Highlights: River vs Boca 1-1 in the superclassic of the Argentine League
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6:08 PM2 months ago

Boca responded well in the superclásico

In a match that seemed balanced, River Plate showed they had better opportunities and greater control of the ball, while Boca Juniors sought to be more direct in their actions. It was River who managed to capitalize on the spaces left by the Xeneize team, culminating in a play in which Enzo Díaz found Solari to open the scoring with a goal.

However, Boca showed notable improvement as the match progressed, getting closer to the rival goal and gaining ground on the wings, especially with Blanco, whose overflow allowed Medina to equalize the score with an accurate shot. In the end, Boca finished in a more solid position, generating clearer scoring opportunities, while River failed to maintain the same level and showed certain doubts in its game.

The confrontation culminated with 7 shots on goal by River and 4 shots by Boca.

5:58 PM2 months ago

45+9 ST' The match ends

The match ends at the Monumental.
5:56 PM2 months ago

45+2 ST'

Colidio left it to Mastantuono who finished off with his right foot and went over Romero's goal.
5:54 PM2 months ago

45 ST' We're going to 49

4 minutes are added to the match.
5:52 PM2 months ago

43 ST' Changes in Boca

In: Fabra and Benedetto

Out: Zenón and Merentiel

5:51 PM2 months ago

43 ST'

Mastantuono crossed, Colidio finished and on the rebound, River was offside.
5:51 PM2 months ago

42 ST'

Lack of Lema on Colidio.
5:50 PM2 months ago

41 ST'

Zenón's center to merentiel who touched it and went wide.
5:48 PM2 months ago

39 ST'

Cross from Sant'Anna to Colidio who sent it over the top.
5:45 PM2 months ago

36 ST'

Borja's foul on Figal in the middle of the field.
5:43 PM2 months ago

34 ST' Changes in Boca

Out: Medina

In: Valentini

5:42 PM2 months ago

32 ST' Changes in River

In: Mastantuono and Fonseca

Out: Nacho Fernández and Villagra

5:39 PM2 months ago

30 ST'

Borja's header that Romero managed to save. Sant'Anna's rebound sent him to the corner kick.
5:37 PM2 months ago

28 ST'

Foul by Aliendro on Ignacio Fernández when the River midfielder was in the Boca area.
5:35 PM2 months ago


Blanco went at speed, beat Sant'Anna and in the back pass he found Medina who finished close to the penalty spot and scored the tie for Boca.
5:33 PM2 months ago

24 ST'

Center to Borja de Sant'Anna at mid-height that the Colombian fails to connect.
5:32 PM2 months ago

23 ST'

Barco entered the area from the right side, hooked inside and the left-footed shot went wide.
5:30 PM2 months ago

20 ST' Changes in River Plate

In: Borja

Out: Solari

5:29 PM2 months ago

20 ST' Changes in Boca Juniors

Out: Cavani y Saralegui

In: Langoni y Blondel

5:28 PM2 months ago

19 ST'

Medina finished with the inside from the edge of the area, the ball came easy for Armani.
5:25 PM2 months ago

16 ST'

Blanco's cross, Armani got in and sent it to the corner kick.
5:24 PM2 months ago

15 ST'

It is left to Barco on the edge of the area, he finishes with the outside and goes wide.
5:22 PM2 months ago

13 ST' Changes in River

In: Sant'Anna y Aliendtro

Out: Herrera y Echeverri

5:19 PM2 months ago

10 ST'

Foul by Saralegui on Echeverri.
5:17 PM2 months ago

8 ST'

Merentiel's foul on Barco in the middle of the field.
5:15 PM2 months ago

7 ST' Yellow card 🟨

Warning for Herrera for a foul on Zenón.
5:13 PM2 months ago


He passes into Solari's space and goes hand in hand, first Romero saves but he has the rebound and there he can beat the Boca goalkeeper.
5:11 PM2 months ago

2 ST'

Romero rejected and Solaro headed.
5:08 PM2 months ago

1 ST' The second half begins

The last 45 minutes are already being played at the Monumental.
4:55 PM2 months ago

Analysis of the first half

The first half of the game went by quite slowly, largely due to the numerous fouls committed. So far, 4 yellow cards have been shown, with 13 fouls indicated for Boca and 5 for River.

From the beginning, River has maintained control of the ball, while Boca has opted for a more cautious strategy, waiting for its opportunity. Despite some chances generated by River, only one managed to find its way to the three sticks. As the minutes passed, Boca has been gaining ground in the match, exerting constant pressure in the middle of the field and winning individual duels. This change in the pace of the game can be largely attributed to the strength of the Xeneize team's four midfielders.

