Goals and Highlights: Pumas 4-0 Cruz Azul of Liga MX 2020
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Great finish.

Pumas vs León is the grand final of Guard1anes 2020. The first leg on Thursday in the capital, the return on Sunday in León.
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Historical review

Pumas made the great comeback in the history of the leagues and defeated Cruz Azul. The overall score was 4-4, which advanced to the final due to their better position in the table.
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End game

Pumas 4-0 Cruz Azul.
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One minute left. Cruz Azul turns on the attack.
10:59 AMa month ago

Goal Pumas 4-0

10:54 AMa month ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Entro Dominguez and Gimenez.

Five minutes were added.

10:49 AMa month ago


Goal Pumas

Vigon finishes inside the area and scores 4-0

10:44 AMa month ago


Last minutes. Pumas are one goal away from advancing to the final.
10:39 AMa month ago


Waller with the very long distance shot that goes over the top.
10:34 AMa month ago


Gonzalez's shot that is covered by Dominguez's sweep.
10:29 AMa month ago


Now Yotun is lying on the field, hurting from a previous foul.
10:24 AMa month ago


Waller service from the left side that easily reaches the jury.
10:19 AMa month ago


Change of Pumas. Mendoza entered and Iturbe left.
10:14 AMa month ago


Centre of Orbelin that falls short at the first post and rejects the defensive.
10:09 AMa month ago


Change of Pumas. Enter Waller and it was all for Lopez.
10:04 AMa month ago


Gonzalez's bad start at the top of Orbelin.
9:59 AMa month ago


Vigon's foul on Rivero causes him to be shown the yellow card.
9:54 AMa month ago


Rivero's free throw that comes out very deflected.
9:49 AMa month ago


Iturbe knocks down Romo and is painted yellow.
9:44 AMa month ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Yotun enters and Alvarado leaves.
9:39 AMa month ago


Freire's full head that goes to the hands of the Jury.
9:34 AMa month ago


Centre of Vigon and reject of Escobar.
9:29 AMa month ago


Romo tries to filter the ball, but the Pumas' defence continues to look good in their area of play.
9:24 AMa month ago


Rodriguez's service that goes way off course.
9:19 AMa month ago


Centre of Rodríguez and González's header that goes slightly up.
9:14 AMa month ago


Now the header is from Dominguez who goes over, but Cruz Azul is still close.
9:09 AMa month ago


Escobar's header from a direct free kick that goes sideways.
9:04 AMa month ago


Mayorga leaves and Rodriguez enters.
8:59 AMa month ago


Rivero with the service provided by González.
8:54 AMa month ago


Mayorga is left lying on the ground after a heavy blow and is thrown into the cart of misfortune.
8:49 AMa month ago


The second half begins.
8:44 AMa month ago

Pumas 3-0 Cruz Azul

8:39 AMa month ago

Half time

Pumas 3-0 Cruz Azul.
8:34 AMa month ago


The Cabecita shot and a great save by Gonzalez.
8:29 AMa month ago


Gonzalez's medium distance shot that cuts off the Jurado.
8:24 AMa month ago


The VAR indicates that it was previously out of the hands of Romo, who marked the service.
8:19 AMa month ago


The VAR is reviewing the alleged failure of Freire to Rodriguez.
8:14 AMa month ago


The referee has scored a penalty and then Gonzalez is going to claim Rodriguez.
8:09 AMa month ago


Out of place in Vigon after a long centre.
8:04 AMa month ago

Goal Pumas 3-0

7:59 AMa month ago

Goal Pumas 2-0

7:54 AMa month ago


Goal Pumas

Carlos Gonzalez with the cross shot for the 3-0.

7:49 AMa month ago


Although they didn't get very far, the Pumas were effective in the final zone and there will be a lot of drama in the second half.
7:44 AMa month ago


Goal Pumas

After the play was reviewed, it was noted as valid by Juan Dinenno.

