Goals and Highlights: America 2-0 Chivas in friendly match 2021
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Thanks friends of VAVEL

Thank you friends for joining us in one more edition of the America vs Chivas match.

Have a nice day.

6:56 PM18 days ago

Final Score

Finish the game at the Cotton Bowl:

America 2-0 Chivas.

6:54 PM18 days ago


Goal America

Emilio Lara after a great play by Salvador Reyes Chávez sends the ball to the back of the net.

6:52 PM18 days ago


6 minutes are added.
6:47 PM18 days ago


Long stroke for Ronaldo Cisneros, who enters the area and takes a shot that is stopped by the defender.
6:46 PM18 days ago


Change America
Lara enters and Lainez leaves.
6:44 PM18 days ago


Change America
Gutiérrez enters and Viñas leaves.
6:43 PM18 days ago


Chivas change
Zaldívar enters and Angulo leaves.
6:41 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.

Briseño receives a yellow card.

6:39 PM18 days ago


Chivas change
Cisneros enters, Brizuela leaves.
6:37 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.
6:37 PM18 days ago


Change America
Osuna enters and Aquino leaves.
6:35 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.

Oribe Peralta receives a yellow card.

6:28 PM18 days ago


Isaac Brizuela shot and the ball went over the rival goal.
6:26 PM18 days ago


Changes America

Aguilera and Benedetti exit.

Enter Fidalgo and Silva.

6:24 PM18 days ago


Chivas changes

Exit Beltrán, Molina and Ponce.

Torres, Flores and Godínez enter.

6:19 PM18 days ago


Viñas shoots from outside the area that passes very close.
6:19 PM18 days ago


Madrigal shoots that goes astray.
6:16 PM18 days ago


Viñas' shot that goes off course.
6:11 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.

Mauro Lainez receives a yellow card.

6:10 PM18 days ago


Chivas change
Gudiño leaves and Jiménez enters.
6:02 PM18 days ago

Second half begins

The complementary part of the match begins.
5:47 PM18 days ago

Half Time

Scoreboard at half time:
5:44 PM18 days ago


Ladies and gentlemen, the first half ends at the Cotton Bowl:

America 1-0 Chivas.

5:43 PM18 days ago


Right leg shot by Jesús Angulo that hits the post.
5:41 PM18 days ago


Corner kick for Chivas.
5:40 PM18 days ago


Very sad about Oribe Peralta performance. A pitiful performance.
5:38 PM18 days ago


5 minutes will be added.
5:37 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.
5:35 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.

Emanuel Aguilera is awarded a yellow card.

5:34 PM18 days ago


Madrigal's shot that deflects goalkeeper Gudiño down.

Corner kick for America.

5:32 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.
5:30 PM18 days ago


Jesus Molina's shot that goes off course.
5:27 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.

Pedro Aquino receives a yellow card.

5:25 PM18 days ago


Isaac Brizuela's shot that is covered by the defense.
5:25 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.
5:23 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.
5:20 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.

Miguel Ponce receives a yellow card.

5:19 PM18 days ago


A victory today would help the winning team a lot in the spirit.
5:16 PM18 days ago


Injured Jesús Molina receives assistance on the field and there is a break for the hydration of the players.
5:12 PM18 days ago


Luis Olivas center that is rejected by the rival defense and we have another corner kick for Chivas.
5:11 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for Chivas.
5:10 PM18 days ago


Isaac Brizuela's shot that is covered by the rival defender.
5:08 PM18 days ago


Benedetti's shot that passes near the left post.
5:07 PM18 days ago


Layún's shot that passes high above the goal.
5:06 PM18 days ago


Foul. Free kick for America.
5:02 PM18 days ago


Corner kick for Chivas.
5:02 PM18 days ago


America takes control of the ball thanks to the early goal.
4:57 PM18 days ago


Goal America. Federico Viñas finishes inside the area and defeats the Chivas goalkeeper.
4:52 PM18 days ago

Kick Off

With soul, life and heart the first half begins.
4:40 PM18 days ago

Getting warm

Players from both teams are already on the lawn at Cotton Bowl Stadium.

While the coaching staff fine-tunes the last details before the kickoff.

We are minutes away from getting started!

4:35 PM18 days ago

The fans will be present this afternoon

This afternoon, a great entrance is expected from the public at the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Without a doubt, it is a game with a great call and the fans will be supporting their team.
4:30 PM18 days ago

Lineup Chivas

Rául Gudiño

Isaac Brizuela

Hiram Mier

Luis Olivas

Miguel Ponce

Jesús Molina

Fernando Beltrán

Ronaldo Cisneros

Jesús Angulo

Cristian Calderón

Oribe Peralta

Coach: Víctor Manuel Vucetich

4:25 PM18 days ago

Lineup America

Óscar Jiménez

Miguel Layún

Bruno Valdez

Emanuel Aguilera

Luis Fuentes

Pedro Aquino

Nicolás Benedetti

Fernando Madrigal

Mauro Lainez

Salvador Reyes

Federico Viñas

Coach Santiago Solari

4:20 PM18 days ago

America News

America will also have several absences for this commitment. They are the team with the lowest numbers for this FIFA date, and Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Córdova and Henry Martín, who are with the Mexican national team, will not be available.
Roger Martínez and Richard Sánchez are also with their national teams and will not be there this afternoon.
4:15 PM18 days ago

Chivas news

Chivas arrives with several absences this game, Alexis Vega, Uriel Antuna and Gilberto Sepúlveda will not be there because we are with the Mexican National team.
As well as José Antonio Rodríguez and Jesús Sánchez who did not make the trip to Dallas for personal reasons.
The team seeks to take advantage of this break for the FIFA date to improve its performance and defeat its hated rival.
4:10 PM18 days ago

Get started

Welcome friends to this edition of the Classic between Chivas and America.

