Halloween 2015: Weirdest And Wackiest Golf Superstitions
Davis Love III has one of the weirdest superstitions on Tour (Source: PGA Tour)

Halloween 2015: Weirdest And Wackiest Golf Superstitions

Whether it be weekend duffers or professionals fighting for a major, every golfer has their own set of superstitions. Here are the craziest ones.


"When you believe in things that you don't understand, 
Then you suffer, 
Superstition ain't the way
" - Stevie Wonder

Superstitions. Every professional sport has their own set of them, whether it be a lucky bat that a baseball player has to use, or a certain type of music that must be played an hour before an event. They are nothing new, and most are very common.

Golf, however, seems to come with their own set of weird superstitions. It doesn't matter the level - amateur or professional. There is always a reason to explain away a bad round, and supernatural ways to guarantee you will be fighting for the lead on Sunday. Here are some of the weirdest from all over the world of golf.

The "Golf Gods"

Perhaps the most common, the "Golf Gods" is an idea that, no matter how good a round is going, it can always be taken away if you do not give the game its due respect. If you're too cocky with your game, or if you try to tempt fate, the "Golf Gods" will punish you with a bad shot or a bad lie. Best way of pleasing the "Golf Gods" is to give them a sacrifice - namely, toss a golf ball into the nearest water hazard. The "Golf Gods" will be most pleased.

Ernie Els' 'One Birdie Per Ball' Rule

Ernie Els goes through a lot of golf balls, especially when he is playing well. That is because Els believes every golf ball only has one birdie in them. The moment Els gets a birdie with a ball, he discards it - typically as a souvenir to the crowd, but sometimes it goes into the nearest lake. It helps that Els has a rather lucrative deal with TaylorMade. It would be hard to have this policy if you have to pay for golf balls.

Davis Love III's Loose Change

Most golfers don't have fancy ball markers, so they just use loose change on the greens. That's what Davis Love III does, but he doesn't just reach for any quarter that may have fallen from the snack machine. Love believes that all coins printed after 1970 are considered bad luck, so Love only marks coins with pennies minted in the 1960's. He prefers those from 1965 or 1966. It may sound crazy to you, but this is a man who won on the PGA Tour at the age of 51, so who are we to doubt him?

The Masters Par 3 Championship

No one has ever won the Par 3 Championship, which takes place the Wednesday before the Masters, and gone on to win the Masters. For many years, players considered it to be unlucky to win the Par 3, and would intentionally lose the tournament if they felt like they were close to winning. In recent years, however, it has become a goal of some players to win them both and break the curse. Still, no one has yet to do so.

Doug Sanders' Colorful Tees

The most common color of a golf tee is white. Most players will only play with white golf tees, because they're easy to get and they have a neutral color. Sanders, however, was different. The 20 time PGA Tour Champion believed white tees were unlucky, and never used them.

Funk's Coin Flip

Unlike DLIII, Fred Funk doesn't mark his golf ball with any strange or unusual type of coin. He uses a standard American coin, but prior to marking his ball, he will do a coin flip. Whichever way the coin lands is how he will mark the golf ball. If it lands heads up, he will point the head of the president towards the hole.