7:39 AMa month ago


The play inside the area is being checked for misplacement.
7:34 AMa month ago


Juan Iturbe is out of place and the goal to the Pumas is cancelled.
7:29 AMa month ago


Iturbe tries to overflow on the right side, but in the end he negotiates a corner kick.
7:24 AMa month ago


Centre of Mayorga that goes very deviated, where Lopez remained lying in the middle of the field.
7:19 AMa month ago


Roberto Alvarado is yellow carded after a foul on Iniestra.
7:14 AMa month ago


Centre of Orbelin, but the defense rejects from the side.
7:09 AMa month ago


Cruz Azul has not yet achieved clarity in front of the opposing goal, but has more of the ball.
7:04 AMa month ago


Long service from Rodriguez to Rivero who is no longer able to control by the band.
6:59 AMa month ago

18' Pumas 1-0 Cruz Azul

6:54 AMa month ago


There is one player left lying in Blue Cross and the assists are already in.
6:49 AMa month ago


Rodríguez's centre for Rivero's shot covers the defence with some problems.
6:44 AMa month ago


Centre of Iturbe that falls short at the first post and rejects the defensive.
6:39 AMa month ago


Little by little Cruz Azul begins to have more of the ball and Pumas have less clarity on the front line.
6:34 AMa month ago


Orbelín's centre after several bicycles, but that the defense rejects, although later Mozo commits the fault to Romo.
6:29 AMa month ago


Iturbe free shot that hits the barrier.
6:24 AMa month ago


Alan Mozo is fouled on the edge of the area and the referee sanctions it. Free kick in favour of Pumas.
6:19 AMa month ago


Pumas holding the ball and stalking the machine. The goal has come to give strength to the university team.
6:14 AMa month ago

Goal Pumas 1-0

6:09 AMa month ago


Goal Pumas

Dinenno within defined area after the corner kick. The Pumas keep the illusion alive.

6:04 AMa month ago


Rodriguez tries to take the shot, but Pumas' defense closes the spaces and prevents him from shooting.
5:59 AMa month ago


The centre is closed to the second post, which can be diverted by Gonzalez from a corner.
5:54 AMa month ago


The match begins at the University Olympic Stadium.
5:49 AMa month ago

They jump into the field

The teams are already in the team and will enter the MX League protocol.
5:44 AMa month ago

This is how the Cruz Azul jumped a few moments ago

5:39 AMa month ago

We are minutes away

We are close to the start of the return game between Pumas and Cruz Azul, will there be a comeback?
5:34 AMa month ago

This is how the hobby was presented

The fans of Pumas supporting in good times and bad and thus have supported their team for the second semifinal.

5:29 AMa month ago

The first finalist

It should be remembered that the Lion beat Chivas 2-1 on aggregate this Saturday and is in the final. Cruz Azul's last title came 23 years ago against the Lion and history can repeat itself.
5:24 AMa month ago

The novelty

Jesús Corona stays on the bench today and his place, for the first time, will be taken by Sebastián Jurado.

Cruz Azul needs not to lose by 4-0 to advance to the grand final where they will face the León.

5:19 AMa month ago

This is how they will jump

Pumas will go out with everything in search of four goals and one man will be key is Juan Iturbe, because by his feet the danger will be generated to the offensive.

5:14 AMa month ago

The leaders of Pumas

These have been the key players for the Pumas throughout the Guard1anes 2020 tournament group stage.

5:09 AMa month ago

The substitutes for Pumas

These are the players you will have on the Lillini bench:

42 - Alex Cruz (P) 4 - Luis Fernando Quintana 7 - Sebastián Saucedo 12 - Facundo Waller 13 - Gerardo Moreno 14 - Carlos Gutiérrez 16 - Jerónimo Rodríguez 29 - Bryan Mendoza 200 - Amaury García 212 - Erik Lira 

5:04 AMa month ago

The changes of Siboldi

Martínez replaces the injured Aldrete and there is a change in the goal, since Corona is not there and Sebastián Jurado is.
4:59 AMa month ago

XI Cruz Azul

Jurado; Domínguez, Romo, Martínez, Aguilar, Escobar; Rivero, Baca, Alvarado; Pineda, Rodríguez.
4:54 AMa month ago

XI Pumas

González; Mozo, Mayorga, Vázquez, Freire; Iniestra, López, Vigón, Iturbe; Dinenno, González.
4:49 AMa month ago

What you need Cruz Azul?