May it be a good game and may the best win.

4:05 PM18 days ago

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Go Chivas!!

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How to watch America - Chivas Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Chivas vs America live on TV, your option is: TUDN USA y Unimás.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services TUDN App and Univisión NOW.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is America vs Chivas match?

This is the start time of the game Chivas vs America of September 5th, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 5:45 PM

Bolivia: 4:45 PM

Brazil: 5:45 PM

Chile: 4:45 PM

Colombia: 3:45 PM

Ecuador: 3:45 PM

USA (ET): 4:45 PM in TUDN USA y Unimás

Spain: 10:45 PM

Mexico: 3:45 PM in TUDN y CHIVASTV

Paraguay: 4:45 PM

Peru: 3:45 PM

Uruguay: 5:45 PM

Venezuela: 4:45 PM

3:50 PM18 days ago

Latest games between America vs Chivas

Results of the most recent matches between both teams:

Chivas 0-3 America Clausura 2021

America 1-2 Chivas Apertura 2020 (Quarter-finals)

Chivas 1-0 America Apertura 2020 (Quarter-finals)

3:45 PM18 days ago

Key player of America

Álvaro Fidalgo, the creative Spanish midfielder from club América, with a great vision of the game and who can perform both as a containment midfielder or even inside. He has a lot of mobility and good ball technique; however, he is characterized by responsibility in driving and his intelligence in decision-making. Fidalgo always executes very quickly, he has the ability to exploit spaces, filtering passes with great precision. He usually joins the attack and when he is in good position for the shot, he makes use of a powerful punch from long distance.
3:40 PM18 days ago

Key player of Chivas

Since his beginnings in Liga MX, forward Isaac Brizuela, a native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, has been characterized by his ability, explosiveness and speed to overflow, in addition to his great physical form to constantly come and go both to fulfill his task. main offensive as to collaborate in the pressure to the rival to recover the ball as soon as possible, characteristics that have allowed him to be a key piece in the scheme of the coaches who have directed him and that made him be considered in the National Team that played the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
3:35 PM18 days ago

Probable lineups of America vs Chivas


Gudiño, Mayorga, Briseño, Mier, Ponce, Molina, Beltrán, Brizuela, Angulo, Cisneros y Zaldívar.

Coach: Víctor Manuel Vucetich.



Jiménez, Layún, Valdez, Aguilera, Reyes, Aquino, Osuna, Fidalgo, Lainez, Benedetti y Viñas.

Coach: Santiago Solari.

3:30 PM18 days ago

America to win for pride

America arrives as the general leader of the mexican tournament and the coach is going to use this game to test new players and new tactical variants. Looking to defeat the hated rival.
The team will not have Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Córdova or Henry Martín, who are with the Mexican team for the triple round in which they will face Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama.
In addition, America dispensed with the Paraguayan Richard Sánchez and the Colombian Roger Martínez.
3:25 PM18 days ago

Chivas seeks to improve

The Chivas must take advantage of this match to improve for the Mexican tournament, where the results have not been given.

Winning always is good, no matter how friendly it is, and winning it would be a great emotional boost for the players.

Coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich will not have Alexis Vega, Uriel Antuna and Gilberto Sepúlveda because we are in Mexican National Team.

Neither did Jesús Sánchez nor Toño Rodríguez make the trip, since El Chapo stayed in Guadalajara to attend to personal matters, while goalkeeper José Antonio Rodríguez also stayed to continue with a recovery process from a muscle injury he suffered, prior to the duel against Necaxa.

3:20 PM18 days ago

The match will be played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium

The America vs Chivas match will be played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium, in Dallas, Texas,  with a capacity of 92,100 people.

Opened in 1930 as Fair Park Stadium, it is on the site of the State Fair of Texas, known as Fair Park.

The Cotton Bowl was the longtime home of the annual college football post-season bowl game known as the Cotton Bowl Classic, for which the stadium is named. Starting on New Year's Day 1937.

The stadium has been home to many football teams over the years, including: SMU Mustangs (NCAA), Dallas Cowboys (NFL; 1960–1971), Dallas Texans (NFL) (1952), Dallas Texans (AFL; 1960–1962), and soccer teams, the Dallas Tornado (NASL; 1967–1968), and FC Dallas (MLS; as the Dallas Burn 1996–2004, as FC Dallas 2005). It was also one of the nine venues used for the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

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