Buffalo Sabres vs New York Rangers: Live Stream Updates and Commentary of the 2018 Winter Classic
Buffalo and the Rangers are set to face each other in the 2018 Winter Classic (Photo: NHL PR)
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Game Over - The Rangers defeat the Sabres 3-2 in overtime. The shots were 42-33 in favor of the Rangers, the hits were 32-27 in favor of Buffalo, and the faceoffs were 36-29 in favor of Buffalo. Henrik Lundqvist faced 33 shots making 31 saves. Robin Lehner faced 42 shots and made 39 saves. Stay tuned for the recap coming up soon!

Overtime (2:17) - The New York Rangers win in it OT! J.T. Miller puts it home past Lehner on the powerplay, and the Rangers win 3-2 in oooovvveerrttiimmeee!

Overtime (2:30) - Still 1:46 left for New York on the powerplay. 

Overtime (2:30) - Halftime. Buffalo and New York switch ends again. 

Overtime (2:45) - 4-on-3 powerplay coming for the Rangers. Josefson goes to the box for tripping. 

Overtime (3:00) - Both teams with excellent chances. Both were turned away by the defense and goalies. This is fun. 

Overtime (4:00) - Neither team doing much so far. 

Overtime (5:00) - Here we go! OT underway!

Third Period (0:00) - To OT we go! 60 just isn't enough! Who doesn't want to watch more hockey?! This game has been so much fun. What a great period for both teams. Buffalo ties at two and Lehner has been playing out of his mind. New York looked a little lost, but they regained their composure and tried to get the winner but Lehner held strong. 

Third Period (0:02.4) - Both teams having their chances but both goalies holding strong. 

Third Period (1:00) - With one minute left, it looks like this installment of the Winter Classic is headed to OOOOVVVEERRTTIIMMEE!

Third Period (2:00) - Been a relatively mellow period though since the flurry after the halftime and the few chances. 

Third Period (2:06) - Oh man, Girgensons came so close after a great pass from Eichel. Lundqvist just holding strong right now keeping this game tied. 

Third Period (4:00) - With just four minutes left, it looks like neither goalie is going to budge. But four minutes is a long time. 

Third Period (5:00) - New York applying offensive pressure on Buffalo right now, but Lehner holding strong. Still 2-2.

Third Period (6:45) - Great back and forth occurring here. Each team matching each other offensively and defensively. Some great hockey being played. 

Third Period (7:44) - Man this last 10 is jumping. Lehner makes two fantastic saves in a row to keep it tied. Buffalo is applying pressure, and New York is matching them shift for shift. This is fun! 

Third Period (8:30) - Buffalo has definitely turned up the intensity. Their forecheck is fantastic. 

Third Period (9:30) - Jason Pominville with a great chance right off the halftime, Lundqvist makes the save though. 

Third Period (10:00) - Halftime. Buffalo and New York will switch sides. Lehner made another amazing save to keep this game tied at two on David Desharnais. New York is starting to increase the pressure, and Buffalo has to take advantage of Lehner's strong play and match New York. 

Third Period (11:45) - Lehner with another fantastic save on Hayes. New York starting to ramp up the pressure. 

Third Period (12:09) - Buffalo looks a little scrambly, and New York is taking advantage. They are doing what worked for them in the first by getting bodies to the net, and trying to create screens and get Lehner out of position. Buffalo needs to relax and realize that the game is tied. 

Third Period (13:20) - Both teams can't put the puck on the net right now, both are playing very well defensively. 

Third Period (14:20) - New York tried, but couldn't get the puck on the net. Both teams playing very lax and passive. 

Third Period (15:00) - Both teams seem content to be passive, neither team applying significant pressure. 

Third Period (16:28) - Icing is called. New York seems to be caught completely by surprise, and they can't maintain offensive pressure right now. 

Third Period (17:00) - Just three minutes in and New York looks slow while Buffalo has all the momentum right now. 

Third Period (18:00) - What a comeback by Buffalo and they are trying to take advantage of this tie. They are trying to attack, but New York is still composed. Game tied at 2. 

Third Period (19:33) - Ristolainen with the rocket from the point ties the game at two! A turnover caused by O'Reilly helps Ristolainen to make the game 2-2.

Third Period (20:00) - Alright, here we go hockey fans, the last period of the Winter Classic is underway!