However, both teams have shown some weakness in retaining the ball in the midfield. Despite River's efforts, he has not yet found that goal reference that he needs so much in the match.

4:50 PM2 months ago

45+1 PT' We're going to break

The first half ends at the Monumental.
4:49 PM2 months ago

45+1 PT' Yellow card 🟨

For Blanco that pauses River's counterattack.
4:47 PM2 months ago

44 FT'

Center from Nacho Fernández, Romero grabs it and remains lying on the floor.
4:46 PM2 months ago

42 PT' Yellow card 🟨

Warning for Medina for a foul on Barco.
4:44 PM2 months ago

41 FT'

Nacho Fernández found Barco who failed to control well and the ball went to the goal kick.
4:42 PM2 months ago

39 FT'

Foul on Medina in the middle of the field.
4:41 PM2 months ago

39 FT'

Blanco tried to center and Armani arrived first.
4:39 PM2 months ago

36 FT'

Colidio offside.
4:37 PM2 months ago

35 FT'

Zenón's center that González Pirez deflects.
4:36 PM2 months ago

33 FT'

Barco's center closes too much, Romero keeps the ball.
4:35 PM2 months ago

32 FT'

Lema's foul on Colidio and a dangerous free kick for River.
4:33 PM2 months ago

30 FT'

Foul on Herrera in attack.
4:32 PM2 months ago

29 FT'

Boca was approaching, River's defense managed to reject that siege.
4:31 PM2 months ago

28 FT'

Advíncula sent the center for Cavani but Paulo Díaz managed to deflect it.
4:29 PM2 months ago

27 FT'

Foul in attack by Echeverri on Medina.
4:29 PM2 months ago

26 FT'

A prepared play on the free kick ends with a header from Merentiel that goes wide.
4:27 PM2 months ago

25 FT'

Foul on Merentiel and free kick in River's field.
4:27 PM2 months ago

23 FT'

Nacho takes the free kick but the ball goes wide.
4:26 PM2 months ago

23 FT'

Foul on Echeverri and free kick for River.
4:26 PM2 months ago

22 FT'

Solari gives a header pass to Colidio who controls well and finishes with his instep and hits the post!
4:25 PM2 months ago

21 FT'

Zenón tries from the free kick but hits the barrier. He finishes off Lema very weakly and remains in Armani's hands.
4:22 PM2 months ago

18 FT' Yellow card 🟨

Foul by Nacho Fernández on Merentiel.
4:19 PM2 months ago

16 FT'

Lack of Lema on Colidio.
4:19 PM2 months ago

16 FT'

Zenón tries long distance with his left foot, the shot goes wide.
4:13 PM2 months ago

12 FT'

The game started strong with both teams looking to get the ball.
4:12 PM2 months ago

9 FT'

Great prepared play by River that in the last pass Romero sends the corner kick. The center is headed by Herrera and goes over the top.
4:10 PM2 months ago

7 FT' Yellow card 🟨

Foul by Figal on Nacho Fernández.
4:09 PM2 months ago

6 FT'

Figal knocked down Solari who was going at speed.
4:06 PM2 months ago

4 FT'

Foul on Echeverri in the middle of the field.
4:06 PM2 months ago

3 FT'

From the corner kick, the rebound fell to González Pirez and he sent it over.
4:04 PM2 months ago

1 FT'

Lack of Advíncula on Barco.
4:03 PM2 months ago

1 FT'

River took a long shot but Barco couldn't reach it, the ball went to Romero.
4:02 PM2 months ago


The best classic in Argentina is already being played at the Monumental.
3:55 PM2 months ago

In a few minutes...

The teams are already on the field and you can feel the atmosphere in the Monumental.
3:50 PM2 months ago

Substitutes – Boca Juniors

Marcelo Saracchi, Ezequiel Bullaude, Darío Benedetto, Lucas Janson, Javier García, Luca Langoni, Nicolás Valentini, Frank Fabra, Juan Ramírez, Lucas Blondel, Mauricio Benítex and Marcelo Weigandt.
3:45 PM2 months ago

