its debut, Cruz Azul was able to rescue a draw in Tijuana after a goal by Charly Rodríguez in the 80th minute. Currently, the Celeste team is in 14th place with only one point.

6:20 PM4 months ago

How does Necaxa arrive?

The Aguascalientes team, led by Andrés Lillini, former coach of Pumas, has begun another cycle with a new helmsman; however, the Argentinean coach has not been able to get results at the start of the tournament. Despite scoring goals and winning their games, Necaxa is struggling to maintain their lead. In their debut match in the Clausura 2023, they were unable to make their home advantage count and lost 2-3 against Atlético de San Luis. In their most recent match, the Hidrorayos again suffered a defeat in their visit to Guanajuato where, despite taking the lead in the first half, León was able to react and come from behind, handing Necaxa their second defeat of the tournament. Currently, the hydrocalidos are at the bottom of the table with zero points after two losses.

6:15 PM4 months ago

Matchday 3

We continue with Liga MX! And today we continue with Matchday 3 of this 2023 Closing Tournament. On this Saturday night, as usual, we will have a match and it promises to be attractive as Necaxa will play their second home game against Cruz Azul, who are looking for their first win in the tournament and a surprise away. Both teams owed their fans a debt of gratitude in the last tournament and are still without a win this season, so they need to step on the gas to stop dropping points at the start of the tournament.
6:10 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Stadium Victoria

The Necaxa - Cruz Azul match will be played at Victoria Stadium, in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Kickoff is scheduled for 10:10 pm (ET).
6:05 PM4 months ago


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