Cruz Azul needs to win, draw or even lose by three goals to advance to the semi-finals. A 4-0 score would eliminate them, but a 5-1 score would still qualify them.

4:44 AMa month ago

Do not make mistakes

Lillini acknowledged that they cannot make the same mistakes on the lap, but they will try to do their best in the last 90 minutes.

"In the first 10 minutes of a defining game we lost everything we did on 20 dates. It's a very big sadness and the spirit is typical of this painful defeat. They were 10 minutes in which everything what it was strategically planned fell and with a team of this hierarchy it is difficult to go ahead; and in the second time they finished making us one against".

4:39 AMa month ago

Step by step

Despite the home win, Robert Dante Siboldi indicated that they have not yet won anything, although he pointed out that the way they play is worth getting excited about:

"We always have the illusion. He could not tell people not to get their hopes up, but we still haven't won anything. It was a very good game that gave the boys, with a good performance and a result that must round off the next game, we hope to make a good game at CU to continue to get our hopes up".

4:34 AMa month ago

Confident about the comeback

The canterano Erik Lira said that everything is possible in football and they may be able to come back at home:

"There have been many comebacks in football, in Pumas in 2015 they were losing 3-0 and in the end it was nothing. If they scored three goals in 10 minutes, why not us? If they put four goals in their house, we can put five in ours, we are convinced that it can be done.

4:29 AMa month ago

Great game

In a few moments the alignments of the Pumas vs Cruz Azul
4:24 AMa month ago

The hand to hand

These have been the statistics of both teams throughout the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.

4:19 AMa month ago

We started

The Pumas will attempt a historic comeback against Cruz Azul and need four goals to advance to the final. We start with the second leg semi-final.
4:14 AMa month ago

Tune in here

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First match advantage

Cruz Azul beat Pumas 4-0 in the first leg, so the university students need to win by the same score if they want to pass, and therefore avoid conceding a goal as an away team (Pumas have not beaten Cruz Azul 4-0 since 1989).
4:04 AMa month ago

How to watch Pumas vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

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Key player Cruz Azul

Luis Romo has had a dream group because not only does he have the ability to mess with a fifth defender, but he also knows how to step into the opponent's area and in the postseason he has already scored three goals.

3:54 AMa month ago

Key player Pumas

If the university students want to create an epic comeback, the Paraguayan Carlos González will have to stand up with his fine and accurate aim and think about the miracle.

3:49 AMa month ago

Referee for Pumas vs Cruz Azul

Pumas vs Cruz Azul will be arbitrated by César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos
3:44 AMa month ago

Last lineup Cruz Azul

Corona; Domínguez, Aguilar, Aldrete, Escobar; Romo, Baca, Rivero, Pineda; Alvarado, Rodríguez.
3:39 AMa month ago

Last lineup Pumas

González, Mayorga, Freire, Vázquez, Rodríguez; Gutiérrez, Vigón, Lira, Waller; Dinenno, González.
3:34 AMa month ago

Cruz Azul: mark as a visitor

Beyond the goals they may concede, the Machine knows that scoring one goal as an away team would force the opponent to score six.
3:29 AMa month ago

Pumas: rowing against the current

It will be key that the Pumas can score a goal before the 15 minutes to gain in confidence and if they can go with two at half time it would be great.
3:24 AMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Pumas vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the stadium Olímpico Universitario, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30pm ET.
3:19 AMa month ago

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