Result Maryland Terrapins 62-80 Indiana Hoosiers in NCAA College Basketball 2016
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For Josh Eastern, so long from Assembly Hall as Indiana took care of business at home and head into the Big Ten Tournament as the number one seed. It has been a pleasure bringing you coverage all season long from Assembly Hall in Bloomington. So long

Williams and Ferrell led Indiana with 23 and 17 respectively

Trimble and Carter led Maryland with 17 and 14 respectively

Indiana closes out the regular season undefeated at Assembly Hall

FINAL: Indiana 80, Maryland 62

Awesome moment here as the seniors will take the floor on senior day with 14.7 seconds left

2nd (:50): This one is over as Indiana will win this one. Willaims for 2

2nd (1:14): Williams makes the first and the second

2nd (1): Williams fouled by Layman who fouls out

2nd (1:20): Ferrell makes the first and the second

Ferrell will shoot 2

2nd (1:20): Morgan hobbles off the floor after another shoulder injury

2nd (1): Ferrell fouled by Trimble and the crowd here can sense it

2nd (1:36): Morgan makes the first and the second

Williams misses another one, but Morgan tracks down the rebound and will now shoot 2

2nd (1:43): Williams misses the front end of the 1-and-1, but a lane violation on UM

Ferrell dove on the floor for a loose ball and the crowd is revitalized

2nd (1): Hustle play from Yogi Ferrell to force a jump ball

2nd (1:58): IU can't convert ont hat possession and UM gets the ball back down 10

Indiana has struggled with the full court pressure by Maryland and that has been a key in the Terps coming back

Trimble and Carter with 17 and 14 respectively for Maryland while Williams and Ferrell lead IU with 19 and 15 respectively

With 2:31 left to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 72-62

2nd (2): Shot clock violation on UM and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (3): Layman left open and he nails a 3. IU lead is down to 10

2nd (4): Sulaimon for 2

2nd (4): Anunoby commits a foul on Stone, but UM not in the bonus yet

With 4:31 to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 72-57

That sequence followed a big block by Williams that got the Hooisers on the run

2nd (4): Anunoby puts back the Zeisloft miss and Maryland calls another timeout

2nd (5:09): Ferrell makes the first and the second

2nd (5): Sulaimon fouls Ferrell and he'll shoot 2

2nd (5): Carter stays with the miss and lays it in for 2

With 5:53 to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 68-55

Timeout Maryland as Indiana starting to gain some momentum back

2nd (5): Morgan for 2 on the run out

2nd (6): Williams weaves in for 2

2nd (6): Brantley for 3 for UM

2nd (7:19): Bryant makes the front end and misses the second

Indiana in the bonus from here on out

Indiana is 1 for their last 5 and that has enabled Maryland to get back in this game a bit

With 7:19 to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 63-52

2nd (7): Foul charged against Maryland and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (8:05): Carter makes the first and the second

2nd (8): Carter fouled by Hartman and he will shoot 2

2nd (9): Zeisloft with a big 3 for IU

2nd (9): Carter inside for 2

With 9:27 left to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 60-48

2nd (9): Timeout Indiana

2nd (9): And then Morgan commits a foul and gives it right back

2nd (9): And Maryland turns it right back

2nd (9): Turnover by IU and Maryland has it at just a 12-point deficit

2nd (10): Trimble high off the glass for 2

2nd (11): Carter inside for 2

2nd (11:47): Anunoby misses the first and the second FTs

Indiana in complete control right now as Maryland can't quite get enough momentum to get on a roll

With 11:47 to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 60-44

2nd (11): Anunoby grabs the offensive rebound and is fouled which brings us to a timeout

2nd (12): Bielfeldt nails a 3 for IU

2nd (13:52): Stone makes the first and the second

2nd (13): Stone with 2 FTs

Troy Williams leads all scorers right now with 17 points while Melo Trimble has 15 for Maryland

With 13:52 to play, Indiana leads Maryland, 57-42

2nd (13): Stone fouled and will shoot 2. Williams commits the foul and that brings us to another timeout

2nd (14): Ferrell for 2

2nd (14): Brantley wide open again and nails a 3

Maryland got it close, but Indiana has ripped off a 7-0 run in the last 1:48

With 14:56 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Maryland, 55-39

2nd (15): Bryant with the put back for 2 and a timeout is called on the floor

2nd (16): Williams flies in to lay it in for 2

2nd (16:44): Williams completes the 3 point play

2nd (16): Williams slams it home and gets fouled

2nd (16): Carter misses a dunk, but puts it back

2nd (17): Stone slams it home for 2

2nd (18): Trimble off glass for 2 on a nice drive

2nd (18:18): Williams makes the first and misses the second

2nd (18): Williams fouled again and will have 2 more shots at the line. Stone with his first foul

2nd (18): Trimble nails a 3 for UM

2nd (19): Hartman for 2 for IU

2nd (19): Stone with the nice hook shot for 2

2nd (19:24): Williams makes the first and the second

2nd (19): Williams fouled again and will head to the line for 2. Layman commits the foul

2nd (19:45 Williams makes the first and the second

2nd (19): Williams fouled and will shoot 2. Foul on Carter

We're ready for the second half as both team's are back out on the floor. Indiana will start with the ball

Maryland hasn't scored in the last 3:47 while Indiana is on a 9-0 run in the last 3:26 and a 23-6 run in the last 10:22

The last FG by a Terps player not named Melo Trimble was a Robert Carter layup with 13:02 left

I'll be back soon for the second half

The point guard matchup of Melo Trimble and Yogi Ferrell has been a good one as they both lead their team's in scoring. Trimble has 10 while Ferrell has 11

What a half here for Indiana as they were down early on, but have fought back and now lead by double digits

HALFTIME: Indiana 41, Maryland 28

1st (:00): Williams nails a 3 at the buzzer for IU

1st (:45): Ferrell streaks to the hoop for 2

1st (:51): Foul charged on Carter for UM. Still no bonus for IU

1st (1:32): Ferrell makes the first and the second

1st (1): Ferrell fouled going to the tin and will shoot 2. Foul charged to Dodd

1st (1): UM turns it over and their scoring troubles continue

1st (2): Anunoby with a HUGE rejection. UM keeps the ball

1st (2): Getting a bit chippy with some fouls both ways in the past few minutes

1st (3): Niego dishes to Anunoby for 2

1st (3): Trimble splashes a 3 for UM

With 4:05 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Maryland, 32-25

14-3 run for IU in the last 6:17

Timeout Maryland as they are going through some struggles

1st (4): Hartman lays it off for Bryant who slams it home

1st (5): Ferrell with the fake pass and lays it in. Nifty move!

1st (5): Trimble left wide open and he nails a 3

1st (6): Hartman with the tip in

1st (7): Trimble fouled by Ferrell as the shot clock expires. UM keeps possession

Indiana is on an 8-0 run in the last 2:52 while Maryland hasn't scored in 3:15

Pretty spread out scoring in this one so far as the leading scorer on both sides has 6

With 7:30 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Maryland, 26-22

1st (7): Ball out of bounds to UM after a scrum on the floor and that brings us to a timeout

1st (8): Zeisloft for 3 on a beautiful dish from Ferrell

1st (9): Bielfeldt for 3 and IU leads

1st (9): Shot clock violation on UM

1st (10): Morgan with the offensive rebound and putback for 2

1st (10): Trimble nails a pull up 2

1st (11:18): Carter makes the first and the second

1st (11:18): Carter with 2 shots out of the timeout

Quick 6-0 run for IU in the last 1:23

With 11:18 to play in the first half, Indiana and Maryland are tied, 18-18

1st (11): Carter fouled by Anunoby and that brings us to a timeout

1st (11): Ferrell nails a transition 3 and we're tied

1st (12): Travel on IU after a foul on Nickens for UM

1st (12:41): Zeisloft makes the first, second, and third

1st (12:41): Zeisloft with 3 FTs

Jake Layman is all over the court for Maryland and creating some havoc for IU

It was a 10-2 run by Maryland, then IU went on a 10-2 run of their own, now Maryland on 6-0 run. Back and forth start

With 12:41 to play in the first half, Maryland leads Indiana, 18-12

1st (12): Zeisloft fouled shooting a 3 and that (finally) brings us to our first media timeout

1st (13): Carter inside for 2

1st (13): Stone faces up on the post and nails a jumper

1st (14): Sulaimon lays it in for 2

1st (14): Hartman for 3!

1st (15): Bryant nails a 3 for IU after a crossover

1st (15): Ferrell for 2 on a nifty drive

1st (16): Trimble for 2

1st (16:19): Stone misses the first and the second, but Maryland gets the redound

1st (16): Stone fouled going up by Williams and he'll shoot 2

1st (16): Williams lays it in for IU

1st (17): Layman nails a 3 for UM

1st (17): Suliamon turns it over for UM. Still lead 7-2, however

1st (18): Layman hits a 3 for UM

1st (18): Williams lays it in for IU

1st (18): Trimble shaken up for Maryland and will take a seat

1st (18): Stone collects a loose ball and lays it in

1st (19): First foul of the game goes against Bryant for IU

1st (19): Stone opens the scoring with a short jumper for UM

1st (20): Bryant and Stone tip it up and Maryland controls

Here we go. Teams on the floor and we're ready for basketball in Bloomington!

