Honduras vs El Salvador LIVE Updates: Score, Stream Info, Lineups and How to Watch Friendly Match 2023 Match
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5:00 PM3 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Honduras vs. El Salvador

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Ireland vs. Latvia live, as well as the latest information from the Banc of California Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
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Where and how to watch Honduras vs El Salvador live online

The match will not be broadcasted.

Honduras vs El Salvador can not be tuned in from the live streams. 

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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What time is the Honduras vs. El Salvador match of the friendly match corresponding to the FIFA matchday?

This is the kick-off time for the Honduras vs El Salvador match on March 19, 2023 in several countries:


Argentina: 23:00 hours

Bolivia: 23:00 hours

Brazil: 23:00 hours

Chile: 23:00 hours

Colombia: 21:00 hours

Ecuador: 21:00 hours

Spain: 02:00 hours

United States: 23:00 hours PT and 00:00 hours ET

Mexico: 21:00 hours

Paraguay: 23:00 hours

Peru: 23:00 hours

Uruguay: 23:00 hours

Venezuela: 22:00 hours

Japan: 22:00 hours

India: 21:00 hours

Nigeria: 9:00 p.m.

South Africa: 9:00 p.m.

Australia: 21:00 hours

United Kingdom ET: 23:00 hours

4:45 PM3 hours ago

Honduras Statements

Diego Vazquez spoke ahead of the match: "The match against El Salvador is important because it serves as preparation for the game against Canada. Also to play a good game and win it." "Some have higher moments and peaks, but others not so much. However, with a mix of what we have been doing with the National Team we will face the matches." "What we are looking for is that each legionnaire contributes to the national team, that we can make a team regardless of how they are doing in their clubs. "I will ask the players to change their mindset, that they have to make a team, because in the National Team they do not look at what they do in their teams". "The national team is different, it's another chip, they have to feel good to give their best. They don't give so much importance to the problems they may have in their clubs." "We hope to be up to the task against Canada, who will have all their stars, but we already defeated them at the Olympic Stadium with all the players who play in Europe".
4:40 PM3 hours ago

How is El Salvador coming?

El Salvador arrives to this match after a one-goal draw against the United States in the Nations League at the Cuscatlán, so they will be looking for a good game.


4:35 PM3 hours ago

How is Honduras coming in?

In the last date of the Nations League, Honduras defeated Canada two goals to one, a very interesting and surprising duel that ended in favor of the Hondurans.

4:30 PM3 hours ago

The match will be played at the Banc of California Stadium.

The Honduras vs El Salvador match will be played at the Banc of California Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California. The stadium has a capacity for 40,000 people. 
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Honduras vs El Salvador match, corresponding to the friendly match for the FIFA World Cup. The match will take place at the Banc of California Stadium at 23:00.