Highlights and Best Moments: Warriors 109-100 Mavericks in NBA
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End game

Warriors 109-100 Mavericks.
11:44 PM4 hours ago

4Q 00:54

Jordan Poole with the triple and calm everything in the arena in favor of the visit.
11:39 PM4 hours ago

4Q 01:49

Luka Doncic with a three-pointer and Dallas closes to within eight.
11:34 PM4 hours ago

4Q 02:42

Jalen Brunson with a double and adds two more.
11:29 PM4 hours ago

4Q 04:49

Stephen Curry with a double-double to stay within 12.
11:24 PM4 hours ago

4Q 05:46

Andrew Wiggins with the tape and the lead is already 12 points.
11:19 PM4 hours ago

4Q 07:03

Stephen Curry scores both free throw points to surpass 90 points.
11:14 PM4 hours ago

4Q 08:30

Luka Doncic with a double-double as Dallas closes to within eight points.
11:09 PM4 hours ago

4Q 10:03

Luka Doncic with two points from the free throw line to get within nine.
11:04 PM5 hours ago

4Q 11:46

Luka Doncic with the layup and Dallas makes two more to start the final period.
10:59 PM5 hours ago

End of third quarter

Warriors 78-68 Mavericks.
10:54 PM5 hours ago

3Q 00:29

Jalen Brunson with the floater to add two more.
10:49 PM5 hours ago

3Q 01:42

Foul on Stephen Curry, who does not miss and adds two more.
10:44 PM5 hours ago

3Q 02:35

The lead is 10 for the Warriors after Draymond Green's basket.
10:39 PM5 hours ago

3Q 02:54

Spencer Dinwiddie with the triple to try to react to the team and the arena.
10:34 PM5 hours ago

3Q 04:44

Klay Thompson with a double-double and the difference is now nine.
10:29 PM5 hours ago

3Q 05:21

Draymond Green with the three-pointer for the visitors.
10:24 PM5 hours ago

3Q 06:51

Spencer Dinwiddie with the long-range shot for the triple.
10:19 PM5 hours ago

3Q 08:43

Luka Doncic with a double-double to try to generate a Dallas reaction.
10:14 PM5 hours ago

3Q 09:44

Stephen Curry with the flash for the triple.
10:09 PM5 hours ago

3Q 10:12

Klay Thompson with the little jumper and makes the double.
10:04 PM6 hours ago

3Q 11:44

Andrew Wiggins with a double-double for the first points of the second half.
9:59 PM6 hours ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins between Warriors and Mavericks.
9:54 PM6 hours ago

Half time

Warriors 48-47 Mavericks.
9:49 PM6 hours ago

2Q 00:46

Jalen Brunson with the triple and Dallas regains the lead.
9:44 PM6 hours ago

2Q 02:01

Stephen Curry with the three-pointer and the Warriors already turned it over.
9:39 PM6 hours ago

2Q 03:45

Draymond Green with a double-double for the Warriors to try to react.
9:34 PM6 hours ago

2Q 05:17

Luka Doncic with two more points from the free throw line.
9:29 PM6 hours ago

2Q 06:01

Brunson with the assist and Dorian Finney-Smith scores the triple.
9:24 PM6 hours ago

2Q 06:33

Andrew Wiggins with the tape to put the Warriors over 30 points.
9:19 PM6 hours ago

2Q 06:43

Jalen Brunson with the layup to extend the lead to five.
9:14 PM6 hours ago

2Q 09:36

Brunson with the long-range shot for the triple. Dallas turns it over.
9:09 PM6 hours ago

2Q 10:01

Jordan Poole with a double from the free throw line.
9:04 PM7 hours ago

2Q 10:26

Otto Porter Jr. with the layup to regain the lead.
8:59 PM7 hours ago

2Q 11:26

Spencer Dinwiddie with the layup and Dallas is now within one.
8:54 PM7 hours ago

End of first quarter

Mavericks 25-22 Warriors.
8:49 PM7 hours ago

1Q 00:01

Great shot by Luka Doncic over the buzzer and he makes the double.
8:44 PM7 hours ago

1Q 01:01

Stephen Curry with the little jumper and makes the double.
8:39 PM7 hours ago

1Q 02:01

Long-range shot by Spencer Dinwiddie to make the triple.
8:34 PM7 hours ago

1Q 03:11

Andrew Wiggins with the tape for the Warriors.
8:29 PM7 hours ago

1Q 05:06

Jalen Brunson with time to pull the triple and get within 7.
8:24 PM7 hours ago

1Q 05:36

Dorian Finney-Smith reacts with the layup for the home side.
8:19 PM7 hours ago

1Q 07:06

Klay Thompson's free throw puts two more on the board.
8:14 PM7 hours ago

1Q 08:14

Klay Thompson with the floater to add two more.
8:09 PM7 hours ago

1Q 08:49

Stephen Curry with the old-fashioned three-pointer thanks to the double-double and the free throw spot.
8:04 PM8 hours ago

1Q 09:33

Wiggings with time and space takes the shot that goes into the back of the net for the triple.
7:59 PM8 hours ago

1Q 09:55

Powell with the two points to close the gap.
7:54 PM8 hours ago

1Q 10:56

Looney with the first basket of the night.
7:49 PM8 hours ago

How is the other series going?