Second intermission stats - Shots are 26-24 in favor of the Rangers, hits are 21-19 in favor of Buffalo, and faceoffs are 23-17 in favor of Buffalo. The score is 2-1 Rangers. Lundqvist has 23 saves, and Lehner has 24. Buffalo is 1-5 on the power play while New York is just 0-2.

Second Period (0:00) - All zeros as we head into the last intermission of the 2018 Winter Classic. A great end to the period as Buffalo and New York had some great chances, but couldn't convert. Lundqvist and Lehner are both playing tremendously well, and this goalie match-up is a fun one to watch. Buffalo did get a goal to trim the lead to just one, but couldn't convert on any of the other chances that they had in the period. New York seems to be focused on just playing their game which is working for them. Buffalo still doesn't have an answer for their speed, and New York is using that to their advantage. New York needs to stop taking penalties and giving Buffalo any chance at life to tie the game. The third period should be a fun one!

Second Period (0:49) - Lehner is on his game right now, gets a tremendous glove save on a shot from the slot from Grabner. Buffalo has to start getting going offensively and stop wasting this performance. 

Second Period (1:45) - Buffalo is getting caught a little flat-footed right now, and they can't generate offense. 

Second Period (2:40) - Lehner with an excellent save on Pavel Buchnevich, he is keeping Buffalo in this game right now. 

Second Period (3:20) - Some excellent hockey being played by both teams. Buffalo applies pressure, but New York answers right back. This should be a good game down the stretch. 

Second Period (4:00) - 5-on-5 hockey resumes with the score still 2-1. Buffalo and New York both had their chances to score. Buffalo needs to start converting on this man advantages if they want any chance to win. 

Second Period (6:03) - Another penalty for New York and Buffalo goes to their fifth power play. McDonagh sits for tripping. 

Second Period (6:30 - Buffalo applying good pressure, but turns it over to New York. For every good thing, Buffalo does they take two steps back. 

Second Period (7:00) - New York is getting their fair share of chances, but they can't put the puck on net.

Second Period (8:16) - Things are starting to get chippy now as the 28's go at it (Girgensons and Carey). Buffalo trying to show they have life while New York is trying to get back to the way things were in the first. 

Second Period (8:45) - Lehner trying to match Lundqvist with a good flurry of saves keeping it 2-1.

Second Period (9:15) - Normal play resumes as Buffalo came so close twice, but one hit the pipe and the other was blocked. 

Second Period (10:18) - New York playing very well defensively on this penalty kill. Buffalo hasn't managed a shot on net so far. 

Second Period (11:15) - Sixth penalty, fourth powerplay for Buffalo. Rangers get a penalty for too many men. 

Second Period (11:15) - New York looks caught a little off guard by Buffalo's second-period resurgence, and Buffalo is taking full advantage of that. 

Second Period (12:00) - Buffalo applying great pressure with the Josefson line, but can't get the puck on the net. 

Second Period (13:08) - Some nice back and forth between the two teams. Buffalo couldn't really hold the puck in the offensive zone but are starting to play well defensively and not get caught flat-footed. New York still looks faster and is using that to their advantage. Lehner made a great save through a screen to keep this game 2-1. 

Second Period (14:20) - New York managed just one shot on net, and Buffalo kills off the penalty. 

Second Period (16:21) - Fifth penalty of the game, second powerplay for the Rangers. Zach Bogosian sits for holding. 

Second Period (16:41) - Buffalo seems to have found life after the goal, Lehner has only faced one shot and Buffalo is taking advantage of this.

Second Period (19:04) - Sam Reinhart makes it 2-1, and Buffalo finally scores. Ristolainen and Eichel with the assists. 

Second Period (20:00) - Puck drop for the second period is a go! Buffalo starts with 1:38 of powerplay time and New York will look to keep their hot start going. 

Intermission stats - Shots are 16-13 in favor of New York, hits are 12-9 in favor of Buffalo, and faceoffs are 14-13 in favor of Buffalo as well. Score still 2-0 Rangers.

First Period (0:00) - End of the first period of the 2018 Winter Classic! Still 2-0 Rangers. Buffalo will start the second period on the man advantage with Holden in the box. Lundqvist is playing very well, and so is Lehner. Buffalo is just to passively defensively, and they need to start taking it to New York. Buffalo started to do that, but couldn't do it with any consistency. New York is taking advantage of all of Buffalo's mistakes right now, they just have to stop getting penalties. 

First Period (0:22.3) - Fourth penalty, and another powerplay for Buffalo. Nick Holden sits for hooking. 

