Clemson Tigers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes: Live Stream, Score Updates in College Football Semifinal (29-23)
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1:12 AM9 months ago

Thank you for following along here on VAVEL. The recap of the game will be up shortly. This is Thomas Cluck saying so long!
1:12 AM9 months ago

29-23 Clemson Final

A dramatic, up-and-down thriller in the desert goes the way of the defending national champions and number three seeds Clemson Tigers, defeating the number two Ohio State Buckeyes 29-23 to win the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona and punch their ticket to New Orleans, Louisiana for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in two weeks' time!
1:10 AM9 months ago

Interception- Clemson

WOW! The Tigers get a MASSIVE, game-securing interception in the Buckeyes' end zone as Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave falls and Justin Fields throws it to Clemson's Nolan Turner to close the game. Insane finish!!
12:53 AM9 months ago

29-23 Clemson

The Tigers put together a brilliant passing drive with Trevor Lawrence hitting wide receiver Amari Rodgers for a big gain before passing 34 yards to Travis Etienne for the go-ahead touchdown!! Clemson goes for the two point conversion and Lawrence hits Tee Higgins to add it.
12:34 AM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

After another awkward hit, wide receiver Justyn Ross, who has been battling a neck and shoulder injury, left the game and is on the sideline.
12:27 AM9 months ago

23-21 Ohio State

A gutsy fourth down pass call from Ryan Day pays off as Justin Fields finds Chris Olave 23 yards in the end zone for a go-ahead touchdown for OSU.
12:17 AM9 months ago

That's the end of the third quarter here in Glendale, Arizona, with the Tigers leading Clemson 21-16. Fourth quarter from State Farm Stadium coming up next.
12:09 AM9 months ago

Interception- Clemson

The Tigers' Isaiah Simmons comes up with an interception off Justin Fields for the first turnover of the game!
12:04 AM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Cornerback Jeff Okudah has returned to the game.
12:03 AM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Running back JK Dobbins has entered the game again.
11:51 PM9 months ago

21-16 Clemson

The Tigers take the lead with a huge burst of speed from running back Travis Etienne on a 53-yard touchdown reception, huge play for Clemson to take their first lead!
11:50 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Running back JK Dobbins has returned from the locker room to the Buckeyes' sideline.
11:50 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Star all-American cornerback Jeff Okudah has gone to the sidelines with possible cramps.
11:48 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Wide receiver Justyn Ross left the game briefly with a possible re-aggrevation of his neck injury but has returned to the game.
11:35 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

After returning for one play to begin the second half, JK Dobbins has left the game and headed to the locker room again with his ankle injury. The Buckeyes' number two running back Master Teague III has entered the game.
11:30 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Tee Higgins is back in the game surprisingly after previously being ruled out!
11:28 PM9 months ago

The second half is underway and Clemson receives the ball and begins on offense!
11:05 PM9 months ago

That concludes the first half of football here in the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona!


The Tigers will receive the ball first to start the next half. 

10:59 PM9 months ago

16-14 Ohio State

The Tigers get a HUGE spark with a massive 67-yard run from quarterback Trevor Lawrence for a touchdown to put Clemson right back in it within two despite being thoroughly outplayed for much of the first half.
10:55 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Running back JK Dobbins was slow to come up after an awkward tackle on his ankle but got up and walked off on his own power.
10:47 PM9 months ago

16-7 Ohio State

Clemson finally gets on the board on a penalty-riddled drive by the Buckeyes as Travis Etienne runs it in eight yards for a touchdown. BT Potter squeezes the extra point in barely. 
10:45 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence got hit hard in the head and twisted around on a sack and exited the game for a play after staying on the ground for a while. Backup Chase Bryce entered the game but Lawrence has returned.
10:44 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

ESPN's Maria Taylor reports that wide receiver Justyn Ross is receiving treatment on his neck for an injury.
10:34 PM9 months ago

16-0 Ohio State

The Buckeyes had another touchdown straight ahead if not for a Dobbins dropped ball and they must settle for another perfect Blake Haubiel field goal from 33 yards.
10:18 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Tee Higgins will not return to the game.
10:14 PM9 months ago

13-0 Ohio State

The Buckeyes looked to have another touchdown but replay ruled JK Dobbins did not have control and it was an incomplete pass so Ohio State settles for another Blake Haubiel field goal, good from 22 yards.
10:06 PM9 months ago

That's the end of the first quarter here in Atlanta, with Ohio State leading 10-0 over Clemson


Quarter two from State Farm Stadium coming up next.