This place is electric

Lineups being announced currently

National anthem time here at Assembly Hall. Tip is moments away

Normal starters for both sides. Zeisloft has started 3 games in a row now for the injured Robert Johnson

Maryland starters: Melo Trimble, Rasheed Sulaimon, Robert Carter, Jake Layman, Diamond Stone

Indiana starters: Yogi Ferrell, Nick Zeisloft, Troy Williams, Collin Hartman, Thomas Bryant

Today's officials: D.J. Carstensen, Lamont Simpson, and Pat Driscoll

Just over 30 minutes away from tip as both teams have cleared the floor. Shouldn't expect any changes in either team's starting lineups in this one. Robert Johnson will be out again for the Hoosiers

Josh Eastern here checking in from Assembly Hall where we are about an hour and half from tip. Updates to come up until tip around 4:30 EST

Indiana is looking end the regular season on a high note especially with it being senior night at Assembly Hall in Bloomington. The Hoosiers have already wrapped up the Big Ten title, but that does not mean this is not an important game. Both teams will be looking for a win and Maryland will be looking to end Indiana’s unbeaten mark at home this season. Melo Trimble vs. Yogi Ferrell will be a riveting matchup to watch between two of the best point guards in the country.

Indiana coach Tom Crean played around with the lineup a bit once Blackmon Jr. went down, but he has settled on Collin Hartman taking the open spot in the starting five. Off of the bench, Crean has Max Bielfeldt on the inside to go along with OG Anunoby who has played some great minutes off of the bench when Indiana has needed it most. Nick Zeisloft is another guard off of the bench who can come in and knock down some threes if needed and has started in Johnson’s absence. Crean has opened up his bench lately with Juwan Morgan and Harrison Niego getting some good run of play.

This is a Maryland team that owns the best defense in the Big Ten, but has struggled some on the road with that defense. The Hoosiers are one of the best offensive teams in the conference, which should make for an exciting matchup at Assembly Hall.

Up front is where this team has some great playmakers in freshman phenom Diamond Stone along with junior Robert Carter. Stone has had a great freshman season for the Terps as he is the team's second leading scorer with 12.7 points per game and grabs 5.4 rebounds per contest. As for Carter, he can do it all as he averages 12.5 points per game and a team high 6.8 rebounds per game. Also up front is 6-9 forward Jake Layman who is a threat from behind the arc and does a great job of stretching the floor for Maryland. Layman averages 10.9 points per game and is shooting 38.2 percent from behind the arc.

Joining Trimble in the backcourt is senior transfer Rasheed Sulaimon. Sulaimon comes from Duke after being dismissed from the team, but is thriving in College Park for the Terrapins. He is averaging 11.4 points per game and has been a great addition to this team this season. If Sulaimon gets going from deep, that spells trouble for whoever they are playing as he is shooting 47 percent from the field including 44.8 percent from behind the arc.

As for Maryland, when you look at this Maryland team, the focus immediately focuses on Big Ten preseason player of the year Melo Trimble. The sophomore point guard leads the team with 14.3 points per game along with 5.2 assists per game. Trimble is one of the best playmakers in the country, but has gone through his fair share of struggles this season. If he is shooting the ball well and working the pick and roll, however, he can be very tough to stop.

James Blackmon Jr. was also a key contributor before undergoing surgery on his knee that is expected to keep him out for the rest of the season. This is a big loss on the offensive side of the floor, but on defense, the Hoosiers might actually become better.

The Hoosiers have capped off a fantastic Big Ten season with an outright Big Ten title. Yogi Ferrell has been the main man for the Indiana as the senior point guard is averaging 17.1 points per game, and has turned it back on after a small slump. Another big time contributor has been freshman big man Thomas Bryant who is averaging 11.7 points per game along with 5.7 rebounds.  A big key for the Hoosiers is protecting the rim and Bryant has made tremendous strides since the beginning of the season. Troy Williams (12.5 ppg and 6.2 rpg), who has struggled lately, and Robert Johnson (8.3 ppg) who is likely to miss his third straight game, are also key contributors to the offense, which is what this Indiana team is known for as they can score the basketball.

Indiana leads the series between the two schools with a mark of 6-4. The Terrapins have won two of the last three games against the Hoosiers, with Indiana’s only win of those three coming at home last season.

The Terrapins are coached by Mark Turgeon who is in his fifth year at the helm of the program in College Park. Turgeon is coming off of a 26-win season in 2014-15 and have followed it up with at least 24 wins this season.

The Hoosiers are coached by Tom Crean who comes into his eighth year at the helm of the program. Since taking over in 2008, he has rebuilt Indiana basketball and has put them in contention to compete year in and year out. Crean is almost always under pressure to win at Indiana and this year is no different as they are looking at their second straight NCAA Tournament appearance.

As for Maryland, they are looking to finish the regular season strong as they have a conference record of 12-5. The Terrapins are coming off of a home win against Illinois in which they got back on track with an 81-55 win after some shaky outings.

Indiana comes into this game against the Terrapins having won their last game against Iowa to capture the outright Big Ten regular season title. They are looking to keep their undefeated record at home this season.

Welcome to VAVEL College Basketball’s LIVE coverage of the Maryland Terrapins vs. Indiana Hoosiers. I’m Josh Eastern and I’ll be providing play-by-play updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 4:30 PM EST at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN. VAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game.