The other key is very even, although the Heat have a 2-1 advantage over the Celtics after winning yesterday's game.
7:44 PM8 hours ago

Golden State Lineup

The Warriors come out with the best they have on the field in search of one more win in the series.
7:39 PM8 hours ago

Dallas Lineup

This is the Mavericks' starting lineup for this afternoon:
7:34 PM8 hours ago


Reggie Bullock went into the locker room to motivate Dallas, on a mission to help them get their first win.
7:29 PM8 hours ago

Warriors: injury report

While the San Francisco franchise will have a nearly full roster, with the exception of:

Gary Payton II, Shooting Guard.

7:24 PM8 hours ago

Mavericks: injury report

Good news for Dallas because they will have no absent players for Game 3 and the first one at home.
7:19 PM8 hours ago

Next games

These are the next games in the series

Tuesday 24, Warriors vs Mavericks, Game 4

Thursday 26, Mavericks vs Warriors, Game 5

Saturday 28, Warriors vs Manvericks, Game 6

Monday 30, Mavericks vs Warriors, Game 7.

7:14 PM8 hours ago

Be patient

The Warriors have struggled a bit in the postseason playing as visitors, so they will need to be focused and calm to control the game and look for a third win.
7:09 PM8 hours ago

Win at home

Just like against the Suns, Dallas started 2-0 and won all their home games to stay alive and then eliminate Phoenix. Now they will look for the same thing to happen and try to close the gap.
7:04 PM9 hours ago


NBA Game 3 will be underway as the Dallas Mavericks try to close the gap against the Golden State Warriors. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
6:59 PM9 hours ago

Tune in here Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Score in NBA Playoffs 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks match for the NBA Playoffs 2022.
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What time is Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks match for NBA Playoffs 2022?

This is the start time for the Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks game on May 22nd in several countries:

Argentina: 10:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Bolivia: 9:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Brazil: 10:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Chile: 9:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Colombia: 8:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Ecuador: 8:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

United States (ET): 9:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Spain: 3:10 AM

Mexico: 8:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Paraguay: 10:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Peru: 10:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

Uruguay: 10:10 PM on Star + and NBA Game Pass

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Last games

Interestingly in four of the last five games have been played in San Francisco where the Warriors hold dominance with three wins to two losses and are leading the series with a 2-0 mark.

Dallas Mavericks 117-126 Golden State Warriors, 2022 Game 2

Dallas Mavericks 87-112 Golden State Warriors, 2022 Game 1

Golden State Warriors 113-122 Dallas Mavericks, 2022

Dallas Mavericks 107-101 Golden State Warriors, 2022

Dallas Mavericks 92-130 Golden State Warriors, 2022

Image: Agency
Image: Agency
6:44 PM9 hours ago

Key player Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic once again worked his magic on the court by scoring 42 points, five rebounds and eight assists, but it did little good last Friday to hold the lead, although it is worth noting that the Slovenian also disappeared a bit in the second half.
6:39 PM9 hours ago

Key player Golden State Warriors

Much was said about the starting lineup in the last game, but if there was a fundamental man in the turnaround in the second half came from the bench under the name of Jordan Poole, who scored 23 points in 29 minutes, remembering that the benches can be key in this type of games.
6:34 PM9 hours ago

Last lineup Dallas Mavericks

25 Reggie Bullock, small forward; 10 Dorian Finney-Smith, small forward; 7 Dwight Powell, center; 77 Luka Doncic, point guard; 13 Jalen Brunson, point guard.
6:29 PM9 hours ago

Last lineup Golden State Warriors

22 Andrew Wiggins, small forward; 23 Draymond Green, small forward; 5 Kevon Looney, center; 11 Klay Thompson, point guard; 30 Stephen Curry, point guard.
6:24 PM9 hours ago

Who does the winner go up against?

The winner of the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks will play for the NBA championship against the winner of the clash between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference, where the Florida team currently holds a 1-0 lead.
6:19 PM9 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks: game control

The game control has been the main characteristic of this defeat, because there have been moments in which the team has not been able to find itself inside the court, an issue that the Dallas Mavericks coach will have to work on to shorten the advantage in the playoffs, which is currently 2-0 against them.
6:14 PM9 hours ago

Golden State Warriors: not to despair

The game is expected to be very different from the first two, so Golden State will have to be patient in case things get adverse, as it happened in Game 2 when they had a 19-point deficit in the first half that they managed to reverse.
6:09 PM9 hours ago

The Kick-off

The Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks match will be played at the American Airlines Center, in Dallas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 21:10 pm ET.
6:04 PM10 hours ago

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