Goals and highlights: Chivas 2-1 Atlas in 2021 Liga MX Femenil Guard1anes
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12:18 AMa month ago

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Goals and highlights

12:08 AMa month ago

Guadalajara, to the final

Chivas eliminated fierce rivals Atlas and became the second finalist in the Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX Femenil tournament.

Their opponent in the next round will be Tigres, who knocked Rayada out.

(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
12:03 AMa month ago


The match ends! Chivas eliminates Atlas and advances to the final, where they will face Tigres.
11:58 PMa month ago


Alison González takes the penalty perfectly to close the gap.
11:53 PMa month ago


Controversial penalty for Atlas! Alison Gonzalez goes down after a collision with Blanca Felix.
11:48 PMa month ago


Last changes for Chivas: Angélica Torres and Isabella Gutiérrez come in for Joseline Montoya and Alicia Cervantes.
11:43 PMa month ago


It doesn't count! Alicia Cervantes' second goal is disallowed for offside. Atlas is saved from conceding a third goal.
11:38 PMa month ago


Double movement: Ana García and Karen García are replaced by Ana Rodríguez and Alejandro Lomelí.
11:33 PMa month ago


Alicia Cervantes heads home to increase Guadalajara's lead on the scoreboard.
11:28 PMa month ago


Another Atlas substitution: Vanessa Gonzalez comes on for Karla Garcia.
11:23 PMa month ago


Miriam Castillo also joins the cautioned players. 
11:18 PMa month ago


Yellow cards continue, now Julissa Davila was shown a yellow card.
11:13 PMa month ago


Chivas' first move: Gabriela Valenzuela comes on for Anette Vázquez.
11:08 PMa month ago


Almost! Paola García's header goes into the hands of Blanca Félix. It was a close call for the equalizer.
11:03 PMa month ago


With this goal, Chivas is eliminating Atlas. 
10:58 PMa month ago


Miriam García joins those who received warnings.
10:53 PMa month ago


The second half is already underway!
10:48 PMa month ago


The first half ends!
10:43 PMa month ago


Joana Robles is the second caution of the match for a hard tackle on Joseline Montoya.
10:38 PMa month ago


Miriam Castillo took advantage of the rebound inside the box to head the ball in and put Guadalajara ahead.
10:33 PMa month ago


Three minutes are added.
10:28 PMa month ago


First change for Atlas: Norma Hernández comes on for Alejandro Franco, who leaves due to injury.
10:23 PMa month ago


Damaris Godínez became the first player to receive a caution for a hard tackle on Alejandra Franco.
10:18 PMa month ago


The match remained tied; in the last actions, the match was stopped on several occasions due to repeated infringements by both clubs.
10:13 PMa month ago


Crossbar! Ana Paz saves Anette Vázquez's shot that hits the metal. Atlas is saved.
10:08 PMa month ago


In the last few minutes, Chivas has evened out possession of the ball a bit, but has yet to generate any dangerous chances.
10:03 PMa month ago


Blanca Felix! The local goalkeeper holds on and with her legs stops Zellyka Arce's low shot.
9:58 PMa month ago


Game on!
9:53 PMa month ago

Atlas Femenil: substitutes

N. Buenfil; K. García, M. Martínez, S. Anaya, A. Rodríguez, N. Hernández, V. Razo, A. Curiel, K. Jiménez y A. Lomelí.
9:48 PMa month ago

Chivas Femenil: substitutes

C. Espino; K. Bernal, D. Madrigal, G. Valenzuela, Á. Torres, K. Guzmán, I. Gutiérrez, C. Rodríguez y L. Romero.
9:43 PMa month ago

Atlas Femenil: confirmed lineup

A. Paz; M. Pérez, A. Franco, J. Dávila, Z. Arce (C), K. García, J. Robles, V. González, A. García, M. García y A. González.
9:38 PMa month ago

Chivas Femenil: confirmed lineup

B. Félix; D. Rodríguez, M. García, D. Godínez, M. Castillo, C. Jaramillo, M. González, V. Acevedo, J. Montoya, A. Vázquez y A. Cervantes.
9:33 PMa month ago

This is what the Chivas Femenil dressing room looks like

(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
9:28 PMa month ago

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(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
9:18 PMa month ago

Atlas Femenil: last lineup

A. Paz (C); Z. Arce, M. Pérez, A. Franco, J. Dávila, K. García, J. Robles, V. González, A. García, M. García y A. González.
9:13 PMa month ago

Chivas Femenil: last lineup

B. Félix; D. Godínez, M. García, D. Rodríguez, M. Castillo, S. Bejarano, M. González, C. Jaramillo, J. Montoya, A. Vázquez y A. Cervantes (C).
9:08 PMa month ago

Refereeing quartet

The central referee for the match will be Lizzet García; Karla Flores, first line; Paola Martínez, second assistant, and Itzel Hernández, fourth referee.
9:03 PMa month ago

Atlas, to continue surpassing expectations

For their part, the team coached by Fernando Samayoa wants to continue making history, so they will try to surprise Guadalajara, their fierce rivals, to play their first final.

In the first round, they finished in third place.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
8:58 PMa month ago

Chivas goes for their second final

In their quest for their second title, the team coached by Edgar Mejía will try to take advantage of their home advantage to enter the direct fight for the championship.

It should be remembered that in the regular phase they were runners-up in the competition.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
8:53 PMa month ago

What happened in the first leg?

Last Friday, at the Jalisco, Atlas and Chivas did not harm each other and ended up playing to a goalless draw.
(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
8:48 PMa month ago

Kickoff time for Chivas Femenil vs Atlas Femenil

The Chivas Femenil vs Atlas Femenil match will be played at the stadium Akron, Jalisco, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.

The Rebaño and the Academia, for a place in the women's final. Tonight, in Zapopan, the women's teams will seek to become the second finalist of the competition.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:43 PMa month ago

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