Goals and Highlights: Panama 0-3 Mexico, 2019 CONCACAF Nations League
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Highlights from tonight's match
Full Time | Panama 0-3 Mexico
With a solid exhibition, Mexico defeats Panama by 3-0 in their own turf. Panama had some chances, but was not capable to finish them.
Two minutes of added time for the second half.
87' | Mexico Substitution
Macías comes in to replace Jiménez.
Yellow card for Cooper for a foul on midfield.
This was Jiménez goal for the 3-0
85' | Mexico GOOOOOAL!
Jiménez sends the keeper the other way to make it 3-0.
84'| Penalty kick for Mexico
Long ball for Antuna. Ariano pushes him from behind and Jiménez will have a chance to score.
79' | Mexico Substitution
Pizarro is replaced by Orbelín Pineda.
Arroyo finds himself clear inside the box, but his finish is bad and fails to find the goal.
Cooper with his first attempt. It's wide from Ochoa's goal.
75' | Panama Substitution
Ayarza leaves his place for Armando Cooper.
Arroyo makes a good run and shoots, but his ball is wide.
Álvarez's goal for the 2-0
70' | ¡Mexico GOOOOOAL!
Edson Álvarez quickly reacts to a cross from Jiménez to make it 2-0.
69' | Mexico Substitution
Álvarado leaves the pitch, in comes Antuna.
67' | Panamá Substitution
Arroyo comes on instead of Quintero.
Good play down the middle from Mexico. The last pass is a little too long for Álvarado.
Ayarza makes a run to reach a good ball, however Montes presence makes him difficult for him to shoot and the chance is wasted.
58' | Panama Substitution
Rodríguez is replaced by Waterman.
Good pass from Rodríguez looking for Jiménez. Before he's able to shoot, the defender gets there.
Cross from Gutiérrez headed by Montes over the bar.
Long ball for Torres, but he's caught offside!
Ayarza is carded after fouling Rodríguez.
45' | Second Half Begins
We're underway with the last 45 minutes of this match.
Jiménez's celebration after putting Mexico in the lead.
Half Time | Panama 0-1 Mexico
With an early goal from Jiménez, Mexico are in front in their visit to Panama City.
One minute of added time for the first half.
From the corner kick, Jiménez heads it and Calderón once again saves Panama.
Gutiérrez goes for goal from a free-kick, but Calderón uses his fists to deflect the ball.
Roman Torres sees a yellow card for a strong foul.
Yellow card for Jimenéz after a late challenge on the keeper.
Álvarado strikes once more, but it's wide.
Corner kick from Mexico. Lots of rebounds inside the box, but the ball is unable to find the back of the net.
Torres attempts a shot to the near post. Ochoa is well-positioned to stop it.
Escobar takes a free-kick and his strike goes over the bar.
Álvarado cuts inside and sends a through ball for Jiménez. The striker hits on his first touch, but Calderón again does well to save!
Good cross from Rodríguez headed by Jiménez, but Calderón dives to make a great save.
Álvarado shoots above the bar
Panama attempts to react with a good cross from Torres, but Montes intercepts before the ball reaches Bárcenas.
Jiménez's finish for the 1-0
7' | Mexico GOOOOOAL!
Pizarro passes to Alvarado who then assists Jiménez. The Wolves striker finishes it to the far post.
Another Panameninan shot contained by Ochoa.
First real chance for Panama. Low cross from Quintero that finds Torres, but his shot is caught by Ochoa.
Mexico with the first attempt to reach Panama's box, but Gallardo is caught offside.
0' | Kick-Off!
We're underway with Panama vs Mexico!
A minute of silence
The crowd takes a minute of silence due to Jorge Vergara's passing. The Chivas owner died todat at age 64.
Kits for tonight
Both teams will wear single-colored kits for tonight's match. The home team will wear the traditional red colours, while Mexico is using a black uniform.
Both national anthems play as the opening ceremony for the match takes place!
All set for kick-off!
Warm-Up Ready!
Both national teams are ready for the match as their finishing up their respective pre-match workouts!

A small group of Mexican supporters made the trip to Panama City to support their team. They can bee seen in the background of this picture.

The stands at Estadio Rommel Fernández are still to fill up when we're half-hour from kick-off.

The pitch at the pitch at Estadio Rommel Fernández

Panama: Starting XI
Calderón; Ariano, Machado, Torres, Palacios; Ayarza,  Escobar, Bárcenas; Rodríguez, Quintero, Torres.


Mexico: Starting XI
Ochoa; Moreno, Montes, Gallardo, Rodríguez; Álvarez, Rodríguez, Gutiérrez; Álvarado, Pizarro, Jiménez.

Last meeting
In the previous match for the Nations League, Mexico won by a 3-1 margin over Panama at Estadio Azteca.
The venue: Estadio Rommel Fernandez
Estadio Rommel Fernández, a 32,000 seater stadium in Panama City, will host tonight's CONCACAF Nations League match between Panama and Mexico.

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Manotas, Palacios, Fidel, Román, Ariano, Botello, Carrasquilla, Godoy, Bárcenas, Rodríguez  and Torres.
Mexico: last lineup
Raul Gudiño, Alan Mozo, Nestor Araujo, Carlos Salcedo, Cristian Calderón, Hector Herrera, Erick Aguirre, Carlos Rodríguez, Roberto Alvarado, Rodolfo Pizarro and Hirving Lozano.
For this match, el 'Tri' will have a couple of casualties in his call, as Hiram Mier and Jonathan dos Santos, will miss this match by injury.
Both injured players were replaced by Chivas defender Gilberto Sepulveda and Rayados midfielder Carlos Rodriguez.
"I don't underestimate the quality of the tournament, because Mexico will be able to play an infinite number of matches with its rivals and will be able to lose or win against them, which is not going to help Mexico continue to evolve," said Mexico Coach Gerardo Martino.

Panama's record
Meanwhile, Panama arrive at this match in second place in Group B, as a result of a victory and a defeat, whereby, if they manage to get three points tonight against the Aztecas, they would give pure oxygen to aspire to qualify for the final round.
Perfect mark
The team coached by Gerardo 'Tata' Martino reaches this match with six points, as a result of two victories in their two games currently played in this tournament.
One more FIFA date begins this weekend, and it will mark a new day in the League of Nations of CONCACAF, where Mexico will seek to continue with a perfect mark in the Group B, where it is positioned as leader.
Kick-off time
The Panama vs Mexico match will be played at the Estadio Rommel Fernández Gutiérre, in Panama. The kick-off is scheduled at 9pm ET.
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