First Period (0:22) - Back to 5-on-5 hockey, Buffalo just can't find the back of the net after some glorious chances. Lundqvist is playing very well in this opening frame. 2-0 Rangers.

First Period (1:45) - Fantastic chance by Eichel on the one-timer, but Lundqvist makes the save. Buffalo inching closer to scoring, but Lundqvist holding strong.

First Period (2:33) - Third penalty of the game, second power play for Buffalo. Hayes sits for hooking.

First Period (3:45) - Back to 5-on-5. Shots are 14 to 11 in favor of the Rangers. Buffalo is getting good chances but just can't seem to find the back of the net. 

First Period (4:06)- Kane and Zibanejad tangle and Kane gets a stick to the face that draws blood. After being helped to his feet, Kane is back to the bench. No penalty called. 

First Period (4:46) - Buffalo getting some really good chances with superb puck movement, but it still remains 2-0 New York. 

First Period (6:01) - Second penalty of the game, first power play for Buffalo. Brendan Smith goes for tripping. 

First Period (6:30) - Finally some life from Buffalo here as they are pressing the attack. Kane had his chances along with Okposo but still, it's 2-0.

First Period (9:41) - Buffalo got a turnover and tried to create something, but O'Reilly hit it off the post. Rangers took it the other way, and Lehner made a terrific save. 

First Period (11:40) - Well definitely not the start Buffalo wanted. Buffalo played poorly defensively allowing Kevin Hayes to get in deep into Buffalo's zone to find Michael Grabner for the goal. 2-0 Rangers. 

First Period (12:29) - Shadows and wind chill are definitely a factor at Citi Field today. Buffalo not playing well at all to start this game. 

First Period (13:29) - Buffalo cannot get anything after the early goal, and it been all Rangers since then. Still 1-0.

First Period (15:51) - Buffalo can't seem to muster a lot of offense and New York takes advantage. 1-0 here early as Paul Carey takes advantage of a mismatch defensively. 

First Period (16:00)- Good back and forth action by both teams as they try to get going early. 

First Period (17:36) - Only the second shot of the game and the Rangers almost score. Lehner with a pretty great save. 

First Period (19:22) - We have the first penalty of the game, Zach Bogosian to the box for roughing. 

First Period (20:00) - To kick off the second half of the 2017-18 NHL season, the puck has been dropped! Here we go!

A correction from earlier, Buffalo will start with a different forward lineup pairing of Evander Kane-Ryan O'Reilly-Kyle Okposo everything else is still the same.

Buffalo and New York take the walk from their respective dugouts onto the ice to this 2018 Winter Classic underway!

The New York Rangers are starting with Rick Nash-Mika Zibanejad-Mats Zuccarello with Ryan McDonagh-Nick Holden. Henrik Lundqvist will be in goal for New York. 

The Rangers have also played in the Winter Classic when they faced the Philadelphia Flyers at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Rangers won that game 3-2. 

The Winter Classic turns 10 today. The first ever Winter Classic was played in Buffalo, New York at New Era Field (formerly Ralph Wilson Stadium.) The Buffalo Sabres played the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the game ended in a shootout with Sidney Crosby of the Penguins defeating the Sabres. 

It looks like Buffalo with start the game with Zemgus Girgensons-Jack Eichel-Sam Reinhart with Marco Scandella-Rasmus RistolainenRobin Lehner will be in net for the Buffalo Sabres today. 

With the puck drop just minutes away, Robin Lehner of the Buffalo Sabres and Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers lead out their respective teams out onto the ice!

I also should note that the jersey's that New York and Buffalo are wearing today look pretty sharp, and are probably the best since the Detriot Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs played each other a few years ago.

Something that I thought was interesting was that Buffalo is considered the home team in the game today even though the game is being played at Citi Field in New York City. 

Buffalo comes into today's match-up with a 10-20-8 record good for just 28 points in 38 games. They are last in their division and conference and are second last in the NHL. They are 3-3-4 in their last ten games, but they do come into this match-up with an overtime come from behind win against the New Jersey Devils

The Rangers enter today's match-up with a 20-13-5 record good for 45 points through 38 games, and fourth in the Metropolitan Division. They have a 5-2-3 record in their last ten games and enter today's match-up against the Sabres coming off of a loss in their last game. 

This match-up will feature two teams that were projected to be better than the way the seasons have unfolded for these two teams. 

Welcome to Vavel's live coverage of the 2018 Winter Classic between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers!