Bass: Long Time San Jose Sharks Forward Patrick Marleau Headed Off To Big Apple?

Bass: Long Time San Jose Sharks Forward Patrick Marleau Headed Off To Big Apple?

The trade rumors have kicked up again with Patrick Marleau being the biggest talk of them all. Will the San Jose Sharks all-time leader in points and games played finish the season in teal?

Mac Bass

According to CSN Bay Area Insider Kevin Kurz, the San Jose Sharks may be looking to trade two-time Olympic gold medalist and seven-time 30 goal scorer, Patrick Marleau.

It isn’t completely known who initiated the conversation between the 36-year-old Marleau and Sharks general manager Doug Wilson, but Marleau has said he would waive his “no movement clause” if it meant being traded to the New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings or Anaheim Ducks. Wilson has said that he doesn’t approach players who have a no movement clause about being traded, so that must mean that Marleau started the conversation.

Marleau has been with the Sharks since they drafted him second overall in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft behind only current teammate, Joe Thornton. The Boston Bruins selected Thornton with the first overall pick. Marleau is the franchise leader in games played with 1,343 and also the points leader with 997. Despite his success on paper, Marleau has often been criticized about his work ethic and heart on the ice.

Any long time Sharks fan would tell you that Marleau is not exactly the heart and soul kind of player that wins championships. He takes shifts off, he under utilizes his skills, and he hasn’t changed as a player over the past decade. Jeremy Roenick once said that if Marleau used all the skills that he’s been blessed with, then he could be the Rocket Richard Trophy winner for top goal scorer in the league. Marleau doesn’t like to use his world class speed and it’s a real shame considering teammates like Joe Pavelski could be the best player in the world if they had the gift of Marleau’s speed. Despite a lot of Sharks fans being fed up with Marleau and his ways, there could be a great return for him in the trade market.

It is very unlikely that the Sharks deal Marleau to either the Ducks or Kings, considering they are the biggest rivals to the Sharks. That leaves the Rangers as the landing spot for Marleau. The Rangers have been on the cusp of winning the Stanley Cup for a few years now and maybe they think Marleau is the missing piece. To make it worth it for the Sharks, the Rangers would have to be willing to let go of their first round pick in the upcoming draft, a blue chip prospect, and a top nine forward. To get a package like that the Sharks would probably throw in a second or third round pick. Here’s what the ideal trade looks like for the Sharks:

To New York:

Patrick Marleau, 2016 Second Round Pick

To San Jose:

Kevin HayesPavel Buchnevich, 2016 First Round Pick