Goals and highlights: Necaxa Femenil 0-3 Santos Femenil in 2021 Liga MX Femenil Apertura
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8:29 PMa month ago

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8:29 PMa month ago

Goals and highlights

8:24 PMa month ago

Game over!

With goals from Alexia Villanueva, Alexxandra Ramírez and Cinthya Peraza, Santos Femenil defeated Necaxa Femenil 3-0 at Estadio Victoria, in a match corresponding to the third matchday of the Apertura 2021 of the Liga MX Femenil.

After this result, the laguneras now have seven points, while the hidrocalidas remain with just one point. On Matchday 5 of the tournament, the Guerreras will host Atlas Femenil and the Centellas will visit Chivas Femenil.

(Photo: Santos Laguna Femenil)
(Photo: Santos Laguna Femenil)
8:19 PMa month ago


Samantha Calvillo, of Necaxa Femenil, is cautioned before coming on as a substitute; her place is taken by Ana Jiménez.

Dayán Fuentes comes on in place of Diana Anguiano.

8:14 PMa month ago


From a free kick, captain Cinthya Peraza scores a great goal to increase her team's lead on the scoreboard.
8:09 PMa month ago


For a foul on Samantha Calvillo, Nancy Quiñones -a Santos Femenil player- received her second caution of the match.
8:04 PMa month ago


Santos Femenil also makes more moves: Brenda López and Nanci Quiñones replace Daniela Delgado and Estela Gómez.
7:59 PMa month ago


Third change for Necaxa Femenil: Iraida Fernández takes the place of the injured Luciana Riefkohl.
7:54 PMa month ago


The match is stopped so that Luciana Riefkohl can receive medical attention; the best player of the match for Necaxa Femenil will not be able to continue due to a muscle injury.
7:49 PMa month ago


Alexxandrra Martínez receives inside the box and crosses the ball to score the second goal for the Warriors.
7:44 PMa month ago


Santos Femenil also made its first changes: Lucero Lara and Mariela Jiménez came off the field and Joseline Hernández and Lourdes de León joined the team.
7:39 PMa month ago


Necaxa Femenil made its first moves: Alejandro Sorchini and Saira López came on in place of Paulina Castro and Reyna Velázquez.
7:34 PMa month ago

The second half begins!

The match between Necaxa Femenil and Santos Femenil resumes in Aguascalientes.
7:29 PMa month ago

The first half ends!

With a goal by Alexia Villanueva, Santos Femenil is beating Necaxa Femenil 0-1 at the Victoria stadium.
(Photo: Santos Femenil)
(Photo: Santos Femenil)
7:24 PMa month ago


Two minutes of stoppage time are added.
7:19 PMa month ago


Lucero Lara, a Santos Femenil player, is the first player to receive a caution.
7:14 PMa month ago


Metal Luciana Riefkohl wins the ball inside the box and fires a half-volley that crashes into Santos Femenil's right post. It was a close call for the Centellas.
7:09 PMa month ago


A series of rebounds inside the Santos Femenil area in which none of the local players were able to finish. This play is, so far, the most interesting thing that Necaxa Femenil has generated.
7:04 PMa month ago


Cinthya Peraza's shot from outside the area goes into the hands of Daniel Muñoz. Santos Femenil continues to insist.
6:59 PMa month ago


So far, Necaxa Femenil's only signs of success have come from set pieces; however, not even in these actions have they managed to generate danger.
6:54 PMa month ago


Alexia Villanueva took advantage of a rebound after Daniela Muñoz's poor exit to just push the ball in and put the Warriors ahead on the scoreboard.
6:49 PMa month ago


Almost there! Daniela Muñoz comes up short, but Marcela Valera can't get her head on the ball correctly, so the ball goes just over the crossbar. Necaxa Femenil is saved.
6:44 PMa month ago


For the moment, Santos Femenil has taken possession of the ball, but has not been able to really worry Daniela Muñoz, partly due to the good work of the local team in the back.
6:39 PMa month ago

Game on!