Line-up - Boca Juniors


1. Romero

17. Advíncula – 2. Lema – 4. Figal – 23. Blanco

47. Saralegui – 36. Medina – 21. Fernández – 22. Zenón

16. Merentiel – 10. Cavani

3:40 PM2 months ago


The teams warm up at the Monumental.
3:35 PM2 months ago

Substitutes - River Plate

Sebastián Boselli, Ramiro Funes Mori, Nicolás Fonseca, Matías Kranevitter, Agustín Palavecino, Miguel Borja, Milton Casco, Agustín Sant’Anna, Rodrigo Aliendro, Franco Mastantuono, Agustín Ruberto and Ezequiel Centurión.
3:30 PM2 months ago

Line-up - River Plate


1.  Armani

15. Herrera – 14. González Pirez – 17. P. Díaz – 13. E. Díaz

23. Villagra

26. Nacho Fernández - 19. Echeverri – 21. Barco

36. Solari – 11. Colidio

3:25 PM2 months ago

It feels in the air

The dressing rooms are ready.
3:20 PM2 months ago

Last five games – Boca Juniors

February 1 – League Cup: 1-1 vs Sarmiento (Drawed)
February 5 – Argentine Cup: 0-2 vs Tigre (Won)
February 10 – League Cup: 0-0 vs Defensa y Justicia (Drawed)
February 14 – League Cup: 2-0 vs Central Córdoba (Won)
February 18 – League Cup: 2-1 vs Lanús (Lost)
3:15 PM2 months ago

Last five games – River Plate

February 4 – League Cup: 5-0 vs Vélez (Won)
February 7 – Argentine Cup: 3-0 vs Excursionistas (Won)
February 11 – League Cup: 0-3 vs Deportivo Riestra (Won)
February 14 – League Cup: 0-0 vs Atlético Tucumán (Drawed)
February 18 – League Cup: 1-1 vs Banfield (Drawed)
3:10 PM2 months ago

Welcome back

We are now ready to bring you the broadcast of the River Plate vs Boca Juniors match in the Argentine League superclassic. We invite you to enjoy one of the best games in South America.
3:05 PM2 months ago

Star here to follow River Plate vs Boca Juniors live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting rosters for the River Plate – Boca Juniors match, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Monumental. Don't miss a single detail of the live match update and commentary from VAVEL's coverage.
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How to watch River Plate vs Boca Juniors live?

If you want to watch the game, watch River Plate vs Boca Juniors , your option is: ESPN

If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Star+

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.

2:55 PM2 months ago

What time is River Plate vs Boca Juniors?

This is the start time of the River Plate - Boca match on February 25, 2024 in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 p.m.

Bolivia: 4:00 p.m.

Brazil: 5:00 p.m.

Chile: 5:00 p.m.

Colombia: 3:00 p.m.

Ecuador: 3:00 p.m.

United States: 3:00 p.m.

Spain: 9:00 p.m.

England: 8:00 p.m.

Mexico: 2:00 p.m.

Paraguay: 5:00 p.m.

Peru: 3:00 p.m.

Uruguay: 5:00 p.m.

2:50 PM2 months ago

News – Boca Juniors

Midfielder Vicente Taborda is not on the list, which is striking given his lack of participation in the team this season. In his place is Marcelo Weigandt, the right back, who has not had opportunities this season either. The most notable absence is that of Pol Fernández, who suffered an ankle injury during his last match at La Bombonera. On the other hand, Marcos Rojo, although he has been training with the group, has not yet recovered his physical fitness and is not at 100% to participate in the match.
2:45 PM2 months ago

Summoned – Boca Juniors

These are those summoned from the xeneize team:

2:40 PM2 months ago

News - River Plate

Uncertainty hovers in the atmosphere of River Plate facing the Superclásico, where the main unknown falls on the presence of Miguel Ángel Borja. Although the forward finally appears on the list of concentrates for the confrontation against Boca Juniors, his physical condition is not optimal due to a left adductor injury suffered just 10 days ago. Accompanying this situation is Kranevitter, the central midfielder, who has worked intensely during the week to recover from a muscle tear and thus be available for the match.
2:35 PM2 months ago

Summoned – River Plate

These are those summoned from the millonario team:

2:30 PM2 months ago

Last match

The last superclásico played at the River Plate stadium took place on May 7, 2023, corresponding to matchday 15 of the championship. River won by a narrow 1-0 margin. The decisive goal came in the 90+3 minute, thanks to a penalty taken by Borja.
A total of six expulsions were recorded, three players from each team were sent off. For River, Palavecino, Centurión and Gómez saw the red card, while for Boca Juniors Merentiel, Fernández and Valentini were sent off in the 90+13 minute, triggered by a fight after forward Borja's goal.
2:25 PM2 months ago

