Goal and Highlights: Puebla 0-1 Xolos Tijuana, 2021 Liga MX
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10:36 PMa month ago

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Match ends

After 95 minutes, the referee blows the final whistle. Xolos wins with a goal by Fidel Martinez. 
10:24 PMa month ago

Aggregate time

Five minutes were added to the game. 
10:23 PMa month ago

91' Xolos substitution

Injured player Junior Sornoza is replaced by Jaime Gomez. 
10:22 PMa month ago

90' Game stopped

The game is stopped for medical attention to Xolos' Junio Sornoza. 
10:16 PMa month ago

85' Ferrareis' first

The Brazilian Ferrareis barely entered the field of play and headed the ball just over the goal.
10:15 PMa month ago

84' Puebla substitution

Puebla's reinforcement makes his debut, Gustavo Ferrareis replaces Maximiliano Perg. 
10:11 PMa month ago

79' Yellow card

After an angry complaint, Nicolas Larcamon was shown the yellow card by the referee. 
10:10 PMa month ago

77' Puebla substitution

Santiago Ormeño left the field and Amaury Escoto came on in his place. 
10:06 PMa month ago

75' Xolos keeps trying

Fabián Castillo shot from outside the area, sending the ball wide. 
10:03 PMa month ago

72' Yellow card

The referee shows the yellow card to Xolos' Mauro Manotas. 
10:02 PMa month ago

70' Orozco controls at the back

Puebla is on the attack. Javier Salas had a shot on goal, but fortunately a defender got his leg in, making it easier for Jona Orozco to intervene. 
9:59 PMa month ago

67' Xolos loses it!

Newly-entered Marcel Ruiz gets in a first-time shot, but his shot goes straight at the goalkeeper's position. 
9:57 PMa month ago

64' Puebla substitution

For his part, Nicolas Larcamon also moves his players. Daniel Álvarez comes on for Maxi Araujo. 
9:55 PMa month ago

64' Xolos substitution

Xolos makes another change. David Barbona comes off and Marcel Ruiz enters. 
9:54 PMa month ago

62' Puebla misses again!

Christian Tabo was left in front of the opposing goalkeeper, but his shot went wide. 
9:51 PMa month ago

59' Xolos substitution

Goal scorer Fidel Martinez leaves the field. Fabian Castillo replaces him. 
9:49 PMa month ago

57' Yellow card

Maxi Araujo of Puebla is shown the yellow card. 
9:46 PMa month ago

54' Xolos attempt

Junior Sornoza is encouraged to shoot from outside the area, the Puebla goalkeeper deflects for a corner. 
9:38 PMa month ago

47' Orozco again!

Javier Salas' shot from half distance is deflected by goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco. 
9:37 PMa month ago

45' Xolos substitution

Pablo Guede makes two changes for the second half. The players with yellow cards, Miguel Sansores and Victor Guzman, are substituted by Christian Rivera and Eduardo Tercero. 
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Second half begins

The second 45 minutes are played at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.
9:17 PMa month ago

First half ends

With a penalty kick goal by Fidel Martinez, Xolos goes into the halftime break with the lead. 
9:13 PMa month ago

39' Shoe kick by Manotas

Mauro Manotas drove in for a right-footed shot, but the ball went wide. 
9:08 PMa month ago

38' Yellow card

Puebla's Javier Salas is cautioned for an angry complaint to the referee. 
9:02 PMa month ago

31' Orozco!

Ormeño shoots a cross from Maxi Araujo and the Xolos goalkeeper makes a two-handed save. 
8:58 PMa month ago

Xolos goal

This was the penalty kick taken by Fidel Martínez that gave Xolos the lead. 
8:56 PMa month ago

25' No problems

Javier Salas took the free kick, the barrier deflected and after a series of rebounds the ball ended up in the hands of Jonathan Orozco. 
8:54 PMa month ago

23' Foul at the border of the area

Miguel Sansores committed a foul on the edge of the box, which earned him a yellow card. 
8:48 PMa month ago

17' Yellow card

First yellow card of the match. Victor Guzman is shown the yellow card. 
8:47 PMa month ago

16' Puebla tries to react

Reyes shoots at goal, but an opposing defender gets in the way, blocking the attempt. 
8:44 PMa month ago

13' Xolos goal!