The ball is rolling at the Victoria! Necaxa Femenil and Santos Femenil are already playing their fourth match of the Apertura 2021 Liga MX Femenil tournament.
6:34 PMa month ago

History between Necaxa Femenil and Santos Femenil

In the short history of Liga MX Femenil, Necaxa and Santos have faced each other 12 times; so far, there have been five draws, one win for the Centellas and six for the Guerreras.
6:29 PMa month ago

Santos Femenil: substitutes

Paola Calderón; Lourdes de León, Nancy Quiñones, Wendy Morales, Brenda López, Joseline Hernández y Olga Trasviña.
6:24 PMa month ago

Necaxa Femenil: substitutes

Valeria Martínez; Andrea Serratos, Lessli Horta, Andrea Balderas, Joselin Hernández, Dayán Fuentes, Ana Jiménez, Saira López and Iraida Fernández.
6:19 PMa month ago

Santos Femenil: confirmed lineup

Meanwhile, these are the players that Jorge Campos sent to the field to face Necaxa Femenil: Nicole Buenfil; Lucero Lara, Katia Estrada, Karyme Martínez, Marcela Valera, Estela Gómez, Cinthya Peraza (C), Daniela Delgado, Alexxandra Ramírez, Alexia Villanueva and Mariela Jiménez.
6:14 PMa month ago

Necaxa Femenil: confirmed lineup

These are the players selected by Jesús Palacios to face Santos Femenil: Daniela Muñoz; Lucía Muñoz, Karen de León, Fanny Grano, Alejandro Guerrero, Paulina Castro, María Acosta, Diana Anguiano, Reyna Velázquez, Samantha Calvillo and Luciana García.
6:09 PMa month ago

The leaders of Santos Femenil

For their part, these are the Guerreras players who have had the best numbers so far in the tournament. 
(Foto: Liga MX Femenil)
(Photo: Liga MX Femenil)
6:04 PMa month ago

The leaders of Necaxa Femenil

After three games played, these are the most statistically outstanding players of the Centellas.
(Foto: Femenil)
(Foto: Femenil)
5:59 PMa month ago

Tune in here Necaxa Femenil vs Santos Femenil Live Score

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Santos: last lineup

N. Buenfil; L. Lara, K. Estrada, K. Martínez, M. Valera, B. López, E. Gómez, C. Peraza (C), D. Delgado, O. Trasviña and A. Villanueva.
5:44 PMa month ago

Necaxa: last lineup

D. Muñoz; A. Serratos, L. Muñoz, F. Grano, A. Guerrero, P. Castro (C), D. Anguiano, R. Velázquez, D. Fuentes, S. Calvillo and L. García.
5:39 PMa month ago

How are Necaxa Femenil and Santos Femenil coming along?

Last Monday, in their visit to Nuevo León, the Centellas were thrashed 8-1 by Tigres Femenil; the winning goal was scored by Samantha Calvillo. 

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Guerreras did not take full advantage of their home advantage in the Comarca, as they drew 0-0 against Xolos Femenil.

5:34 PMa month ago

Necaxa Femenil vs Santos Femenil refereeing assignments

The referee for this match will be Ana Guarneros; Elva Gutiérrez, first assistant referee; Carlos Hernández, second assistant referee; and Rosario Cárdenas, fourth official.
5:29 PMa month ago

Santos Femenil, looking to keep on winning

For their part, the Guerreras, coached by Jorge Campos, have accumulated four points after a win, a draw and a loss in their three matches, placing them in tenth place in the table.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
5:24 PMa month ago

Necaxa Femenil, looking to get back to winning ways

The Centellas, coached by Jesús Palacios, are currently in fifteenth place in the league with just one point; after three games played, they have one draw and two defeats.
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
5:19 PMa month ago

Necaxa Femenil welcomes Santos Femenil to Aguascalientes

This Monday afternoon, at the Stadium Victoria, the women's teams of Necaxa and Santos will face each other on a Monday in which there will be a lot of Liga MX Femenil activity. Both teams are looking for a win to avoid falling behind in the overall standings. 
5:14 PMa month ago

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