Referee team

Center: Falcón Pérez
Assistant #1: Maximiliano del Yesso
Assistant #2: Facundo Rodríguez
Fourth referee: Sebastián Martínez
VAR: Lucas Novelli
AVAR: Iván Núñez
2:20 PM2 months ago

Outstanding player – Boca Juniors

In the xeneize team, the figure of Kevin Zenón stands out, this player occupies the left wing. Zenón has a refined technique and excellent ball controls, stands as a constant danger for rivals, given his constant search for attack. His presence on the field not only adds depth to the team's game, but also represents a latent threat to opposing defenses.
2:15 PM2 months ago

Outstanding player – River Plate

In the millionaire team, the outstanding player is Miguel Ángel Borja. The 31-year-old forward, in just 6 games played, Borja has scored 7 times, which translates into an average of one goal every 65 minutes. In addition to his scoring ability, the Colombian striker has also contributed with an assist.
2:10 PM2 months ago

History River Plate – Boca Juniors

The rivalry between River Plate and Boca Juniors dates back to the dawn of the 20th century, when they shared territory in the La Boca neighborhood. The first recorded clash between both institutions occurred in 1908 with a 2-1 victory in favor of Boca Juniors. However, the first official success was achieved by River in 1913.

In terms of direct eliminations in national tournaments, River Plate has managed to qualify against its eternal rival on 9 occasions, while Boca Juniors has eliminated River on 4 occasions. In international competitions, the balance tips slightly in favor of River, with 4 successful eliminations against Boca, compared to the 3 times that Boca has left out River.

However, a chapter that will remain engraved in the history of football is the final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores. River Plate and Boca Juniors met in the second leg match for the title. After an incident that forced the match to be moved to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain, River emerged victorious 3-1 in overtime, thus securing their fourth Copa Libertadores title at the expense of their longtime rival, on December 9, this year.

Of the 214 times they have faced each other, Boca has won 78, River 71 and they have drawn 65 times. In international competitions, of the 32 clashes registered, Boca has emerged victorious on 11 occasions, River on 10, and on 11 occasions the score ended equal.

2:05 PM2 months ago

Boca Juniors wants to wake up in front of their classic

The xeneize team approaches the classic with results that are similar to those of the millionaire team, although with some particularities that make the difference. Boca Juniors has two wins, one loss and three draws in this phase of the competition, maintaining an identical number of draws compared to its rival. It is relevant to note that two of these three ties occurred at home, against Defensa y Justicia and Sarmiento, while the third occurred during their visit to Platense. However, the most striking thing is the marked difference in Boca's attack compared to River, the xeneize team has conceded just six goals.

In their last match against Lanús, Boca suffered a 2-1 defeat, with the team's only goal scored by Blondel. During the match, Boca was seen uncomfortable and disconnected, especially in the midfield, which translated into a first half lacking ideas and fluidity in its game. Despite a slight improvement in the second half, Boca failed to generate clear goal situations and lacked the necessary energy to play the match with intensity.

2:00 PM2 months ago

River Plate seeks to remain undefeated

River Plate is in second place in Group A in the League Cup, being surpassed by Independiente in the standings. So far, the millionaire team has shown a solid performance, registering three wins and three draws in this phase of the tournament. The fact that they have not yet suffered a defeat in the competition stands out.

Regarding its defensive performance, River's goal has been violated twice during this stage. The first goal was scored by Argentinos Juniors on the opening day, while the second came in the last match against Banfield. In contrast, the team led by Demichelis has managed to score a total of 12 goals so far in the league.

It is relevant to mention that two of the three draws obtained by River have been at home, against Argentinos Juniors and Banfield, while the third tie occurred during their visit to Atlético Tucumán.

In their last match against Banfield at home, the result was a 1-1 draw, with the tying goal scored by Pablo Solari in the 90th minute of the match. It was possible to observe a River with certain difficulties in terms of creativity in the last three quarters of the field.

1:55 PM2 months ago

The monumental will receive the match

The superclásico will take place at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires. This venue, inaugurated on May 26, 1938, has a capacity of 84,567 spectators, making it the largest in Argentina and on the entire American continent.

The Monumental has hosted matches with a record attendance, such as the 1959 South American Championship final between Argentina and Brazil. In addition, it was the scene of the 1996 Copa Libertadores final, where River Plate faced América de Cali.

It has been the home of the Argentine National Team on numerous occasions. It has hosted four Copa América finals, in 1946, 1959, 1987 and 2011, as well as the FIFA World Cup final in 1978.

1:50 PM2 months ago


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