9:51 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Tee Higgins has left the field into the locker room, no word on whether he will return or not.
9:45 PM9 months ago

10-0 Ohio State

Massive breakaway run for Ohio State running back JK Dobbins taking it 68 yards before a good PAT from Blake Haubiel. 
9:44 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Clemson

Star wide receiver Tee Higgins got hit on a freak injury and lost his helmet and he left the field for the sideline. Higgins is yet to put his helmet back on on the sideline.
9:32 PM9 months ago

3-0 Ohio State

Aggressive opening offensive drive from Ohio State with lots of strong passes from quarterback Justin Fields but Clemson's defense gets a key stop in the redzone and forces the Buckeyes to settle for a good 21-yard Blake Haubiel field goal. Clemson will get their first shot on offense when they get the ball next.
9:22 PM9 months ago

And the opening kick is off and underway!
9:20 PM9 months ago

Clemson won the toss and chose to defer. Ohio State will get the ball first.
9:18 PM9 months ago

Clemson and Ohio State have walked out onto the field and the pre-game coin flip is coming up soon.
9:12 PM9 months ago

Injury Update- Ohio State

Star Georgia transfer quarterback Justin Fields will play with a large brace on his knee. 
8:49 PM9 months ago

Pre-game warmups are underway on the field. 
8:49 PM9 months ago

We are live here inside State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona for the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl between the number three Clemson Tigers and the number two Ohio State Buckeyes!
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Check back here before game time for pre-game updates, news and notes, warm ups, and more live from Glendale, Arizona.
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Ohio State Buckeyes: Team news

Arguably the best and most complete team in the country so far this season has been first-year head coach Ryan Day's Ohio State Buckeyes squad, surviving some tough Big Ten conference tests down the road to win the Big Ten Championship and go undefeated. Despite being ranked number two in the nation, OSU is seen by many as the best team in the nation and that frustration and feeling of disrespect could fuel the Buckeyes onto bigger things this postseason.


Georgia Bulldogs transfer quarterback Justin Fields has been strong for Ohio State all season but their biggest star has been destructive defensive end Chase Young, who despite a two-game NCAA rules violation suspension is the Buckeyes' sack leader. The Ohio State passing game could be a key for Fields going to go-to wide receiver Chris Olave but OSU's best shot of winning the game comes from their dominant running back JK Dobbins, who has carried his team all season in big games to wins, something Clemson must stop to have a chance. 

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Clemson Tigers: Team news

The defending national champions Clemson Tigers have enjoyed a dominant season, rarely being challenged at all besides an early-season scare on the road in Chapel Hill against Mack Brown's North Carolina team before winning another ACC Championship title to close the regular season. Sophomore star quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled with interceptions the first half of the season but has returned to his uber-precise, dominant self as the Tigers have dominated opponents of late. Despite weak opposition mostly in the ACC, head coach Dabo Swinney's team has steadily improved all season and is playing dominant football at the right time as they always seem to do around College Football Playoff time, winning two of the last three national championship titles. Despite coming into the season as the preseason number one team and going undefeated, Clemson fell to number three due to concerns over their competition, a card Dabo Swinney has been playing all season to motivate his team with the disrespect he has perceived.


Three years ago on the road to the first title of the Swinney era, Clemson came into Glendale, Arizona and faced Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, dominating and shutting out the Buckeyes in a game that set OSU back several years as a result.


Clemson's offense has been brilliant of late but the defense has been the unsung hero, replacing five NFL Draft defensive lineman and not missing a step behind gameplan mastermind defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who's defense will be crucial to Clemson's hopes today against the Buckeyes. Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott is set to become the first Clemson coordinator of this championship run to leave for a head coaching job and he is balancing his duties as USF Bulls head coach with offensive duties for Clemson, something he is managing along with co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliot, the Tigers' play-caller. 

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What to expect today?

The biggest and most highly-anticipated day of the college football season is here, the College Football Playoff Semifinals day. Semifinal day concludes here in Glendale, Arizona with a highly-anticipated blockbuster matchup between the two most dominant and complete teams in the nation: the number three Clemson Tigers and the number two Ohio State Buckeyes in the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl with the winner advancing to the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in New Orleans, Louisiana in two weeks' time. 


The Tigers and Buckeyes both come into State Farm Stadium in Arizona behind dominant performances all season long and a galaxy of stars on both sides of the ball: quarterback Trevor Lawrence, running back Travis Etienne, and wide receivers Tee Higgins, Justyn Ross, and Amari Rogers for Clemson and Heisman Trophy Finalists defensive end Chase Young and quarterback Justin Fields along with running back JK Dobbins for Ohio State. Head coaches Dabo Swinney and Ryan Day will be in a chess match all night long with no apparent weaknesses for ether teams making this a potential legendary Playoff semifinal. 

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How to watch Clemson vs. Ohio State Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN to broadcast.

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Kick-off time

The Clemson vs. Ohio State game will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 PM ET.
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Welcome to’s LIVE coverage of the 2019 College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl: Clemson Tigers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes! 

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