Fidel Martinez gets his first start in Mexico. The Ecuadorian deceives the goalkeeper with his shot. 
8:42 PMa month ago

11' Penalty kick for Tijuana!

A Puebla player brings down Sornoza and Adonai Escobedo doesn't hesitate to call the penalty. 
8:40 PMa month ago

10' Puebla on attack

In ten minutes of game, Puebla has come close to the Xolos goal on several occasions, although they have not completely breached the rival defense. 
8:34 PMa month ago

3' Puebla missed it!

Puebla's first. Fernandez put the ball at the base of the post and on the rebound Araujo sends it wide of the goal.
8:30 PMa month ago

The match begins

After a minute's silence, the match is played. 
8:16 PMa month ago

Xolos Lineup

Orozco; Loroña, Guzman, Jara, Angulo; Pavez, Sornoza, Marti;nez, Barbona; Sansores y Manotas.
8:16 PMa month ago

Puebla Lineup

Silva; Corral, Perg, Araujo, Segovia; Gularte, Salas, Reyes, Tabo; Fernandez y Ormeño.
7:52 PMa month ago

Ready to bark

The Tijuana team is also at the stadium. The team coached by Pablo Guede has gone 180 minutes without scoring or conceding a goal. 
7:47 PMa month ago

Puebla arrived at home

La Franja is already at the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.  It is possible that the Brazilian reinforcement, Gustavo Ferrareis, will make his debut tonight. 
7:42 PMa month ago

Ildefonso Mendoza's companion

Precisely in this U-20 category duel between Puebla and Tijuana, Xolos coach Ildefonso Mendoza was accompanied by Luis Ernesto Michel, former goalkeeper of the club, as well as of Dorados, Lobos BUAP and Chivas.
7:37 PMa month ago

U-20 team leaves Puebla with three points

With Ruben Hernandez as the star player, the Xolos U20 team came away with three points from the Cuauhtemoc Stadium. Tijuana U20 is currently in third place.
7:32 PMa month ago

U17 wins in Puebla

The Xolos U17 team won 1-3 at the home of Puebla. Daniel Vazquez gave Tijuana the lead, and although Pedro Bubib tied the match, Arath Egaña twice sealed the victory for the visitors.
7:27 PMa month ago

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Last game between Puebla and Tijuana

The last time the two teams met was on Day 6 of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament. With a solitary goal by Ecuadorian Bryan Angulo, Tijuana took the three points.
7:17 PMa month ago

How to watch Puebla vs Tijuana Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is TUDN USA

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Player to follow: Tijuana

Fidel Martinez. "Alegria" returned to the Mexican border. The Ecuadorian soccer player returns to the Liga MX after playing for three years in different teams of the globe. Martinez was a reference for Tijuana in his time and now in his second stage he can be again. 
7:07 PMa month ago

Player to follow: Puebla

Javier Salas. Gradually the poblano player became a reference in the team's midfield. Since his arrival at the beginning of 2020 he has become a standard bearer of the captain's badge.    


7:02 PMa month ago

No goal in 180 minutes

The xoloitzcuintle board decided to support Pablo Guede as head coach of Tijuana. However, the border team started the tournament with two zero goal draws, first with Pumas and then with Juarez.
6:57 PMa month ago

Start with firm actions

No one would think that the youngest coach in the Liga MX, Nicolas Larcamon would have a good start with Puebla. The Argentinean coaches got four points out of a possible six in their first two matches; they drew with Chivas and beat Cruz Azul.
6:52 PMa month ago

Reunion between ex-partners

One of the curious stories about this match is the reunion of a couple of players with their former teammates. Brayan Angulo arrived at the border for the present tournament after wearing La Franja shirt for six seasons, while Clifford Aboagye meets Puebla after being with Tijuana the previous tournament.
6:47 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Puebla vs Tijuana match will be played at the Cuauhtemoc stadium, in Puebla, Mexico.
6:42 PMa month ago

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